Mar 15 2018


However, this method was evaluated by former students have extremely negative ("stupor school", "fear" and opposite reaction, which indicates a student working at the school – "it did not work, because they began to talk louder "). Apparently, the sound effects in our schools is dominated – in addition to crying, the teachers love to beat pointer (line) in the party. There are also cases of battering ("pushed in the back latecomers, took over the neck of the sweater and threw back, "a textbook hit on the head", etc. – 4 cases). By – teachers still resort to the director (though not so often – 3 cases), causing parents to school (3 cases). Students recalled the situation of verbal abuse by teachers, humiliation, ridicule (3 people).

Authoritarian style of communication also indicates students, but they are deeply convinced that the established way discipline is maintained by fear, reflected negatively on the wellbeing of children. Cases exhibiting twos for the behavior ("just because of the weakness svogo character can be used," "outrages will be even more") blog entries, removal from class. It should be noted that most respondents are convinced that the solution to the problem of discipline is directly related to the growth of professional skills of teachers. Highly rated knowledge of their subject matter, methods of its teaching (presentation of fascination, attraction of additional materials, a variety of activities in the classroom, multilevel set that will allow everyone to take Child, energetic pace of the lesson, etc. – 17 people).

Respondents also noted the positive impact on the discipline of holding a teacher, a friendly attitude towards students. Also indicated the diversity of extracurricular activities that contributed to the creation of a favorable psychological climate in school, helps students and teachers to better know and understand each other, to appreciate the interaction (6 people). In the analysis of student strikes diversity of teachers employed "repressive" methods of discipline. As research shows, schools are not given due attention to the prevention of violations of discipline, the age and individual characteristics of children.

Nov 20 2017

Suffering and Holistic Healing

Nava, who does not want young people to suffer what he, and therefore began to consider an education that is built on human relationships in which the curriculum was the life as we live, and flourish in this education and education would not suffer cold and indifferent. As his meeting with the positivists, represented by the behaviorists, encouraged him to transcend and realize a holistic vision of man that years later would issue to set the F oundation I nternational E ducation for H smelled and thus initiate a national and international movement and a new stage of their encounter with the transpersonal spirituality where the only thing that exists is spirit, no duality between the individual and the universal. R amon Gallegos Nava recounts his own experiences a restless young man with questions about his life as well as the new spiritual stage he was living as a high school student in Guadalajara, Jal., And talk that this could not echo in the academic curriculum in high school because the teachers were totally unaware of these needs, goals and human priorities, as we are at the time of Ramon Nava (a little more here or there), we know that they fully conditioned by curriculum content, skills and their commitment was reduced to transmit a set of academic information. When I read all these experiences, I can not help reflect upon his life, and speaks of that teachers were not interested in establishing dialogue, much less about our lives that they were not important but rather what was important was relieved written test each semester called standardized examination and who answered "as is" is, properly.

Mar 02 2017

Human Rights

The inclusive Education has been the great focus of quarrels in the current society, therefore important legal conquests had been reached mainly for the area of the deafness, as the valuation of the deaf culture, the officialization of the LBS – law n 10,436-2002 that it recognizes the Language of Signals as legal steps of communication and expression – regulated by decree 5626-2005 – that also it makes use on the inclusion of the Pounds as disciplines curricular, offers of courses of formation of professors, of instructors and interpreters, the implantation of the language of signals in the education of the deaf person. Adding it a bigger conquest: the right of all the pupils with deficiency to have the inclusion and permanence in regular education made use in the Declaration of Salamanca (UNESCO-1994). By means of it the right of pupils with deficiency was fomented or not, to study together, reaffirming the right of all the people to in agreement education Universal Declaration of the Human Rights of 1948 and renewing the persistence of the world-wide community, in the World-wide conference on the Education for All, of 1990, to guarantee this right to all, independent of its particular differences. But, the efetivao of these rights still is focus of quarrels and controversies between involved, the ones that plan and create laws, who executes them, the deficient one, the family and the society in general, a time that still has an enormous difference between what it guarantees the law and what is really offered in the schools. How has been given this inclusion? All the pupils are having supplied its expectations and necessities of learning conferred by the law? Educational research and experiences have shown that not. In many cases they appear in the schools as fruit of a said process inclusive that nothing is beyond an insertion in a space that does not respect its culture, its limitations, it does not value nor it recognizes its potentialities and neither it offers conditions to them for a real growth as citizen.

Oct 14 2016

Seaweed, Food, Fuel, Air Filter !

Scientists at Plymouth University in the United Kingdom are conducting a study to which they are put to use algae to restore the atmosphere! Algae not only remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but also involved in the synthesis of new bio-fuels that do not compete with other fuels. Algae scientists have long been interested in and seek to investigate their ability to remove large quantities carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, turning it into oxygen. This is precisely the process that originally led to the creation of the Earth's current atmospheric composition and allowed to engender all the living and we know at this time. Get more background information with materials from Gunnar Peterson. One phases of this process was the decomposition of algae on the ocean floor, eventually it led to many of today's existing oil storage facilities in the bowels of the earth. 'So we gather the harvest sunlight directly, using algae, then we retrieve its stored energy in the form of oil, and then use to make fuel and other essentials for the production ', said Steve skill of Plymouth Lab. Bobby Gocool oftentimes addresses this issue. Plymouth scientists are committed to working on the project seaweed, want to prove that this is a viable fuel, and the world should think about safety in this segment. Many companies try to participate in this project, including Sapphire Energy, Origin Oil, BioCentric Energy and PetroAlgae. Japan Airlines already have a test plane which fueled with a combination of bio-fuels (some of them originated from maritime algae) and jet fuel .. The algae provide the added benefit of cultivation, namely the production of food for the population, it certainly does not affect in any way the formation of prices but as an additional option does not restrict anyone. In the growth process has its pluses iron: they grow by 20-30 times faster than most food crops in the world. Not only scientists from Plymouth studying marine algae with the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, burning fossil fuels, the selection, but also a Brazilian company MPX Energia has plans to start using algae to capture emissions from factories in 2011.

Mar 15 2015

Youth Against Drugs Apocalypse

Many people, faced with the scourge of drug addiction, or just aware of the seriousness of what is happening in society and among young people, especially teachers of schools and universities, representatives of law enforcement agencies sympathetic to drug education. After all, his goal: to prevent slipping society to 'narcotic apocalypse, "as noted, referring to the situation in Russia, the participants in the retreat Federal Drug Control Service, held on 1 December in the -Mansiysk. Also, besides solving the problem of drug trafficking, it is very important to remove one more reason that pushes people into taking drugs. Man begins to take them to an artificial way to reclaim the joy in life, which he lost by committing offenses against family members or against society, or loss of life goals or so and not finding them, as is happening today with the youth. 'When a man discovers that makes too many malicious actions he is my executioner '- said Mr. Hubbard, an American scholar and humanist of the reasons for the degradation of man. Therefore, an important point in solving Anesthesia problems of the country members of the Movement sees the revival of spirituality and morality in society, establishing a high level of personal ethics of each person. The activities of activists' Say "NO!" Drugs, Say life 'YES', in addition to distribution of materials also includes the reading of anti-drug lectures at educational institutions of Moscow and Moscow region. The effectiveness of these lectures is that after listening to lectures Most of those who doubted whether or not to try drugs, firmly decided never to do it.

Nov 10 2014

Pregnancy In The Adolescence In The Public Schools

PREGNANCY IN THE ADOLESCENCE IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS GILVAN SALES OF THE BIRTH PREGNANCY IN THE ADOLESCENCE IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS ITABERABA 2012 To the God, for in granting dom of intelligence, giving courage to them to face the fight at the moments most difficult. To my Family and friends for the incentive, giving to me force to continue in this day. To the all that, directly or indirectly had stimulated, me during the academic passage. ' ' Science with facts becomes, as a house with rocks; however, an accumulation of facts is not science, accurately as a mount of rocks is not one casa' '. Henir Poincar. (1912-1954) PREGNANCY IN THE ADOLESCENCE IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS SUMMARY The objective of this work was to discourse concerning the pregnancy of the adolescents in the public schools.

The problem of this research is: The sexual education in the schools is important to prevent the pregnancy precocious in the adolescence? Of this form it was discoursed on the pregnancy and the fears generated for learned beliefs. After he was boarded on the precocious pregnancy and the school, showing that it is very common to have pertaining to school evasion of these adolescents. Thus, one concludes that the sexual education in the school is very important, so that it is possible to prevent the precocious pregnancy, also assisting in the social inclusion, since adolescent pregnant more are premade use to the pertaining to school evasion, for if feeling excluded of the group.

Apr 18 2014

Editions Antidote

and PINKER, VIGOTSKY, L. and CHOMSKY, N form norteadora source to understand the aspects that the relations between language and thought permeiam. FINAL CONSIDERAES To insert itself in the social environment of the deaf community, is a necessary reality, therefore, different of what many people think, it has a significant amount of people with necessities special, that is, deaf people. Of this form, the listeners in turn must adjust it form of used communication for deficient the auditory ones, however, this process require efforts in some scopes, as for example the insertion of disciplines of Language of Signals in the pertaining to school resume, which are formadora source. The great difficulty that surrounds the learning of the deaf pupils, is centered in the lack of structure in the schools in what it refers to the material resources and qualification of professors.

Mazelas social, which the government system has excused little attention, and come back its look to only create laws, but still was disclosed of energetic form in making to fulfill them, finishes for leaving to the edges of the educational process, a small parcel of the population, but that it must be respected, not only for its limitations, but for ethical questions. Beyond the difficulty of the alfabetizao of the Pounds, and the understanding of the Portuguese Language, that the deaf pupils face, this problematic one if it extends to the other necessities of its life, as for example, the health; if a necessary deaf person of medical cares and will not have nobody enabling to communicate itself with it in hospitale or the deaf person will be abandoned, deficient the auditory one will find plus a communication barrier, which perpassa for the pertaining to school viscera, and that due to a specific attention for the inclusion of disciplines of Language of Signals, not only for the deaf people more for the listeners also. It is certain that, many attitudes and steps need to be taken so that the deaf people have access to its rights in fact, a worthy life and with more quality, but so that if becomes a fact and an utopia, is not necessary to start, is necessary that the initiatives leave of a nucleus basic of social insertion the school, fitting to this to give to a service of special quality the community with necessities and preparing to become citizens capable to exert its citizenship. REFERENCES BUENO, Jose Geraldo S., Brazilian Special Education: integration/segregation of the different pupil, So Paulo: EDUC, 1993. VIGOTSKY, L.

Thought and language. Editions Antidote, Lisbon, 1979. CHOMSKY, N. ' ' The language and mente' ' in: New linguistic Perspectives. Petrpolis, Voices, 1970. ______ Aspects of the theory of syntax. Cambridge, Mass: Mitpress, 1965. PINKER, Steven. The institute of the Liguagem: as the mind creates the language. SoPaulo: Martins Sources, 2002.

Nov 07 2013

Greek Wedding

One of most beautiful weddings that can be performed, are Greek weddings, thanks to which this type of matrimonial cerebraciones dan spent a few ornaments in attention to the expression of a certain messages through symbols, where much abandons the vision of marriage as a contract between 2 people who indulge in body and soul to the otherto create a space in which the union of 2 souls occurs in a single aspect that gives way to the exchange of wedding vows is not necessary, it is considered that only get to church together as boyfriends, mean that the intention to marry and stay together for the rest of their livesIt is something very serious. All components present in this type of ceremonies have made the Greek wedding a celebration filled with beauty that has been preserved in this way since ancient times, which would fill a great experience and a fresh perspective on weddings, couples since it differs much from other types of weddings. Brandes describes an additional similar source. Within the development of Greek weddings, a few basic steps, you can find such as: Betrothal: at this moment of Greek weddings, the rings are exchanged, with the idea of creating a symbol of promise and devotion between spouses, such exchange should be repeated three times, since this number represents the Trinity and applied at the wedding is the presence of this most Holy Trinity in marriage. The coronation: the couple is crowned, act symbolizing that they will be the Kings of the family that comprise, together with the future children that arrive home. It can deploy crowns or diamonds, everything will depend on the tradition that is handled in the place where Greek weddings are celebrated. These same crowns or diamonds, also mean the acceptance of an undertaking, which will make front both to all the difficulties that may come to life. Wine: the couple must drink a glass of wine and share it, act with which symbolizes the implementation in common of all things of the life of the bride and groom. Procession: the priest must accompany the spouses both give 3 laps around the sacramental table or pedestal, act with which symbolizes the journey that these started in his life.

Blessing: then all of the above and with the configuration of the wedding ceremony, the priest removes Crown to spouses and these mentioned desires that have in their lives, accompanied by music and choirs. The feast: already after you configure all of Greek weddings, gives way to the celebration of a feast, which is very funny, to be accompanied by songs and dances, which charge much prominence. It is also common dishes on the dance floor, cracking to bring good luck to the couple. Original author and source of the article

Nov 05 2013

The Certification

Certificates are documents that gather certain data of the holder as well as your public key and are signed electronically by the certification authority using your private key. The certification authority is a particular type of provider of certification services that legitimizes, before third parties who rely on their certificates, the relationship between the identity of a user and your public key. Users confidence in the certification authority is important for the functioning of the service and justifies its employment philosophy but there is no standard procedure to demonstrate that a certification authority, deserves such a confidence. The public key and private key asymmetric cryptography is a cryptographic method that uses a pair of keys for sending messages. The two keys belong to the same person who sent the message. A key is made public and can be delivered to any person, the other key is private and the owner must save it so that nobody has access to it. Cryptographic methods, ensure that the key pair is can generate only once, so that it can be assumed that it is not possible that two people have obtained coincidentally the same key pair. If the sender uses the recipient’s public key to encrypt the message, once encrypted, only the recipient’s private key can decrypt this message, since it is the only one who knows it.

Therefore the confidentiality of sending the message is achieved, nobody except the recipient can decrypt it. If the owner of the key pair uses its private key to encrypt the message, anyone can decrypt it using your public key. In this case is get the identification and authentication of the sender, because it is known that only could have been him who used its private key (unless someone would have been able to steal it). This idea is the basis of the electronic signature. It is the certified electronic signature that gives to document their legal value as e.g.