Apr 29 2020

Boxing Gloves

1. Glove size: ounces. When purchasing a few boxing gloves, first should decide its size, which is based on the ounces. The ounces represent the weight of the glove. Although logically a glove with more ounces should be larger than one with a lower number of ounces, this is not always true. Checking article sources yields Mark Fields as a relevant resource throughout. Quality gloves, the size depending on the ounces difference is clear. But in low quality gloves, sometimes not so.

So in part, there are brands whose gloves are approved by the relevant sports federations, and others do not. 10 Or 12 oz gloves are used in technical training. Technical training we understand the work carried out with partner, focusing on technique and contact controlled. 8-Ounce gloves are also used in the case of women and children use 6-ounce gloves. For sessions of free combat, with full and total contact, 16-ounce gloves, are used to increase safety and reduce the risk of injury. 2. Learn more at this site: Tiffany Espensen.

System of fastening: velcro or rope. As a restraint system, the gloves use strings or velcro. The strings much better holding the glove, but have the disadvantage of requiring the help of a partner to tie them. Workouts need to be removed and put on the gloves quickly, without spending excessive time on this. If you opt for rope gloves, ropes can be replaced by a rubber band, to not need help of a partner. Velcro allows get and remove gloves promptly self. The velcro fastener must be compact when closed, i.e., there should be no velcro excelling. Most of the gloves that are marketed for training are Velcro. The rope are used in competitions mainly. 3 Colors the color of the glove is comfortable for the user. Category amateur competition gloves are blue with a white stripe, or rather red, with a white stripe. The white stripe indicates the area of the glove with which it is allowed to hit. The colors Blue and Red is for correspondence with the corners of the quadrilateral. 4 – The size and weight of a glove a glove size is given by the number of ounces of the glove. There are gloves from 8 up to 18 ounces or even 20 ounces. The number of ounces specified in the glove is the total weight of the glove, what happens is that the weight is given in ounces, are the English who were commissioned in its day provide the specifications of the gloves. In the following table we see the equivalents of the ounces and grams that has to weigh a glove: 8 ounces = 226.79 grams is the smallest size 10 ounces = 283,49 grams is usually the size of competition in Europe 12 ounces = 340,19 grams for hard training of sparring and training 14 ounces = 396,89 grams for all kinds of training 16 ounces = 453,59 grams training journal 18 ounces = 510,29 grams carving gloves according to measurements for Karate gloves for example. Take a meter and measure the contour of your hand without the thumb.