Mar 23 2020

Great Cuban Pianist Juana Zayas

Juana Zayas is among the great performers of classical music. leaning on the piano with skill, sensitivity in the present, is the Cuban Juana Zaya, that she’s The Times Herald Record Middeltown, N: Y. notes: Juana Zayas is definitely a musician of extraordinary communicative power: He made the collection of Chopin half hours total, uniformly absorbing, placing each of these miniatures in a huge poetic style, with plenty of warmth, strength and seguridada A artist who deserves a journey of many miles to see IRLA. a For its part, New Canaan Advertiser, New Canaan CT, says: Your interpretation is a consummate blend of art and expression extraordinary sensiblea It has a strong sense of the architecture of the works he plays. No doubt the magazine exposes Audioclasica, this extraordinary pianist with his passion, his Latin temperament governed by an extraordinary intelligence Sayas Juana make one of the great pianists today. The fact indicates that Juana Zayas’s successes in recent years reflect the words of Harold Schonberg of The New York Times, during its debut at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center: A cradle Chopiniana .. He plays with style, sensitivity and great technique and an aristocratic elegance as the combination of classical and romantic concerns. We are told that she began studying piano with his mother at the age of seven years gave his first recital that included works by Beethoven, Handel and Chopin. He graduated from the conservatory Peyrellade of Havana at the age of eleven.

Trachea occasion played a concert in the phenomenon, Op.54 for piano and orchestra by Robert Schuman. Later he attended the National Conservatory of Music where he won the prize for piano and chamber music. In the United States studied with Adele Marcus, David Bar-Illan and Josef Raieff. Laureate International Competition in Geneva, Switzerland and Latin American Competition Teresa Carreno de Caracas, Venezuela. He has made several tours Europe, United States, Latin America.

It is known that has appeared as soloist with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra St.Ceclia; Zeeuws Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio Netherlands, The Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela and others. It indicates that the Festival of Lavinia, made his debut for Chelsea Chamber Ensemble, a group that joined from 1985 to 1989. In 1990 and 1991 offers a series of concerts in Holland. a Since 1993 is doing a new series of concerts in New York, which have been widely accepted by the public. Audioclasica the magazine makes much reference to their performances, especially Chopin studies and say that this is your cover letter. Taking into account what these studies mean the universal piano literature of all time. The technical and musical balance they need. The struggle of opposites between force and finesse, rhythm and rubato, imagination and language Chopin had made of those who can interpret them correctly we can call them elected, and Juana besides being a piano virtuoso, an incomparable musician, is a choice, it might be too much coincidence that also born on Christmas Day. a The fact that American Record Guide (Chopin Etudes) a comments: Zayas simply should be heard by all who love playing the piano, playing Chopin-at the highest level.

Mar 16 2020

Caring Skin At Age 20

The skin is not static but changes according to age and circumstances. Skin care is essential to adapt our beauty routines to our specific requirements that vary as a birthday. The key word in the 20s is, a Prevention. Although the skin is young you have to care for and develop good habits. It is important to begin to acquire basic knowledge about skin care and follow some simple beauty routines.

Our commodities to 20 years are: cleaning products, we have to wash your face morning and night. No matter what we get tired or too late. To have good skin and removing make-up we have to eliminate all impurities from the face before getting into bed. Choose a gel cleanser is rinsed with water if your skin is fat and if your skin is dry you can choose cream cleaners or oils. The tonic is optional but oily skin will tend to like the feeling of freshness they provide.

Check that contains no alcohol because it may irritate skin sensitive. Moisturizer: If you have oily skin, very common at age 20 may not need to use more moisturizer once a day. Choose one that is not comodegenica and if possible also including sunscreen. If your skin is dry and strained notes throughout the day do not be afraid to return to using moisturizer, especially in the colder months in which the skin becomes more dehydrated. Sunscreen: is our ally to combat the undesirable effects of the sun and prevent wrinkles and blemishes. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ford Motors. It is not used only during the summer months but throughout the year. The sun rays also have effects on the skin even when it is cloudy. Other good habits that we acquire during this period are related to lifestyle and diet. Say no to snuff and if you have not yet started to smoke, keep it up because the effects are harmful to the skin. Take foods rich in antioxidants such as berries (strawberries, blueberries) and those rich in omega-3 acids. What anti-aging care use? In the mid-20s, when you begin to highlight expression lines can start using anti-aging care with items such as retinol or alpha hydroxy acids recognized by the anti-wrinkle properties. As in other facets of life, prevention is more effective than cure, so aprendea as soon as possible to take care of your skin, AES the only one you have! Carie Mercier image consultant and coach Carie Mercier, Image Consultant and Coach teaches you techniques to find and enhance your personal style. If you want to display a perfect image in both your personal and professional life, learn to take care and save money visit now or get more tricks for free and receive an ebook gift styling.