Nov 12 2016

Memory and Attention

“Memory Match Games” Is a new set of intelligence, concentration and strategy. This type of game can be played for educational purposes by students and children and to train the skills absolutely essential to the learning process such as memory and attention. This online game free concentration may also be useful for adults as a daily exercise to stimulate your brain. Traditionally, concentration games cards are dealt when the player’s task is to turn the letter and then find a partner. “Silent Destiny. Memory match” offers its own peculiarities and its plot of the game. Speaking about the history of the game, the players have pledged to achieve the magical Grael and stop at any price a giant robot called Drill Drone. For now, its purpose is to collect stones Agamat who manage to find …

And the player is invited to participate in this adventure! After reading the whole story of this free puzzle game, click on any card to reveal the stone Agamat (the purple) and tries to match the stone with your partner. You Drone Drill a threat because all their attacks deplete your life bar and lead to Game Over. However, in addition to the factors cited in the typical “Silent Destiny”, like all famous card games, requires the development of your own strategy of open squares in the search for the stones to win. You can click on the cards randomly, but in this case, your child can guess is that if for example try to remember its location. During the course of the game after some letters already revealed, players with long memories may remember in your mind where exactly have seen such a partner. Although the latter is not easy due to a variety of stones, stars and geometric shapes made by the creators of the game.

Then there is another option: the player can try to write the location of the stones in the paper, but in doing so you risk running out of time. There is a time calculator so you can not simply relax and think too much before opening a new charter. The estimated time to complete the level is equal to three minutes. Give your brain a workout while you are looking for partners in this new online game of concentration and memory “Silent Destiny. Memory match!”