Feb 11 2017

Exercises Spine

With these exercises, the spine can be relieved by to long sitting. An ergonomic workstation is nowadays of great importance, since we spend most of our working time before the PC. The Desk Chair should hold for example the spine straight and to be adjusted so that the knees at right angles are angled. The screen should be at least 50 cm away from the eyes and enable to work with his head slightly bowed. Optionally a Wirbelsaulenscreening can be performed to avoid back problems in a timely manner, especially when already the first symptoms noticeable. The painless examination of all vertebral segments indicates the flexibility of the Wirbelaule and any inappropriate loads. In addition to the ergonomically correct furniture, it is also important to move to relieve the body and especially the spine by to long sitting in between.

Following exercises to integrate easily into everyday work: 1 back and quadriceps In the standing position the upper body Standing bent forward. Then try to grab with your hands to the tip of the toe. When a slight drag in the muscle, the position can be kept for approximately 5 seconds. 3 to 5 repetitions are recommended. 2. arm Extensors sitting on the Office Chair arms are stretched upwards.

Then, the upper body is bent slowly forward. Make sure during the exercise just to keep the spine. While the arms are stretched further, the trunk muscles (back and belly) can easily be strained. Hold this position for about 10 seconds. 3 to 5 repetitions are recommended. 3. legs firmly stretch to keep sitting on the desk chair and alternately stretch out a leg. Each room the other leg is in a 90 angle to the floor. Now hold this position for about 5-7 seconds. 4-6 repetitions are recommended. 4. neck circles to let your head from one side to the other. The neck should not be overstretched it however. Through this exercise, neck tension can be avoided, and can several times to be built into the Office everyday. Health + life health management

Feb 02 2017


When was the last time that mental energy you devoted to the details of the policy provided by your insurance company? You basically signed them and you forgot him? Yea? It is incredibly easy to happen, but if you want to save on your insurance premiums payment, you have to refresh your memory and go get your policy. These tips could help you define how much you could save. 1 Prompts deductibles higher. When you request higher deductibles you can lower your costs by at least 40 percent. 2 You don’t need to give up on your coverage. Coverage full or by collision not worth on certain occasions, since any claim you make shall not exceed the cost of the insurance and the amount of the deductible. It assesses the current value of your vehicle. 3.

Avoid duplication of medical coverage. If you have good health and invalidity insurance, buy only the minimum personal injury protection. 4 Buy a car’s low profile. Will cost more expensive to secure a vehicle whose repair cost a lot either, or that is popular among thieves or known for not having the greater security log. 5 Carpool or drive less. Many insurers offer low mileage discounts to policyholders who share the journey of work or lead a lower average of miles each year.

Call your insurance company and find out if you qualify. 6 He opts for the security team. If you have air bags, automatic seat belts, anti-lock brakes and daytime you can qualify for a discount. In addition, a savings pass or anti-theft system can bring you additional savings. 7 Looking for discounts for teens. In this case, young people have to maintain good grades and pass a driving course. An additional discount may come into play if your child is going to college more than 100 km from home. 8 Combines policies and an operator. You can save money if you say all your vehicles, including trailers and cars of recreation in a single policy. The premium of your car can also be downloaded if you purchase a home insurance or to the same life insurance insurer. 9. Question about other discounts. You may also be able to pay less if you are over 50 or 55 years old, retired or not, and if you’ve had an accident in the past three years. Called others cars to make sure that you’re paying the lowest amount in general. 10 Pause before paying extra for roadside assistance. It would be good to have a roadside assistance plan since a trailer could increase your auto insurance premium and even affect your eligibility for coverage.