Jun 06 2014

Baltic Sea

At this moment I thought not remember that I was booked by this dream man over an escort agency and our being together is limited. I just enjoyed the date and always in mind for communicating thanked agency escort. After relatively short journey the shield saw direction Timmendorf. My absolute favorite place in the Baltic Sea, you can be there to relax and unwind. The sea air is frankly myself getting very quickly tired, but with this guy on the side that was probably rather an impossibility. A short demand mine confirmed that it actually went to Timmendorf. My heart throbbed with joy, that weather was always beautiful and I felt myself almost in a dream to find. My companion asked me if I liked Timmendorf or whether we want to select something else.

No, no – I said I love Timmendorf. Then everything is right, he answered me smiling too. There arrived it became clear my companion luxury and appreciated style. It went to the BelVeder. Spa and wellness hotel of the 5 * luxury class. It is called locally “The Pearl of the Baltic Sea” and it is in fact a real wellness oasis. There is no one nothing, to get everything the heart desires there in wellness and natural flavours. After the check in it went directly from the reception at the panorama suite with direct sea view.

I lingered on the loggia and the Sun had settled slowly into the sea. In the distance we saw sailing yachts and there was a fantastic atmosphere. After our luggage in our suite was, there was also no holding more. For the moment we went together in the shower and then unrestrained indulged us to our pleasure. I enjoyed it very much, it was a man with level and he knew to pull the right “switches” with me. After a period of recovery, he said we should go eat something and asked me about my preferences.