Aug 31 2016

Ecology Elements

Often, we read in the newspapers that the defrosting of the snowed ones in the mountain range is happening it centers, as the Pastoruri (Huaraz), this would have to the phenomenon known like. The called gases freones or halos, used like coolants and aerosols are destroying that is vital for the man. A) Ecology, eutrophication, ozone layer. B) Ecology, greenhouse effect, ozone layer. C) Biology, eutroficacin, troposphere. Add to your understanding with Cindy Crawford. D) Biotechnology, greenhouse effect, ozone layer. E) Ecology, thermal inversion, the ionosphere. 12. Check out Charles Margulis for additional information.

Which are the three heavy metals that cause to major ecological preoccupation? A) Gold, silver and platinum. B) Iron, receives and zinc. C) Mercury, cadmium and lead. D) Gold, iron and receive. E) Iron, cobalt and nickel. 13. Which of the following species are polymeric? teflon? Dacrn? nylon A) Only I B) Only II C) SloIII D) I and II E) I, II and III 14.

It indicates the alternative that contains the correct proposals. The ecology is the science that studies the relations that exist between the alive beings and the means in which they are developed. In all ecosystem there is interaction of biotic elements and the abiotic elements. The activity of the man affects the ecological balance and the systems tend to a new balance in a dynamic process. A) I and II B) II and III C) I and III D) I, II and III E) Only II 15. It determines if true the given proposals are false (v) or (f). If substances increase their concentration certain that are innocuous they can turn into polluting agents. ecosystems can be natural (like the Titicaca Lake) or artificial (like aquarium). The water, the ground, the bacteria, the humidity are abiotic elements.

Aug 28 2016

Abdominal Exercises and Posture

You all like me, at some stage in our lives we have been concerned to see ourselves in the mirror and think about the aesthetics, body image, the interest of our physical sex. This is why we have been involved in many physical activities such as the famous sit-ups, which has long made us believe that they were the only effective alternative to achieve a flat stomach while reducing the waist circumference. Well for those who invest time and energy with these exercises, I am afraid to waste their time! because scientific research has proved to be ineffective and dangerous. a When one stops to practice began to present a more prominent abdomen, causing urinary incontinence, loss of internal organs in women and sexual dysfunction. But do not be discouraged current scientific research tell us about a method that, when you have achieved the longed wasp waist is called Hipopresiva Gymnastics. This method was created by Dr. Marcel Caufriez of Belgium, Ph.D. kinesiotherapy and Rehabilitation at the University of Brussels.

The practice of this method helps improve posture correction, back pain, scoliosis, memory loss, depression, reduces waist circumference, prevents urinary incontinence, sexual favors, and postpartum recovery. The method comprises 150 different exercises for people who suffer from heart diseases or respiratory disease. Hipopresivos exercises abdominal unlike no focus on the work of the rectus abdominis muscle, but the tone of the transverse and obliques, as the rectus abdominis has no influence on the ability to reduce waist circumference.

Well, if you want to get started in this practice, without jeopardizing your health, beginning with: Lie on your back, inspired by inflating the abdomen, exhale contracting the most and reduces the contour of your waist. Do the same exercise but in four, sitting and standing. To finish the invite Unconventional thinking and not eat the whole story of what they say because their health is in play, practice techniques and methods based on current research and highly certified personnel. Therapists, physiotherapists and physical training, please do not indicate more abdominal exercises, and promote postural comfort, health and quality of life of patients.