Apr 24 2011

Biologically Active Additives BAA

Most dietary supplements do not undergo appropriate testing, requirements for them are the same as many pischeavym products. Usually at the expense of such a method of certification, manufacturers of dietary supplements limit the concentration of active substances based not on medical claims, and in compliance with the restrictions that are imposed in the certification of food products. Therefore, to talk about any kind of medical svostvah dietary supplements are not necessary. As many of you probably already know, dietary supplements are distributed through network marketing. In this marketing plan distributors are usually quite hard. In order to enable them to earn money to a lot of work.

Therefore, the distributors of dietary supplements do not stop cheating. Their main goal – is to earn maximum money and your health they are interested in the least. Especially need to fear doctors who are engaged in the spread of nutritional supplements. Such physicians can instruct you a bunch of incorrect diagnoses. Their task is to be reduced to ensure that frighten the patient and to sell him as much as possible nutritional supplements. Some may argue. 'But what about some case of treatment when taking dietary supplements? '.

There really is simple. There is a class of people who are very suggestible. If the distributor is talented and can firmly 'drive' into the consciousness of the buyer miraculous nutritional supplements, the placebo effect works. Ie Supplements do not treat you as their authority. With the same success can cure cancer with calcium gluconate. Thus to draw conclusions. Supplements are purely commercial project, to which medicine is practically no relation. Beware of unscrupulous advisers and the doctors who try to sell you these dietary supplements.