Sep 25 2014

Italian Tourmalines

This is one of the most expensive gems, although most of the tourmalines is valued not very expensive – from 20 to 50 dollars per carat. Paraiba tourmalines price good quality sometimes reaches 4-6 thousand dollars per carat. Layman can confused with other tourmaline gemstone jewelry – amethyst, ruby, chrysolite, tsirkonom.V of tourmaline include: potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, silicon, iodine, fluorine and other components. A total of 26 trace elements from .TsvetTurmalin – among the most beautiful gemstones, and each of its variety is interesting in its own way. Number of colors is 50. Color is distributed throughout the crystal, too, in a curious way: under different angles, the intensity of the color is slightly different, and beautiful stone shimmers in the light, and minerals are to the effect of asterism or "cat's eye", as well as with the alexandrite effect of a change in color depending .V on the nature of the color tourmaline gets its own special name. The classic color is green.

Transparency: transparent to opaque-Ahroit (translated from Greek means "without color") – rare colorless or nearly colorless variety of tourmaline. The most precious – white tourmaline, but the impact he's the 'fresh', it is weak against the force of impact. Under the influence of transparent tourmaline person gets stronger both morally and physically, to become more resilient and courageous. Beads made of transparent tourmaline is very useful for business people and for those who want to become so. Signet of this stone can be worn during the big hard work and particularly those responsible Vardelit days .- (translated from Italian means "green stone") – the most common of the tourmalines.