Dec 22 2015

Vital Competitive Advantage

Experience worlds it s not only about shopping and wellness user centred design is the key to awaken customers, to trigger their interest, to guide, motivate and inspire them, and to avoid potentially negative experiences right at the beginning. “The touch points between customer and company need to create one holistically positive and memorable experience for the customer, in economic and public life”, explains Markus Murtinger, managing consultant at USECON on international consultancy specialized in usability, user experience, user interface design and experience management. “Moreover, the harmony of multiple channels plays in important role. Does the map on the website match reality? Driving instructions are comprehensible? Are the advertised products available? Are promises such as only two minutes on foot from the beach”kept? The central question is whether the real experience is equal to or exceeds the expectations created by advertisement and promotions. All touch points between a company and its customers from information search over purchase and consumption to after sales support form one holistic experience in the customer’s memory. Thus, positive components in all touch points are needed to create outstanding customer experience. This ultimately leads to competitive advantage and is the basis for sustainable, long term customer satisfaction.

User-oriented solutions for today’s experience worlds what, how and where? The core of our activities are the users, the customers with all their, issues and barriers”states Michael Badri, senior consultant at USECON. “In our projects with leading companies of today’s economy we have discovered some surprising situations customers are confronted with such as the newly advertised product being unavailable or even unknown to the shop assistant or the recently implemented guidance system becoming inefficient due to parking cars blocking the view.” Search incidents must be thought of already in the conception phase to be able to avoid negative experiences. thesis” In most cases the users face problems related to usability and user experience that are completely alien to the company.

Dec 03 2015

State Road

In addition to Lutzmannsburg, Strebersdorf also belongs to the market with its 300 inhabitants. The Central Burgenland Lutzmannsburg is located directly at the border to Hungary and just 2 km from the small village of Zsira, which impresses with its Pannonian show garden and the stately Castle. In Oberpullendorf, 15 km away, regular cultural events take place on the event stage. The Oberpulledorfer Sports Centre, the small cinema and a barefoot adventure trail here provide all sorts of entertainment in the Spa holiday. Arrival info Lutzmannsburg the Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg Frankenau in Central Burgenland is located directly on the Austrian border with Hungary. After Vienna it is by Lutzmannsburg 120 kilometres (one and a half hours by car), Graz is situated 140 kilometres (less than two hours) from the market town. In the Hungarian Sopron, you drive about 40 minutes (approximately 32 km) by car.From the North you reach Lutzmannsburg on the State Road 228 (Nagaraj road), which branches off from the B 62 in Deutschkreutz. From the West, the State Road 225 (Lutzmannsburger Highway) takes visitors directly to the Sun Spa.

This departs from the B-61 in lower pull village. Who would like to arrive by train, travels to Deutschkreutz and can occur from here easily with the bus up Lutzmannsburg. Also, there are regular bus connections between Vienna and Lutzmannsburg. The border above all between the Austrian Lutzmannsburg and the Hungarian Zsira is approved only for pedestrians and cyclists. The Sun Spa, visitors who want to make a trip to Hungary by car must take a detour via Koszeg (21 km) in purchase. Weather Lutzmannsburg not without reason is the Mittelburgenland also known as the sunny country of Austria. Because here there is the most hours of sunshine in the country annually. The Pannonian climate ensures not only excellent wines in and around Lutzmannsburg, here also the whole family hiking, biking and horse-riding feel. Here information we at any time about the current weather in Lutzmannsburg! Route planner whether you want – come now from Vienna, Graz or from Munich to the Spa in the Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg with our route planner you are well informed! On our website you will find very detailed directions with all important direction and distances given?