Feb 21 2016

Wellness Holidays

Bad Fussing with hot the bathrooms, bad Fussing, Bad Griesbach and the bad Birnbach in the holiday region of Rottal Inn, uropaweit a leading position acquired sources over 1,000 metres deep, pioneering cures, natural remedies and innovative applications holiday in the Spa Triangle Bad Griesbach and bad Birnbach. Today, they are the heart of the Bavarian Golf & thermal country”and long also guarantees high sound wellness services that complement the classical applications of balneology in holistic approach. Tradition and modernity determine in the Passau South”the beat. This is true for the widely known medicinal and thermal baths, but also for the excellent infrastructure of the baths. You score points in many disciplines: from the well maintained cycle path network over a wide range of culture up to the seductions of the culinary art.

And even on the subject of golf. Bad Griesbach is Europe’s Golf No. 1 “. The success story of the Hartl golf resort”served the adjacent bathrooms as Initial spark. “Spa Golf in bad Fussing bad Fussing Kirchham” and in bad Birnbach of the golf park Bella Vista “.

With the 2009 newly opened panorama golf course “in Furstenzell the Bavarian Golf & thermal State is experiencing” a further dimension: the place is the first Feng Shui golf course of in Germany. In addition to the natural sports draws the Bavarian Golf & thermal land”from a large culture Fund. A tip is the neighboring monastery angle”with its picturesque churches and monasteries, and of course the Red Valley itself. “Traditional farmland which last but not least is known for its horse breeding and today with the Karpfhamer Festival” held the largest folk festival in Bavaria. “For more information see, and the tourist information Passauer land”, Tel. 0851/397-600, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau.

Feb 02 2016

Wellness Programs

Best is the philosophy of wellness and pleasure in homely atmosphere 40 longtime collaborators in the Reischlhof provide for a perfect service the peculiarity lies in the warmth and the informal but. Guests may feel from first holiday moment. The 4-star hotel still boasts its manageable size of 90 beds and a flexible kitchen. Creative Bavarian and international dishes as well as buffets and candle-lit menus belong to the Board. For active vacationers, hikers, skiers, and Wellnessdamen, the Reischlhof is popular all year round. Rolled winter hiking paths and the network of trails directly from the House, as well as the nearby family skiing area Hochficht are further advantages for an attractive winter holiday in the Reischlhof. You need a gift certificate for Christmas? Just give holiday or one of our popular Tageswellnessprogramme.

Comfortable brief directions, 1300 sqm Spa area and 4 star culinary delight! Gladly we send you further information or assemble individual Christmas vouchers. Just call – we look forward to you! But also even virtual – visit us on the Internet. More information: Reischlhof * wellness & pleasure, family Reischl, Sperlbrunn 7, 94110 Wegscheid, Tel. 08592 / 9390 0, fax 08592 / 9390 700,,