Nov 20 2014

Team Sports Nutrition Angel

Unique in Germany: the team of sports nutrition Angel – professionals know quality makes all the difference! The team sports nutrition Angel consists of many high-profile athletes from many areas. In particular are here noted that sports nutrition is Angel the official nutrition partner of TBB Trier. The TBB Trier is one of the most successful Bundesliga basketball clubs in Germany. Including through the support of sports nutrition-Angel, the TBB Trier was able to celebrate many successes. Some well-known names in the team sports nutrition angels are also in the field of bodybuilding.

Initially, it was called Ilario Rongioletti here. Ilario Rongioletti is a native of Trier, just like Christian Engel. Ilario Rongioletti was born in 1972. In 1994 he began bodybuilding and celebrated since some successes. Among other things he achieved first place in the international German super heavyweight champion chip IFBB in 2008. In addition he was already in the year of 2007 IFBB champion.

Ilario Rongioletti has developed a special training plan, whereby it five days a week trained extremely hard and focused. The basic exercises are regularly carried out with light weights, being carried out every three weeks the basic exercises with very heavy weights. During training mass XXplosion is eaten by Ilario Rongioletti regularly during breaks. After the workout, protein is fed to the body whey. Ilario Rongioletti prepares regular and focused on all competitions before. That’s why he has also regularly good results. Angel sports nutrition will continue to support him in his career. Also in the team of sports nutrition-Angel Kevin Chagneau found. Kevin Chagneau has the 3rd place of body Xtreme revolution 2009 and 1st int. West Germans can achieve NAC (newcomer). The Luxemburgish rider trained only four years in Trier gym and could still achieve the above results. These performances are not possible without an elaborate training plan and iron discipline.

Nov 19 2014

Best Body Nutrition

Amino acids for optimal muscle proteins during the muscle building exercises taking promote faster muscle growth, my experts. We recommend a daily protein intake of 1.5 grams per body weight for strength athletes. A good protein variation is the so-called whey protein. The whey protein is made from the whey. It is the best source for BCAA amino acids.

BCAA-acids are important for athletes and active bodybuilder. The body of a bodybuilder needs more BCAA’s, as he may make available through the body’s synthesis. In addition to these BCAAs also other essential amino acids are protein whey. offers high-quality sports nutrition. Includes the best body nutrition whey protein 5000, protein concentrate with vitamins and sweetening agents. It is the new top of the line in the hardcore line of best body nutrition. Hardcore whey protein 5000 is a highly concentrated whey protein, gently cold produced by sophisticated ultra-filtration process. Hardcore whey protein 5000 best body nutrition is quickly recycled, that it provides the first amino acids for optimum muscle building already after 30 minutes.

Best body nutrition hardcore whey protein 5000 promotes muscle growth and leads to optimal training results. It has a high content of BCAA’s, a very high chemical score, is rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract and thus has an anabolic effect and it is easy to digest. Whey protein is an artificial protein. It is produced in a complex filtration processes. The whey protein extracted from the milk of different manufacturing processes. There are many different manufacturing processes that different costs entail, the pure whey protein is at the end, the more expensive it in production. A whey protein concentrate containing small amounts of milk fat and milk sugar. A more expensive whey protein isolate contains no fat and lactose intolerant depending on the manufacturing process at all. In addition to the high concentration of essential amino acids and BCAAs the whey protein also has the advantage that the Body can quickly absorb it in comparison to other proteins and process.

Nov 18 2014

Rongioletti Training

The trier fitness specialist is now main sponsor of bodybuilders to Ilario Rongioletti the famous trier bodybuilder Ilario Rongioletti was born in Trier in 1972 and was initially in his youth relatively little to do with bodybuilding. In principle, he had behaved previously as any other young and primarily played football. Then he made another detour tennis and taekwondo to the table. In 1994 however, in a winter break, wanted to do something for their more fitness Ilario and one of his player friends and signed up at a gym in Trier. This was the beginning of a Bodybuildingkariere. Ilario Rongioletti had while starting only in front of him to keep fit, but rather quickly found his love for the sport. He started to increase very quickly extensively on muscle mass, so that he then had to decide whether he wanted to continue to play football or would rather indulge in bodybuilding. Ultimately he decided then to the bodybuilding.

After further intensive training he joined the first time to a the NABBA competition in 2001 and was second in the first time Qualification. Further successes followed: NABBA German masters athletics class and 3.Platz WM NABBA German Champion and world champion Super body over 30 “NABBA DM m class III 4.Platz.. IFBB German Championships 2010-1st (overall) these successes Ilario owes mainly his focused training and his discipline. His training is generally based on a custom training plan. Ilario believes that the athlete should know his body to actually create an own and appropriate training plan. Ilario has developed therefore a training plan which is suitable for him and with which he can train regularly all muscle groups.

In addition, Ilario eats very healthy. Also the momentum increases in particular before competitions. This also applies to the training. In addition to his sports Ilario as a fitness model in several magazines can be seen. And if he has a little free time, he takes care of his other hobby: the motorcycles.

Nov 17 2014

Nutrition Dogs

Our dog feeding is one of the crucial factors if we want that our animal is healthy. A few balanced and appropriate nutrients assure us a life healthy and happy for our mascot, as well as because does not say it, many less visits to the veterinarian (especially long term). In fact incorrect nutrition is the greater cause of the development of diseases in domestic animals, something really unnecessary if you look at the amount of food for dogs specially designed for their correct nutrition. In this sense we recommend be guided by experts, in particular, by our veterinarian. In fact simply giving healthy eating our dog we can be sure that the odds of that live for many years and with a great quality of life increases considerably. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are a number of foods especially designed to meet the nutritional needs of our dog, why advise not giving our dogs food made by us as not they are designed for them and make them less well than what we think. In this sense more interesting foods are are part of the so-called power holistic which takes into account the wild origins of dogs and their need for a meat-based protein.

There are many brands of this type and are highly recommended by the balance present in its ingredients. Another interesting aspect is the dosage, i.e., how many times must eat our dogs. In this sense we must take into account the age as the deciding factor. So, just after breastfeeding our puppy must be 4 daily intakes during the following 3 months. From 3 to 6 months later the number of intakes is reduced to three and the 6 months per year to 2. After the first year of life may be given one or two intakes per day when our dog has eaten to avoid playing with him or give toys or other accessories for dogs since the movement never realized digestion can be very harmful to our animal. We continue these simple recommendations and will have a healthy and happy dog.

Nov 16 2014

Aloe Vera And Daily Nutrition

Aloe Vera is the best-known name of the Aloe plant Curacao aloe, Barbados aloe, or barbadensis.The Aloe Vera plant is originally from Northern and southern Africa. He is also known as Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera Aloe. Aloe Vera has many health properties. More than 75 compounds in Aloe Vera have been identified, among the most important vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that bring multiple benefits to the body are mainly. Currently, there are more than 250 different recognized varieties of aloe, of which only three or four have significant healing or medicinal properties. The most powerful of these, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes is Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller of extract, commonly known as aloe vera. Properties of the Aloe Vera currently is credited with action: emollient, cicatrizant, coagulant, moisturizing, anti-allergic, disinfectant, atiinflamatoria, astringent, choleretic and regulator of digestion. Aloe is administered orally in form of drink (juice of the leaves, aloe tea) and powders and capsules.

Aloe acts as purifying and detoxifying, acting above all digestive and penetrating into the cellular tissue. It removes dead skin cells, helps to regenerate new growth and promotes the health of tissues by accelerating healing. New properties and applications are often discovered to Aloe, among them before drying and staining of skin, skin irritations, Burns, acne, eczema, warts, psoriasis, twists, sprains, rheumatic pains, arthritis, mouth ulcers and gastro-duodenal, gastritis and irritable. Applied to Burns, Aloe relieves pain and reduces the possibility of infection. Cuts and wounds, stops bleeding since it closes and heals the wounds due to its astringent power.

It is tonic, purgative, stimulant of the formation and secretion of bile and helps to eliminate intestinal parasites. Stimulates the appetite, facilitates digestion, promotes liver function and It reduces the gases. . Source: Products with Aloe Vera there is a wide range of products based on Aloe Vera.Es important to emphasize that they are not drug, nor intended to cure diseases, but that they are food that provides good nutrition. The most outstanding products are: Aloe Vera Herbalife: this refreshing drink is a scientifically developed concentrated, containing aloe vera more vitamin C. Add Aloe Vera Aloe Vera in powder Herbalife: is a powder to prepare drink Aloe Vera, which provides nutrients that help decrease the effects of irritants and calms the digestive system. Aloe Vera shampoo Herbalife: is a hydrating shampoo that nourishes and protects your hair.

Nov 11 2014

The Swan On The Site

When Anderson wrote "The Ugly Duckling", he was imagining a natural transformation from awkward youth to mature beauty. His vision did not include a meat cleaver. The new network show, "The Swan" is a travesty on so many levels it's hard to know where to start. There is nothing wrong with using cosmetic surgery to correct a definitive flaw but to turn on itself to megalomaniacs with scalpels is cause for more therapy than these women are receiving. It is unconscionable that television should even consider anything so potentially damaging. However, women who are left to the golden goose (to mix metaphors) are equally responsible. The sensible thing would be the woman with good conscience turn herself over to foreigners without any intervention in what is being done.

The Swan reflects the superficial attitude of society towards cosmetic surgery as a cure for everything from natural aging of an unhealthy lifestyle. It is not enough that millions of "baby boomers" as they flock to cosmetic surgeons to graft an artificial spring of a natural winter, now they are fiercely promoting the idea of much younger women, even those in their 20s who certainly should be much better than them but can not substitute for the killing of restraint to improve themselves without outside help. Taking personal responsibility is a much healthier solution to the problem A healthy person always looks 10-20 years younger than their peers. While many women would give anything for beauty, one thing that should never be sacrificed – health.

Nov 10 2014

Pregnancy In The Adolescence In The Public Schools

PREGNANCY IN THE ADOLESCENCE IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS GILVAN SALES OF THE BIRTH PREGNANCY IN THE ADOLESCENCE IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS ITABERABA 2012 To the God, for in granting dom of intelligence, giving courage to them to face the fight at the moments most difficult. To my Family and friends for the incentive, giving to me force to continue in this day. To the all that, directly or indirectly had stimulated, me during the academic passage. ' ' Science with facts becomes, as a house with rocks; however, an accumulation of facts is not science, accurately as a mount of rocks is not one casa' '. Henir Poincar. (1912-1954) PREGNANCY IN THE ADOLESCENCE IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS SUMMARY The objective of this work was to discourse concerning the pregnancy of the adolescents in the public schools.

The problem of this research is: The sexual education in the schools is important to prevent the pregnancy precocious in the adolescence? Of this form it was discoursed on the pregnancy and the fears generated for learned beliefs. After he was boarded on the precocious pregnancy and the school, showing that it is very common to have pertaining to school evasion of these adolescents. Thus, one concludes that the sexual education in the school is very important, so that it is possible to prevent the precocious pregnancy, also assisting in the social inclusion, since adolescent pregnant more are premade use to the pertaining to school evasion, for if feeling excluded of the group.

Nov 10 2014

Incinerate Fat

You will not lose fat, nor will see you better, by simply eating less carbohydrate, low fat diets or diets low in calories. The truth is that fat loss, it is result of eating properly for you. You can discover a simple way tricking your body to burn more, while you eat as much of these delicious foods that satisfy your cravings Los cardiovascular exercises and abdominal work do cardiovascular or aerobic exercises several days a week, it is the worst way to burn fat. Practically, going to triple your results in loss of fat and fitness, exercising in a completely opposite way for 45 minutes a week and without doing cardio do thousands of sit-ups, crunches or use appliances for sit-ups of the horrible infomercials, nor burns fat in your abdomen, or give you a flatter stomach and certainlyYou will not have a marked abdomen. You will burn the fat of the abdomen 5 times more fast doing certain exercises of full body, that in fact, no focus at all in your abdominal eat well into the night, is a myth in fact, going to bed hungry, is one of the worst things you can do; You can stimulate the super powerful hormones to lose fat in your body by eating the right kind of tasty sandwich, about an hour before you go to sleep the area burning fat is an Error fired area of fat, which you see in the majority of the machines to do cardiovascular exercises, it is the last thing that you don’t want to continue to burn most of the body fat. You can burn fat and calories by up to 3 days, like many with a totally different kind of quick and easy training there is a unique exercise that stimulates your metabolism and keeps the fat A stripe for always the people continue saying that traditional methods are still the general recommendation to burn fat; recommended by many professional packaging physical. Stay at a certain target heart rate zone and stay there for 30 minutes or less, several times a week. There is a better way to incinerate fat, said: Rob Poulos, loss of fat and fitness expert.

He says: insurance, burn some calories while you are running towards nowhere on a treadmill, but you will not achieve a complete physical transformation only with this type of exercise. In fact, this type of exercise can be counterproductive for fat burning. These are just a few reasons: of long duration and low intensity aerobic exercises use your stored body fat for energy during the sessions. Although apparently this seems good, you can actually make your body to develop more body fat reserve once he finished training to be ready during your next workout. Heavens! What is worse, is that when this type of exercise, often as they suggest it typically, trains to your cardiovascular system to make it efficient.

Again, although this sounds good, in reality your heart and lungs reduce their ability to work since they are becoming more efficient to do an easy job (your aerobics workouts of long duration and low intensity), which reduces your ability to handle stress. This can cause other problems including a higher likelihood of suffering a heart attack. You’re only working within your current aerobic capacity, because you never challenging it to go beyond what’s capable of doing.

Nov 07 2014

Infrastructure Services

You of only, you obtain the rate of compliance or non-compliant items of each facility used checklist called ' ' Chek-List.' ' The results revealed that both establishments had in compliance above 60% being classified in group II (51% you 75%) of the appropriate items. These dates may form the basis of the proposal will be corrective actions both in physical structure the sanitary conditions. Keywords: checklist; Food and Nutrition Unit, Infrastructure Services Food. INTRODUCTION the Units of Feeding and Nutrio (UAN) had appeared, with the objective to improve the hygienical-sanitary quality in establishments as restaurants, industries the hospitals (POPOLIM, 2007). These companies search forms to adjust the quality of these according to practical good foods of manufacture, and still, to satisfy the comensal in what she says respect to the offered service, englobando since the physical environment, until the contact between operators of the UAN and comensais, at the most diverse moments. The UANs can be classified or as self management, when the company beneficiary assumes the responsibility for the act of contract of staff, elaboration and distribution of the meals in the workstation, or terceirizada, when the supply of meals is legalized through contract firmed between the contracting company and the lender of service also called concessionaire (TEIXEIRA, 2006, p.16).

In accordance with the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), about 70% of the told occurrences of pictures of alimentary poisoning in industrialized countries, had been consequent of the existence of deficient a hygienical-sanitary quality in the processing of foods served in units of feeding (SOUZA, 2004, p.98). It is important to stand out that the physical structure overlaps all the other item that a UAN composes. If infrastructure will not be adjusted, the employees will not have healthy conditions of work, will suffer to greaters risks from accident, beyond influencing the final product quality (AKUTSU et al., 2005, p.4).