Sep 27 2015

Spa Villas

The luxurious hotel represents a modern, aristocratic atmosphere. The 90 rooms and suites have been equipped with contemporary interiors and modern design by award-winning architects. The high ceilings, large Windows and dark wood floors in the rooms remind on the historic day of the former diamond factory. “In the hotel’s IZAKAYA Asian kitchen & bar meet already the local scene, during Lord stressed the city street Spa” and ladies “find your private retreat. NEW MEMBERS 10. Anthony’s life & style hotel directly on the promenade in St. Anton am Arlberg is the Anthony’s life & style hotel. The use of local materials such as solid wood, natural fabrics, felt and Loden, stone, glass creates a modern, authentic, stylish and cosy ambience.

The 47 rooms and suites meet high demands. Everything in the House, all under one roof: the hotel opened in September 2012, offers, Steakhouse, American bar, sport-shopping and the Sky-Spa-Wellness Oasis with sauna, steam bath, terrace, outdoor Jacuzzi and spectacular views of the ski slopes and mountain slopes. NEW MEMBERS 11 The Tyrol In the historic centre of Vienna, at the beginning of the Mariahilfer Strasse, lies the Tyrol. Cultural institutions such as the MuseumsQuartier, and the secession are reachable in just a few minutes walk. Interior design and materials of Viennese tradition companies such as Wittmann and Thonet bring local flair in the hotel and form a perfect symbiosis with the heritage-listed facade. In each of the 30 rooms and the common areas are original artworks of contemporary Viennese and international artists. The wellness area with sauna, steam bath and light-therapy shower can be reserved as a private spa. NEW MEMBERS 12 Geinberg 5 private Spa Villas “Just private” – nestled in the rolling hills of the Innviertel region, the Geinberg5 private Spa Villas offer an exclusive retreat. Precious materials and stylish design convey exclusivity and comfort.

Sep 26 2015

Cafes Community

As the first ski area in Carinthia the WebApp was made possible on the Molltaler glacier. Thus, Smartphone users have the highest and snowiest ski resorts in Carinthia down immediately at any time available in the anorak. You can find out the prices of summer skiing pleasure here: the municipality of Flattach comprises several villages. Mining history of the village of Flattach is interesting, because already at the time of the Celts in Flattach gold was mined. However, the largest mining was operated from 1691 until 1918 in Grossfragant. Where copper and pyrite was defied off for almost 3 centuries the mountain. Flattach is now grown by a mining community into a modern tourism community.

Of the four-star hotel up to the simple pension accommodation is available all depending on the personal claim. The community has doctors, pharmacy, ATM or banks, sports shop, a post office, two supermarkets and a lovely outdoor swimming pool with a 27-metre water slide. Furs physical well-being provide numerous restaurants, inns, Cafes and snacks that use almost all regional products. In a certain sense wellness & beauty include also the biological. In Flattach we also ensured.

It is in Hotel Flattacher Hof or in the numerous beauty forging”, which can be found in the village. “Conclusion: in fact, we wanted a vacation opportunity without salt on the skin” to introduce. Looking for people who want to let cozy go there and nothing more than rest and fresh mountain air. It could be simple walkers also stressed Manager, who really want to turn off without himself but physically want to strain. With the Karnten card that you get free with an overnight stay you can experience largely free over 100 Carinthian tourist attractions such as such as the trip to the Molltal glacier or the walk through the Ragga Canyon. Our experiment with Spaziernwandern”is successful. Well rested and without sunburn, we returned home. Tip: Try also Flattach, you will not regret it. Text and photo: / Okolicsanyi Zoltan 04 07, 2012

Sep 08 2015

Internet Work

The quality of the team. As far as the level of competence of your future employees and colleagues will match your level and your goals? Do not hesitate to ask questions recruiter, because you will have to work with these people 40-50 hours a week. Who are these people with whom you have to work: what is their preferred age, sex, education, etc.? What are their traditions and habits? The problem may be banal: Maybe it totally smokes the community, and you do not smoke? What are the prospects for growth in this company? What is its strategy of development? Does it exist at all? Did the recruiter or manager to present it clearly? Gather as much information as possible about the media, the Internet and from friends. Along the way, if you so firm? Is Is it a good place to work in general and you in particular? The more your new job will be linked to long-term strategies for the company, the better … corporate culture. What do they understand by that and whether she's there at all? If yes, what features? While not all companies can be such an enjoyable place to work, as Google (at least, as they are written), but should strive for better balance … work and personal life. Work harder and harder to earn more and build a career …

But if this is life? All appreciate the workaholic, but if you are in the processing of routine – whether it is a sign of poor organization of labor? Better if the quality of your life? If you earn significantly more, but much more work, whether it is necessary to you? Is this an adequate return? Salaries and social package. How they are competitive in the market? Is highest salary only advantage of this offer? And on the other hand, does not get you into the trap of fame, the prestige brand, which can often pay their employees wages below the market only for the pleasure of working in a company with "such a name?" So if any one of the first 9 items you can not find anything attractive to themselves – things are bad. Only material motivation – business transient … Go to the salary you will quickly get used. A job dissatisfaction and a left.

See wider and farther. Take a sheet of paper and make for yourself a table comparing 10 factors mentioned above in the vertical, and the current potential place of work – horizontally. It is particularly important to draw up a table if you have a number of new job offers. Even the process of deliberation and the filling of the table will help you get rid of rash or emotional decisions … On the other hand, your competent follow-up questions and serious approach to learning a new position will cause the respect of the employer and confirm the correctness of his choice … Experience shows that of all the 10 listed items of the least correlated with the 'satisfaction from the work of the last paragraph. In the long run, of course. I emphasize the pleasure of work, not with pleasure the offer work. Prepare a table, going for an interview. It will help you make more informed decisions.