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Aug 13 2019

Carlos Andres Perez

Does homeland who brings the homeland with invasion and who violates a constitutional figure, burguesmente, was no longer suitable. In fact, the same call of the President prepare for war are happy them the depths of the soul, because they dream of using it to generate fissures within the unit of the national armed forces (FAN), and recreate a coup as of April 2002, or at least similar facts to the military pronouncements of then in the Plaza Altamira. Even a former President of the Fourth Republic, Carlos Andres Perez, already dared to take the first step and call pronouncements within the FAN. See the national press. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Quest Diagnostics. The sad thing is that the so-called presidential prevent us with a good military defence discover there are sectors of the Venezuelan population (that outlined above) which streamline the homeland cannot be that native space chaired by a political power of his displeasure and inconvenience, but that foreign space anchor their ideological convictions. Does is not bourgeois precept? and revolutionary in their time? the personal law, the struggle for equality, the institutional framework, respect for the rights of others, the social contract, the rule of law, the do civil rights (forgive the repetition right-wing), the fevered democracy, bla, bla, bla? Again Hugo Chavez has managed to ring the country, polarizing ethically, decanting it, unmasking it, this time between dignity and betrayal, a self awareness and other borrowed. Consider you, don bourgeois, and choose between a sovereign country or remain the mental colony forever. Not can be easier for you to have a homeland? that already has it? be a colony that only he longs, especially if supports it the historic collection? Do not can you solve this contradiction of conscience, where his instincts say egomaniacal not collide both with their assumptions say humanists? Homeland is concrete, palpable land in its ownership and sovereignty; a colony is mental desolation, sand castles in the wind and, essentially, an act of treason. Is that you? Original author and source of the article..

Aug 11 2019

God Osiris

They called him also alma and represented it in the form of Gavilan human head, which went flying from his mouth at the time of death. Please visit Gunnar Peterson if you seek more information. They thought that the soul or double, had at the same time the need for a body, and for this reason it was necessary to provide you a service to his corpse to prevent decomposition of the same. Herodotus refers to as it came: there are in each city, profession Embalmers. When relatives of the dead body to the Embalmer, it shows them models painted wood and asks them what want. David Delrahim might disagree with that approach. There are three kinds of different prices, the more expensive model representing the God Osiris.

When relatives have agreed the price, will be, as the Embalmer working at home. In the embalming of first-class, start by removing the brain through their noses with a curved iron and dissolving it with a liquid that does penetrate the head. Then open the side, take by opening the bowels, washing them with Palm wine, sprinkle them with crushed aromas. Immediately fill the belly of myrrh, cinnamon and other perfumes and sewing again it. Thus prepared, the corpse is put in soda salt for seventy days.

After these, it is washed and cinched with fabric bands smeared rubber. Be them He then returned to relatives, who they send to make a box of wooden shape of the human body, which gets to the dead by placing it in a room of foot, resting on the wall. Embalming second-class, resin of cedar in the belly of the corpse, without opening or remove the intestines, is injected with a syringe and CAP to prevent the outflow of fluid. Then the body remains seventy days in soda salt, and when removed will release the liquid that comes out of the womb by dragging with intestines that has dissolved. Soda has eaten meat, no remains of the body more than skin and bones.

Aug 04 2019


On Saturday, April 30, in a private clinic in Los Angeles, Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) first became a mother – she gave birth to twins. During labor, Cary listened to his own song We Belong Together from the animated film "Toy Story 3." Mariah Carey – famous American singer, is the owner of a unique voice, capable of taking notes 11 octaves, on account of its five prizes "Grammy", 58 films with her participation, most of which she plays herself, as in TV series Ally McBeal. Babies were born exactly on the anniversary of the wedding Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Perhaps check out Rand Paul for more information. Mariah Carey and aspiring actor and rapper Nick Cannon, who younger than her 11 years, were married April 30, 2008 in the Bahamas. Supermodel helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Before the wedding, they met only a month. The first pregnancy ended in miscarriage singer, and the couple even considered adopting a child.

That's why news of the pregnancy Carey so carefully and long in hiding. For even more opinions, read materials from Crumpton Group. But the last couple months, not lost in vain time actively trying to attract attention, using pregnancy as Cary successful advertising campaign. Mariah did not miss any opportunity of entries in his blog on Twitter to multiple interviews reporters photographs of couples in the nude to the interior rooms. A few days ago Life & Style magazine has published photos of child for future babies at home Mariah in California. A room in a delicate rose-decorated green shades bows, butterflies, flowers and numerous giant plush toys, one of them – a huge figure of a giraffe, received a gift from Sharon (Sharon Osbourne) and Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne).

On the ceiling painted children's orange-pink clouds blue sky and twinkling stars. According to the singer, in a design inspired by her two of her songs – Underneath the Stars and Close My Eyes. It looks like Mariah Carey inspiration did not stop there: shortly before she posted a photo of her on Twitter bare belly, which painted a huge butterfly. One half of the butterfly was blue and half pink. At Easter, Mariah again the inspiration and the singer Tweet on display was exhibited photo next masterpiece: painted on his stomach Carey egg with clouds and pink and blue hearts on it, symbolizing the boy and girl. This is not the most frank photos of Cary. Recently, she starred exposed twice. The first time they published the magazine Life and Style, and the second time OK! For which Mariah Carey and her husband were photographed naked together. Future happy Daddy, Nick Cannon, also did not miss opportunity to contribute to this campaign and recorded a song for the kids, called Letter to my unborn children, which gives them some tips on how to survive in a world that awaits them. It seems that parents experience survival, they will have something to learn.

Jul 25 2019

Treatment For Fibroids

Some women believe that the only way to deal with fibroids is to use conventional methods invasive such as the treatment of hormonal blockade, but the truth is very different. Thousands of women around the world have managed to successfully use a holistic for fibroids treatment and once to ensure that the fibroids are benign, you also could join them. While there are still many questions unanswered as it relates to the fibroids, we know that they are related to our hormone levels, to what we eat and the life styles we carry. It is also related to our ethnic origin. What we don’t understand is because there are big variations among women that they seem to be very similar, but we know enough to know that that treatment will be successful, must eliminate the cause which originates it.

A way in which we can do this is to use holistic treatments for fibroids. This full body approach ensures that no stone left without turning over. The types of treatment that They will typically included are as follows:-* liver detoxification * cleaning herbal * dietary measures, including removing pesticides and environmental toxins. * Exercise regularly to increase the circulation and help the healing and sense of well-being * be sure to take at least 2 liters of water daily. * Acupuncture, acupressure and other points of pressure therapy * treatment herbal to help relieve symptoms * emotional analysis to make sure that you are not overly stressed. While there is little doubt that the holistic for fibroids treatments work, the difficulty for many women is that they need to be auto motivated. Since this is a full body approach, this one requires daily vigilance because we need to carefully monitor their choices regarding their diet and lifestyle on a daily basis and there is no one who can oversee this more than you yourself.

However, if it is that you are prepared to follow is complete treatment, the results can change your life, with many women starting to see a reduction in their symptoms in just days and an actual demise of fibroids in a matter of weeks. The lack of a real and comprehensible aid for women led to an alternative doctor to develop a comprehensive system to belittle the fibroids that she taught women in his crowded clinic. Its unique for fibroids holistic treatment uses a step-by-step plan and has been successfully used by thousands of women around the world and if you would like to see details of what involves, please visit my Web site.

Jul 16 2019

Andy Warhol

What have common my mother and Andy Warhol? Then I do not know you forbid, it I do not fall. Hear other arguments on the topic with supermodel. He is very simple, which they have common is that now your mother can become one musa warholiana thanks to a photo linen cloth. Add to your understanding with Quest Diagnostics. You imagine an image of your mother forming part of a picture to which style MGP Art de Andy Warhol has been applied? Yes, because it is possible and to a reasonable price. This photos linen cloths are perfect gifts day of the mother. It is going to be an enormous surprise of which it is going to be proud it sees whenever it in the wall. In addition you have to your reach the great product range to which you can apply the artistic effect to him of MGP Art of the famous Andy Warhol, perhaps the most important author of movement MGP Art. The photos of your mother can be transformed into works of art when turning them into an image MGP art by means of the use of special treatments. These images in a fantastic linen cloth thanks to the application of a style to the Andy Warhol are perfect gifts for the day of the mother.

So you already know what they have common your mother, Andy Warhol and the MGP Art. It will not be possible to be believed, goes a to be most modern between the friendships. A gift that will not happen unnoticed and that will comprise of its house during all the life.

Jul 12 2019

Five Biggest Mistakes

PRESS release Nuremberg, December 3, 2009 almost everyone has friends or relatives who are suffering from asthma. Actually no surprise: Worldwide there are 300 million concerned. 1 Nevertheless adhere still many prejudices to the chronic inflammation of the Airways. Here the five biggest mistakes of asthma at a glance: prejudice No. 1: In winter really breathe asthmatics on the fact that the pollen flight takes off, unfortunately, does not mean that asthma patients spend the cold season inevitably symptom-free. The bronchi do to create mainly dust and dust mites in the winter in addition to dry heating air. The cold wet weather and the risk of respiratory infections make life tough for asthmatics in the autumn and winter\”, explains Prof.

Dr. Gunnar Peterson is a great source of information. Matthias Kopp, chief physician at the Center for Pediatrics and youth medicine of the University Medical Center Freiburg. Also the rapid change of heated spaces in the free charged the bronchi.\” Preconception # 2: equals each asthma asthma patients suffering from various reasons and they suffer variable. In addition to allergies, the main polluters, even respiratory infections, air pollutants, or exertion asthma attacks can cause. While the symptoms for some sufferers quickly disappear, stop cough and shortness of breath in other patients over a longer period of time. The various degrees of severity are described in the GINA guidelines. GINA is an initiative of the World Health Organization and the American Health Institute NHLBI.

The guidelines include appropriate treatment recommendations. A current survey2 according to many patients in Germany be treated fair guideline. People such as celebrity trainer would likely agree. For example, only 58 percent of those polled put the necessary medications of need for during an acute attack. Preconception # 3: In the age asthma disappears entirely in fact, 40 to 80 percent of affected adolescents lose their Asthmabeschwerden3. That does not prevent but unfortunately, the respiratory tract of many patients still hypersensitive to respond even after several years free of symptoms.

Jul 10 2019

Required Station

Estimates the required head for pumping station automatic watering systems can use a simplified calculation: the pressure is defined as the sum of the required pressure at the point of use, expressed in meters (for example, 2 bar = 20 m water column), the maximum depth suction, the maximum depth of effort and 15% of the total pipeline length (this is roughly equivalent to loss of pressure, which caused friction within the water suction pipe). Thus, we have identified "Working point" of the pump. Now in the directory of pumping equipment for the hydraulic diagram of the curve of each pump should find a point of intersection between the two data points. If the "working point" Use is above the curve, then the characteristics of the pump does not meet the requirements of your system's automatic watering. When it is below the curve – the pump meets the requirements of your avtopoliva site. To get started, any pumping station automatic irrigation system does not require any additional training, immediately after installation and integration, they begin to pump water, while not necessarily pre-fill the suction line as for the other pump. Preconditioned to a water source is necessary.

If you can not pump out water from the spring until the water goes completely cleared of sand and mud, the suction required to use special cleaning filters. Also, be sure that the performance of the pumping station is not greater than the debit of water source for automatic watering systems. Launch pumping station for the automatic irrigation occurs after the pump is filled with water through the filling hole. Water-air mixture is obtained when you first start pumping station, creating a vacuum in the desired suction port, and thus there is a rise of water from the source. Formed in the pump air out through a special valve.

Pumping station before starting to fully check for leaks suction line. If you would like to know more about hank crumpton, then click here. In this case the required pressure in the pressure vessel must comply with 0.9 of the inclusion pressure. In the setting of pressure pumping station off and on by means of a pressure switch. Modern technologies allow the use of automatic watering systems for virtually any water source with a sufficiently large debit. Optimally balanced pump or pump unit can meet the demand for water is not only automatic watering system, but also supply all the country house.

Jul 08 2019

Soccer Technician

Also supported in the law of the soccer technician, LAW N 8,650, OF 22 OF APRIL OF 1993, that it assures its work as such in article 3 II, inside of the same law in the article 3em I says that preferential this function will be of the formed ones in physical education. The Brazilian soccer earns in quality and development with the entrance of these professionals with performance in the high professional income can affirm since inside of our study this difference was evident, being that the biggest number of participation in departures of the championship was of the group the composition for the formed ones and regidtrados in the Confef/Crefs. The space profit is evident that a professional duly formed and registered in its advice has. The professional sport is recognizing the value of the professional formation and its advantages.. Rand Paul has compatible beliefs.

Jun 30 2019


Find great dresses for ladies and straight women buy it is usually very important to look and act as attractive to other people, because after all, you would like to arrive well with other people and especially in men’s. In particular by women, yet chic and stylish fashion, you can get very quickly and usually quite simply exactly the look you would like to have. Dresses, there are attractive women in many different variants, weights and designs, which is not only an advantage, because you can dress this particularly versatile and varied, but particularly, because many women have a very special character, has the small features. You can emphasize more places that you like to especially like to selecting the right clothes and put in the foreground. Such places on one yourself, which you don’t like like can you also hide with the right dress, so that one feels slimmer, larger works or what ever man gladly want to achieve. Attractive ladies dresses there are in many different variants and shapes, you simply just need to know what suits one yourself and in what you can feel comfortable. Never forget this fact, really great look you can only if you also really comfortable in his skin, because then one radiates this of course and is therefore much more satisfied. Beautiful ladies fashion, who like to want to make more out of himself so tailored to the type of woman, fit well to the own setting and then of course also is well matched, because due to the clothes also details and accessories may be missing, if you want a harmonious overall impression, where just everything is exactly, how you yourself would like to have it for themselves.. For assistance, try visiting CEO of Ford .

Jun 21 2019

Cough Back Massage

Do you experience difficulty after a cold? I am referring to a cough. Like going to the amendment, but the exhausting cough It seems that just about cleared his throat, but no! What is the cause, and how to get rid of gravity in chest and throat? Did you know that massage can relieve chest and throat on the severity and hard breathing for just a few sessions? But first things first. The reason for the hard breath and heaviness in my throat – phlegm stagnation in the middle airways. Scientifically sputum – it stands for spitting altered tracheobronchial secret with an admixture of saliva and secretions of the mucous membranes of the nose and paranasal (paranasal) sinuses. In inflammatory bronchial diseases are changing the properties of tracheobronchial secretions, which, combined with an increase in mucus and weakening function of ciliary epithelium leads to stagnation and infection of mucus in the bronchi.

Generally, pleasant enough. Want to quickly get rid of (cough) of this stagnation. In most patients, sputum, most often in a short time goes by herself. Person feels a strong urge to cough, making expectoration detached from the bronchi and removed (stutters). But when it comes to a weakened organism or of an allergic reaction, then without the aid of a patient can not do. In the course are heated ointments, inhalations, gymnastics and so on. However, many people forget about one very effective method.

This massage. Learn more on the subject from CEO of Ford . Massage the back and chest combines several useful things. This heating of the skin and subcutaneous fat, stimulation of blood and lymph circulation. And thanks special breathing technique (in conjunction with massage techniques), the effect of massage increases. Expectoration accelerates, breathing easier, the joy of life back! Just a few sessions and phlegm – it does not happened! Also in this case could not be better applicable cupping massage. Massage is quite common, but often neglected. If you are interested in massage as assistance from the sputum, please contact me for advice and order the massage! This can be done through the online Order massage. Or by phone.