Sep 13 2016


Of these, 75% were primigestas (of first gestation); 95% had frequented the prenatal one; 48% had had normal childbirth; 52% engravidaram before the first menstruation; 56% did not use no contraceptive method; 28% used condom to the times; 16% used pill of the following day. also of this 1 million girls, 15% had the first sexual relation before the 13 years of age; 47% between 14 and 16 years; 23% between 17 and 18 years; 17% between 19 and 20 years. Me to saddest of everything it is that the girls do not engravidam for disinformation. Exactly that many important details are unaware of, know that they must be protected. They are cliente of that a son would be a great responsibility excessively pra they. However, and girl denies the possibility of engravidar and this negation is in such a way bigger in such a way lesser its age. this happens exactly for being adolescent.

They meet in a phase of the life where they believe that to possess all the answers of the world, and that they can make what to understand well without has any consequence for its acts. They forget that, at least negligence, can be pregnant. Moreover the girls still mateem a certain ingenuous romantismo. They believe that she will protect them to the love. worse, if acovardam in asking for the condom to the friend, from fear to be badly seen for it.

Quanta consideration pra citizens that in the confirmation of the pregnancy, will jump outside without second thought of the relation. The adolescents ignore the fact of that males of a precocious pregnancy they will only reach. Not loved it. Who will have that to sacrifice part of the life in favor of a baby? The woman. Who will suffer terrible to tormentosa psychological /emocionais and physicists during the gestation? The woman.