Sep 30 2016


It possesss high degree of morbidade, over all in the adolescence and frequently they initiate and they affect widely and severely the development of the individual. More focus of the attention of the professionals is each time of the area of the health (psychiatrists, nutritionists, psychologists, psicopedagogos, gastroenterologists and endocrinologistas). He is present, in the nervous anorexy, an inexplicable fear to gain weight or to become obeso, exactly being below of the weight or more intensely, a supervaluation of the corporal form as a whole or of its parts, classically described as distortion of the corporal image. They affect young, white women predominantly and is the bulimia the more common alimentary upheaval, with the laxative use. Senator From Kentucky shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The difference between sorts diminishes at the beginning in the statisticians of the adolescence.

In the men, it seems to have specific association the homossexualidade. Women in determined professions as athlete, models and dancers also seem to have increased risk of AN and BN and what it seems to explain is that in these activities a pressure bigger for attainment and maintenance of the lean body still exists (Johnson et al., 1999 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.158). They seem to be illnesses ' ' ocidentais' ' , therefore, they occur more in developed and industrialized countries (Guideline, 2000 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.158), mainly after 2 World-wide War, when a true confusion with the auto-image was created. Although already let us register the increase of cases ' ' orientais' ' with possible relation with the fact of the cultural entrance of ocidente in these countries with these references. (Lee et al., 2003 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.158). With regard to the genetics, relatives of first degree have greaters indices of these illnesses. This also occurs with monozygotic twin brothers (Kendler, 1997 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.159). Biological, these people can present a slowness of the esvaziamento of the stomach, or an alteration in the neurotransmitters.

Sep 13 2016


Of these, 75% were primigestas (of first gestation); 95% had frequented the prenatal one; 48% had had normal childbirth; 52% engravidaram before the first menstruation; 56% did not use no contraceptive method; 28% used condom to the times; 16% used pill of the following day. also of this 1 million girls, 15% had the first sexual relation before the 13 years of age; 47% between 14 and 16 years; 23% between 17 and 18 years; 17% between 19 and 20 years. Me to saddest of everything it is that the girls do not engravidam for disinformation. Exactly that many important details are unaware of, know that they must be protected. They are cliente of that a son would be a great responsibility excessively pra they. However, and girl denies the possibility of engravidar and this negation is in such a way bigger in such a way lesser its age. this happens exactly for being adolescent.

They meet in a phase of the life where they believe that to possess all the answers of the world, and that they can make what to understand well without has any consequence for its acts. They forget that, at least negligence, can be pregnant. Moreover the girls still mateem a certain ingenuous romantismo. They believe that she will protect them to the love. worse, if acovardam in asking for the condom to the friend, from fear to be badly seen for it.

Quanta consideration pra citizens that in the confirmation of the pregnancy, will jump outside without second thought of the relation. The adolescents ignore the fact of that males of a precocious pregnancy they will only reach. Not loved it. Who will have that to sacrifice part of the life in favor of a baby? The woman. Who will suffer terrible to tormentosa psychological /emocionais and physicists during the gestation? The woman.

Sep 07 2016

Spiritual Aid

By espritos, he heard voices, he was despaired, they seemed to charge me, they laugh themselves at my condition, they counted anecdotes, and more drug (morphine) took, therefore it did not want to go for ' ' shirt forte' ' , as my patients, needed to resist, needed to win the tdio, needed to be strong, to be Mr. Freud. He was what he felt, important but impotent. In silence it was, it analyzed my agony, it felt all pains without joy, but my soul was resigned. I felt me as each one of my patients. At the final moment of life in the substance, it sent you its angels, had received who me. Charles Margulis wanted to know more.

At this moment, I perceived how much all real age, was not delirious, discerning found me and extending a stretcher to me, thus they had been expressed: – Expensive brother, the Ready Aid Spiritual waits to it, your days in land had finished in this evolutiva stage, many the ones that already wait had left you, it will see to be born a new life, you that it did not understand this while still alive, now opens your heart, that the Seara of the Love, opened you the doors, therefore your heart always was come back to the supreme things, its objectives had been of louvor. Then I had the certainty that it walked supported for alive, full forces of light and that much had to learn. Happy I meet every day, my world is of peace. I bring you many flowers, sister, therefore I know how much your heart beats to mine. We live together in other lives, and it did not know to understand this force that already it brought, I censured and it in such a way, exactly thus had always my alive presence in your heart, that never the time erased. It knows this agony, today everything is victory, happy one more time in leaving my deposition, so that always alive in the heart of that as much I loved. I ask for you it divulges that it, therefore necessary if it makes that the creature human being takes knowledge of that beyond the life other commitments wait in them, and would be so simple if the Meritrios ' ' doctors of terra' ' , they only believed that cure, that one that understands the mysteries beyond the body. Another sphere exists is the spiritual, this must be studied and never menosprezada.

God in its infinite love, always touches our hearts in the hope of waking up in them for this reality. Thanks to God. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) So Paulo, 17 of October of 1991. Comment how much to the use of drug made for the comunicante spirit, it was morphine, since the same it was in terminal period of training of cancer and made use to alliviate pains. Psicografada for: Irene Fonseca