Mar 12 2012

Glass Painting

A master class in painting on the pictures is what I use when painting: 1. Paint, the outline 2. Brush and floss (if you have small pieces of painting) 3. White spirit (or spirits, depending on the type of paint) for cleaning brushes. 4. Capacity in you pour uayt-spirit/spirt. 5. Foil, performing the function of the palette (not very convenient, but nothing better for liquid paints can not think of) 6.

Cosmetic Pencil (black or light – depending on the contour) for the application preliminary drawing on those surfaces, under which you can not put a paper sketch. 7. Razor for trimming contour irregularities. 8. Cotton swabs to contain excess paint. Steps: 1. If we draw a sketch on a flat surface: Knowing the size of the glass, on which we draw, razlineem sheet of paper and sketch the desired part inflict.

If you really simplify the problem – you can print ready template from the internet – but given the size of glass. If we draw on uneven surfaces (glasses, vases, bottles): In this case, I use a cosmetic pencil, not too soft. There are also special disappearing, but I do not think they're necessary, because Kosmet. pencil easily wiped off with cotton swab after the visible parts of the application and drying circuit. If you draw directly on the surface – a difficult lesson for you, you can try and put a paper sketch into a glass, vases, bottles. Better often it is fixed in the wet state.