Jul 04 2016

Public Health

The inspectorship of Public Health wanted to know of the situation of the sanitary and of destination of the dejections. They astonish themselves reading, but the citizen in guideline had the faded one displants to dissimulate that she did not understand what they meant these things. She was necessary to esmiuar, with much constaint of part of the fiscalization, so that it, finally, admitted that waters of lavaes, is of sink, tank or bath, leaves for one reguinho crossing the yards of the neighborhood and went to poluir one corregozinho that he passes to a certain distance of the house, from where the water comes all that supplies the house and is searched by the woman in weighed cans-d' water-na-head. The bathroom properly said is a hole surrounded for four woods and a molambento black plastic, and, there the people if they hide to be emptied when they need. Crpula is little for this individual! In this point the meliante wanted to defend itself, saying that it works of eight the ten hours per day to gain the minimum wage and that the maximum that can make with the scarce revenue is the detected misery there. Nor it finishes well to speak, entered in guideline the report of special division of the Distribution of the Familiar Income.

The related division not only detected in leases abundant mount of money shunting line signals and improper application, as still it was given desvelo to track carefully, since a origin, the destination given to the revenues of our defendant. It is of estarrecer to verify that in a so rich nation in edificantes examples in the treatment with mounts of money and the public thing if it comes, at a certain moment, to come across with the oprbrio in so brazen way. Unscrupulous, sagacious, inconsequential; here it is some of the many adjectives that in them occur in the analysis of the sub-reptcios acts of who handle a polpudo minimum wage, of which some valleys had been deducted only, union dues and INSS; e, therefore hgido, robust and plenipotente and esfacela its bel pleasure.

Jul 01 2016


More easier – the higher you climb, the easier and the less load on the target muscle. Focus on the isometric contraction of muscles extensor spine (waist) that your body was firmly fixed in the correct position (the natural curvature of the spine) throughout the entire set! Lower the platen is lower, if you work an exercise for the first time. This will greatly facilitate master the technique of hyperextension, particularly at the stage of recovery of the body by bending your knees. As you get stronger, lift the rollers until until they will be flush with the seat. This optimal position where the back of the thigh muscles will work to the maximum. Trainers on the floor with a partner: first putting under your knees springy mat, knelt. Partner holds the ankles. Head, pelvis and thigh recorded on one line.

Gently lower the torso to the floor, and then also gradually go up. Application To: mid-level athletes training and higher. When: The first exercise training session dedicated to the muscles of the back thigh. Followed by hyperextension work out bending the legs and deadlift on straight legs. How many: 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. If you feel that you can do more reps, use additional burdening dumbbell or pancake on the rod). Sports muscles working at straightening? Research in the hip and flexion of the knee are important in athletics, football, rugby, baseball and hockey. The strength of these muscles is extremely important when performing various explosive lifts or jumping out of the squat position in volleyball, soccer, swimming, basketball, high jump and long.