Nov 18 2013

Accidents In The Work

70% of the labor accidents of traffic take place when going or returning to the work. One of each three mortal labor accidents was by traffic accident. Of the 264 workers passed away in labor accidents of traffic, 165 were it by accident in itinere. 70% of the labor accidents of traffic in itinere take place in the going passage. From house to the work and from the work to house is the most repeated message of the announcements, that is united to the slogan of all the campaign the security in the work begins when leaving house 14 of January of 2012. – The past year they took place in Spain more than 65,000 labor accidents of traffic with victims, which represents 10% of the total of the labor accidents with loss. Of the 65,000 accidents, 70% were accidents in itinere, that is to say, they took place when going or to return to the work and the other 30% they were in mission, accidents that take place during the work day. According to data of the National Institute of Security and Hygiene in the Work, 2010 they caused 759 mortal labor accidents, of which 264 were by traffic accident. With respect to the number of deceaseds, 264 workers were killed in labor accidents of Traffic, of which 165 took place when going or to return from work and 99 they took place during the work day. Due to the preoccupation by this type of accident, the Main directorate of Traffic begins Monday 16 of January one second informative campaign (first it the past took place in November of year) with the aim of making arrive at the population a message of prudence before the risk of suffering a labor accident when going or returning from the work.

Nov 13 2013


In such a way, the used energy substrata are a combination of lipdios and carboidratos (BACURAU, 2000). According to PASCHOAL, SHIPS & SOUZA (2002) the energy necessities are only to each athlete and must go to the meeting to its nutricionais objectives. These energy necessities must be predicted evaluating the energy expense of the carried through activities and the tax of basal metabolism. Methods as the indirect calorimetria and the water doubly marked are examples of as the energy expense can be evaluated, beyond allowing the determination of irregularities in this energy rocking. The majority of the studies with athlete demonstrates that the calrica ingestion is subestimada and that the objective of all athlete is to reach levels of corporal composition below of the health standards. Moreover, the dietary restriction cause significant damages to the corporal functions, since many times the income is affected due to a balanced feeding, since the foods are substituted by nutricionais supplements, indicated many times for technician and salesmen of the store you specify (PASCHOAL, SHIPS & SOUZA, 2002).

The training is optimum moment a fundista to initiate the changes of the diet, therefore it needs to be safe in consuming the calories adjusted for the training. Moreover, he must use the training to get used to the strategical ones of alimentary ingestion and fluids to efficiently supply the energy demand, the hidratao and the termorregulao. The athlete who does not consume enough calories can present precocious fatigue during the trainings, muscular loss of masses, increase of the risk of injuries and infections, as well as menstrual disfuno in the case of the women (BONCI, 1993). As the training increases and the conditions improve have some physiological adaptations that occur and also they can affect the energy availability (BACURAU, 2000).

Nov 07 2013

Greek Wedding

One of most beautiful weddings that can be performed, are Greek weddings, thanks to which this type of matrimonial cerebraciones dan spent a few ornaments in attention to the expression of a certain messages through symbols, where much abandons the vision of marriage as a contract between 2 people who indulge in body and soul to the otherto create a space in which the union of 2 souls occurs in a single aspect that gives way to the exchange of wedding vows is not necessary, it is considered that only get to church together as boyfriends, mean that the intention to marry and stay together for the rest of their livesIt is something very serious. All components present in this type of ceremonies have made the Greek wedding a celebration filled with beauty that has been preserved in this way since ancient times, which would fill a great experience and a fresh perspective on weddings, couples since it differs much from other types of weddings. Brandes describes an additional similar source. Within the development of Greek weddings, a few basic steps, you can find such as: Betrothal: at this moment of Greek weddings, the rings are exchanged, with the idea of creating a symbol of promise and devotion between spouses, such exchange should be repeated three times, since this number represents the Trinity and applied at the wedding is the presence of this most Holy Trinity in marriage. The coronation: the couple is crowned, act symbolizing that they will be the Kings of the family that comprise, together with the future children that arrive home. It can deploy crowns or diamonds, everything will depend on the tradition that is handled in the place where Greek weddings are celebrated. These same crowns or diamonds, also mean the acceptance of an undertaking, which will make front both to all the difficulties that may come to life. Wine: the couple must drink a glass of wine and share it, act with which symbolizes the implementation in common of all things of the life of the bride and groom. Procession: the priest must accompany the spouses both give 3 laps around the sacramental table or pedestal, act with which symbolizes the journey that these started in his life.

Blessing: then all of the above and with the configuration of the wedding ceremony, the priest removes Crown to spouses and these mentioned desires that have in their lives, accompanied by music and choirs. The feast: already after you configure all of Greek weddings, gives way to the celebration of a feast, which is very funny, to be accompanied by songs and dances, which charge much prominence. It is also common dishes on the dance floor, cracking to bring good luck to the couple. Original author and source of the article

Nov 05 2013

The Certification

Certificates are documents that gather certain data of the holder as well as your public key and are signed electronically by the certification authority using your private key. The certification authority is a particular type of provider of certification services that legitimizes, before third parties who rely on their certificates, the relationship between the identity of a user and your public key. Users confidence in the certification authority is important for the functioning of the service and justifies its employment philosophy but there is no standard procedure to demonstrate that a certification authority, deserves such a confidence. The public key and private key asymmetric cryptography is a cryptographic method that uses a pair of keys for sending messages. The two keys belong to the same person who sent the message. A key is made public and can be delivered to any person, the other key is private and the owner must save it so that nobody has access to it. Cryptographic methods, ensure that the key pair is can generate only once, so that it can be assumed that it is not possible that two people have obtained coincidentally the same key pair. If the sender uses the recipient’s public key to encrypt the message, once encrypted, only the recipient’s private key can decrypt this message, since it is the only one who knows it.

Therefore the confidentiality of sending the message is achieved, nobody except the recipient can decrypt it. If the owner of the key pair uses its private key to encrypt the message, anyone can decrypt it using your public key. In this case is get the identification and authentication of the sender, because it is known that only could have been him who used its private key (unless someone would have been able to steal it). This idea is the basis of the electronic signature. It is the certified electronic signature that gives to document their legal value as e.g.