Aug 08 2013

Aviles Psychiatry

The Spanish long-distance acknowledges to be much better mood after being incapacitated, reason why he had to be admitted to a medical center. He gave me a very big letdown by the coincidence of several negative things and my parents were very concerned about. The Asturian Yago Lamela, the best Spanish jumper of all time, has declared that doctors allowed him to leave the hospital Psychiatry Unit San Agustin de Aviles to find much better bad moment that motivated his entry in the Medical Center. He gave me a very big letdown by the coincidence of several negative things and my parents came to worry much, commented the world runner-up in length and ten years European record holder with a leap of 8.56 meters, he remained hospitalized at the hospital in St. Augustine since last day 4.

Yago Lamela has explained that this is a provisional output, since doctors have given him permission to leave his home until tomorrow, Friday, when he will have that pass a new query in the health centre to assess the State of its evolution. Lively and very communicative has shown the double world runner-up, who has acknowledged the concern which has resulted in their parents, who chose because you come to the hospital with naturalness. Lamela has thanked the good wishes and samples of love and support he has received wishing him a speedy recovery as well as the incredible treatment have been dispensed in the unit of Psychiatry that has remained hospitalized during these five days. The career of the athlete has been marked by epic performances, among them, at the world indoor Maebashi 99 where he held a vibrant duel with the Cuban Ivan Pedroso, who snatched the gold medal in the final jump of 8,62 metres, only. Lamela, who had beaten the record for Europe in room with 8,56, retired two years ago after enduring several injuries that ended his successful career sports (also was runner-up world outdoors in Seville 1999), gave the European record for long jump at the Europeans in Turin 2009 room to German Sebastien Bayer, who surpassed him with a mark of 8,71 meters. Source of the news: Lamela receives the signup after you enter on the floor of a hospital in Aviles Psychiatry