May 21 2020

Brazilians and Obesity

The corporal culture of movements for these children of pertaining to school age, carried through through playful tricks, games, is important to diagnosis some upheavals provoked for the obesidade, as the depression, anxiety and lack of social ability. (LUIZ, et al, 2005). With the development of these physical activities, if he develops a motor culture, also developing the biological and psychological resources of the children (FREIRE BAPTIST, 1991). The implantation of the corporal culture will go if of the one through these you practise of physical activities pertaining to school, the same one acquires knowledge the children to be carried through an ability and habits that will start to remain ahead until the phase or adult phase. This quality is differentiated with the evolution of the society, with this evolution the habits the times in each individual possesss for itself, where it will determine its future. This also is originated by the genetic factors, as well as illnesses passed between generation and generation as after mental, psychological childbirths, diabetes, obesidade, and as well as the ones of hereditary succession.

It is interesting, to mention that the illnesses genetically originated if spread in turn 5 for the absence of the good systems of health, that must exist in the countries or Brazilian cities or of public politics, that has as objective to guarantee the support of these in the social life. However, the health that is an controversial and important public system of the country, becomes necessary that it has an objective to guarantee the rights the gestantes, deficient mental physicists and before its birth, with medical accompaniment of its hands with vaccines and etc. for the guarantee of its welfare. For the lack of presence of the good quality in the lives of the Brazilians, France and Cruz (2007) affirm that they are necessary the accomplishment of measures capable to win these difficulties demand resulted concrete of educational politics, programs of prevention and medical assistncias and sanitary monitoring, in an integration with the politics of generation of occupation and income.