Jan 26 2015

Excellent Service Increases Customer Satisfaction

Sonal software, Sabio and Voxtron concentrate expertise Hanau, September 16, 2010 Sabio, Voxtron and sonal software at their joint stand on the be.connected take three key challenges in customer service. in Frankfurt at: multi channel communication, knowledge management and the complete view of the customer. To illustrate interested visitors, how various technologies and processes in customer service are combined with each other and support each other, have become the three companies for a joint stand (2 bc) decided at the trade fair for customer communications from 23rd to 24th September 2010 in the Forum of the Frankfurt fair. Such requests will arrive, managed efficiently and promptly processed by the right people through various channels in a service center can as an expert for the area shows Voxtron, unified communications and multi channel communication. It is irrelevant whether a customer, for example, via fax, email, phone, chat, or SMS with the Service Center in conjunction occurs. As the expertise individual employees will be structured pictured and made clearly available to all employees, this task takes to Sabio with its comprehensive systems for knowledge management. That existing knowledge is readily available and that additional information is quickly prepared and stored as new knowledge in the corresponding systems is important. To support the customer according to his individual situation, the service staff need the entire customer perspective, so a complete overview of the history of contact and all interaction points.

Also, employees in the customer service on the latest events in sales, marketing and service must be informed where it is relevant to the customer. Include also support treaties and similar agreements. For these tasks, sonal software provides the CRM and contact center solution AG-VIP SQL before. The software also includes an integrated ticketing system with workflow and supports the control of service and sales processes. In practice, transmitted via a communication solution inbound event – mail, fax, Web chat, SMS, etc.

– at the place of work and passed to the CRM software. When an incoming call to the customer via the telephone number can be identified.”explains Ralf Muhlenhover, Director of Voxtron GmbH, the beginning of a business operation. “Now the user looking for the solution to the problem in the knowledge management system. Precise knowledge allows the staff to process the call. Can the Web-based solution directly into the surface of the CRM software integrated are. “, explains Sabio’s Managing Director of Alexander Holtappels. Markus Grutzeck adds: “button the user applies the content of problem solving from the knowledge management system in an email, fax or similar, directly produced from the CRM system. This is tracked in CRM software completely, how much work time on a single operation was used. The ticket can be a Question on the phone directly to the second level support will pass or pass in excess of certain defined periods to other service levels.”

Jan 26 2015

Strapless And Sexy – Dress Buy Bandeau

A bandeau dress to find that is sexy but not cheap can be simple. If women are a new bandeau dress want to buy there are many different points, which are important for them and that for sure is by far not every model in question, but to look mostly been around for a while, until you can find exactly what you would like to have. Of course always, it is important that the cut, color, and also the other design to a even fit and look it can be. The figure should be always advantageous emphasizes a dress and caresses, so that you can feel also really it is. Also most want to work in a dress, but also a bit sexy women, without it exaggerating it, so a dress with the right accessories will be portable in the leisure as well as in the job. A nice way you might then a bandeau dress, because free shoulders not seldom considerably nicer look sexy as a deep neckline.

Just a Bolero that already has you look, the also in the Business is suitable for and where far too much skin is shown. Provided that you can wear this look is but of course, that one even this kind of bandeau dress really fits, which is the case in particular in rather slender women, have accordingly Petite shoulders. The bust size is actually rather secondary with a bandeau dress, as long as the cut on the bust size is matched, that oneself has. Here trying to easily best several variants through, so that you can find, what suits itself best to a. A little advice from a professional in these matters can be here of course only benefit, if you have the time and the way to do this. However you should look at exactly, to whom to turn for this purpose. This sexy bandeau available are dresses that can be worn jackets also on cooler days with the help of short Bolero, in any clothing store, catalogs or online shops. Meike Sauter

Jan 25 2015

SDSL-portal Of The Company Rundumdienstleister Standleitungen.de

Neutral provider comparison brings cost benefits for SDSL customers. Hof/Saale, September 10, 2010. With its new SDSL portal,, the company offers an interesting service especially for medium-sized companies, which are looking for a powerful data link Standleitungen.de from court. With SDSL Portal an independent vendor comparison and an individual examination of the technical requirements should be offered connection the customers for a SDSL. Most farms are in the course of their extended business forced to cope with a nearly daily growing volumes of data in less time. As economical and powerful alternative to an expensive leased line provides connection for medium-sized enterprises or public authorities, as well as other professional users with a high volume of data, the establishment of an SDSL.

SDSL – symmetric digital subscriber line – is a variation of ADSL, a digital fixed link, however are the same with this technology high parent meeting rates in up – and download up to 20 M bit possible. Just the high Upstreamrate is a major advantage for the companies. SDSL portal, potential users will receive comprehensive information with regard to the implementation of an appropriate connection. SDSL Portal checks for the customers are what each site to the available bandwidth and then determined the suppliers individually tailored to the customer, cheapest offering. Standleitungen.de information tools are available, which the consumer usually so not accessible here are employees of the company. Long-term partnerships in the sector of the communications industry allow the company Standleitungen.de a wide basis for negotiations, who wants to use them in the service of their customers.

For the uninitiated, it has become very difficult to overlook the have become relatively cluttered market of many SDSL provider with their various offerings. You need a lot of time and technical knowledge to the most cost effective and to find the most viable solution for the establishment of a connection. Right here, SDSL would apply portal. The experts at Standleitungen.de can look back on a nearly 16-year old experience with respect to individually tailored communication solutions for companies. An objective decision by a neutral party comparison in combination with a competent technical advice to help you get started for the customers in this area. Many years of close cooperation the employees of SDSL with different providers on the SDSL market, also allows to generate Portal price advantages for their customers. Contact: Standleitungen.de Anette wide Walter Uferstrasse 27 95028 Hof / Saale through Standleitungen.de: Standleitungen.de was founded in 1992 and now employs three locations more than 80 employees. The business focus is on consulting for data and voice products, in retail and in the business customer segment. As an innovative company in the communications industry networked Standleitungen.de customers throughout Germany and worldwide, and offers solutions with regard to effective and powerful Internet connections. Standleitungen.de saves the search on the unclear market its customers and provides the optimal products to the respective Anforderung.Als of one of the first distributors of Deutsche Telekom in the business area, the company can draw on a long experience and established competence with regard to services in the telecommunications industry Standleitungen.de.

Jan 18 2015

Record At Time Work: Industry Report 826.000 Employees

Market of the future is called Europe – the language of Bosre is a very own as you know. Cologne/Dusseldorf, September 9, 2010 – the language of the Bosre is known a very own. The term of all time highs but is anything but obscure. So is it like advantage, to give weight to a superlative. Currently, the temporary work industry takes the all time high to claim. Current calculations of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) namely exhibit about 826.000 temporary workers employed in the industry for the June 2010. This represents an increase compared to the previous month by 6.8 percent and marked the highest value ever determined, since the first Office for temporary employment in the Federal Republic was opened in 1960.

Since April 2009, the economic turning point of the development of the industry, more than 240,000 new social insurance and tariff-related jobs have been created so in temporary work what also German Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) in its opinion on the current labour market figures commented: it was the temporary work, in which many fell away in the downturn of the crisis. That now in this area employment will be rebuilt, doesn’t mean that this replaces stem workforce, but that time work as well as regular employment increasing parallel.” Nevertheless, some observers see the upturn on the labour market and thus the performance of temporary work yet with mixed feelings, is currently hardly foreseeable, how far the current boom effectively carries. Although the company don’t know at the moment how stable, indeed is the recovery of the global economy, creating employment and decreases the number of unemployed. The temporary work is responsible first and foremost”, analyzed for example, Tobias Kaiser for world online. It continues there: relaxed regulations have made temporary agency work more attractive in recent years for the company, and more companies than in the past are familiar with this form of employment. Therefore, the willingness is great temporary workers, “to deal with instead of overtime or even, as in the past, on orders to forgo.” the time work has long become everyday for most companies and established. This is no longer production workers who perform menial jobs. Temporary workers are today highly qualified and flexible.

Many engineers, technicians and skilled workers see as a constant way of the development”the use in different projects and different enterprises, confirmed staff expert Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. The figures of the IW is based on the data of the federal employment agency and write them on the basis of the survey of the Federal Association time work (BZA) and continue using the business register. This update suggests that the record of employment in the temporary work sector of July 2008, there were 823,000 temporary workers, two years is been easily exceeded. The temporary work industry is restarted so powerful and comes out clearly emerge from the crisis. The incipient 2011 free movement of workers in Europe will again support this rapid development after expert opinions and further promote the cross-border transactions in the temporary work. To the expectations of international companies and customers to satisfy, the industry must address the expansion to Europe. Plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

Jan 18 2015

The Term

When ever the opportunity arises, site owners should their customers (E.g. after a successful business or) other occasions) to ask whether they are just ready to help make the company even more interesting. For individual questioning of the customer, the contractor shall submit a prepared sheet of paper with five lines and asks the customer to record five terms and term combinations that had entered them into a search engine to search for a solution to their problem. These sheets should collect the entrepreneurs and evaluate. Thereby, they will notice that certain terms occur frequently – on paper and also on the website.

Then will be single terms, which are less often are referred to as. These can be ignored. The third and most interesting for the business results more frequently occurring terms, that the website operators would call so not make action. The customers play so their labels for goods or services, as they call it – and that can be sometimes a completely different name than previously assumed by the contractor or expected. This is the fact together, that the customers know either the product or the services offered by the company under a different name or a different name. Site offers the solution – customers enter the problem it is important to know that the website but may offer the solution to the problems of customers. Customers type but not the solution to their problem – otherwise they could solve it already without the help of the company.

Type your problem into the search engine. Entrepreneurs should so ask where the issues of customers and how they would formulate the problem. “” “” Example dog school a website for the term dog school “is optimized, however a number of customers can’t reach, if this the term dog school (not = the solution) use, but instead enter into the search engine: dog is disobedient, dog is in the corner” or dog barking too loud “(= the problem).

Jan 08 2015

Exclusive Wellness Short Holiday

Where can a nice and spend relaxing wellness break the beautiful Alpenhotel Bodele is located in the Austrian Tyrol and is headed by a family of hoteliers. A relaxing stay is guaranteed here, because the beautiful Alps in Feichten in the Kaunertal is located directly on the edge of a forest. Who has time for excursions in its wellness break, can visit the Alpine Zoo, glacier hikes or explore the beautiful city of Innsbruck. The Kaunertal 1273 metres above sea level and has much interesting to offer not only in winter but also in the summer months for tourists. The hotel is equipped with modern and has a beautiful winter garden and a lawn for sunbathing, which is equipped with Sun umbrellas. Who would not abandon the connection to the outside world, can take advantage of a free Internet station, also there is w-LAN throughout the hotel. Who wants to be pampered even outside the main meals, can do so at the hotel’s bar. There can be in the relaxing wellness break fabulous the day Revue can happen and harmoniously round off.

The food is included in the trip price half board, welcome, there is a delicious cocktail, which heralds the wellness break. Who can be happy table tennis or a mountain bike tour if you like sports like a game. You can borrow the matching bicycles are on-site for a nominal fee. Archery, billiards, football and foosball here belong to the athletic program. So it is not boring young and old even in bad weather.

Of course, also hikers come here at their expense, who does not want to go without in its wellness break on extensive walks, to one of the guided walks or even participate in a guided Glacier Tour. So the spa break is also really relaxing, you can also relax in winter in the heated outdoor pool. Who prefer something hot wants it, may be in the steam bath or sauna to the sweat bring. A relaxation room ensures the well deserved rest afterwards. The hotel also offers a Kneipp bath and an infrared cabin. Not only fans are welcome at the Alpine hotel, families with children feel at home here and are welcome guests. On the wishes of the children is not only culinary, entered through a children’s menu.

Jan 07 2015

Wellness Valentine

Wellness for two – one of the most beautiful gifts is time. Valentine’s day is the most important day in addicted to love after Christmas. “Valentine’s day it’s going to but even more the subject be in love”. It has but nothing to do with how long you knows. All love and if you still so long-lasting, it must be love with include. It is always nice to go not only young people love to see, but also older semester to seniors, which still in love look and walk hand in hand.

Unfortunately, it is often the case in our fast-moving times, forget the maintenance of relationships there are Valentine’s day among others. Sure you could argue, why just this day. I agree with you in that regard, if you say so, there must be for a specific day to maintain the love, you can do this every day. Congratulations, that’s also my opinion – but anyway: the Valentine’s Day reminds us again, to do it. He reminds us, once the time to forget and thus also all dates, the drive us. A guest (a Bayer) once said: with this want to be always successful and be, I forgot all about my relationship and my family. I have the first relationship so forgotten and at my present it soon, if I do nothing. And he has done something, together with his wife.

What more obvious than on such a day as Valentine’s day, to be close and to maintain love in loving together. Many specific wellness offers are exactly aligned. Lovingly massaged to be, surrounded by delicious scents to be having time for themselves, and for his counterpart, to dine together u.v.m is the frame in which two, who like himself, this day or this weekend to spend. An extraordinary gift is sure to give a spa day or a weekend for two, especially since we also time give it, time for common! Such a short break will deepen long-term loving connection. You feel addressed? Time to act is now!

Jan 07 2015

Maharishi Ayurveda Prevention

Maharishi Ayurveda products Europe informed the oldest health system in the world at the 4th German Wellnesstagen in Baden-Baden. From 05 to 07 February 2010 beauty, health and modern medicine revolves around at the Kongresshaus Baden-Baden. Around 150 exhibitors present updates in the areas of healthy lifestyle, nutrition, cosmetics and massages for the body and mind and give practical recommendations. The subject of Ayurveda plays a central role. Visitors are invited to get detail about the traditional health education to inform and giving new impetus to Ayurveda products Europe on stand by Maharishi for a healthy daily routine. The brand is leader in original Ayurvedic products.

Its product portfolio includes authentic nutritional supplements, controlled natural cosmetics after BDIH standard as well as harmonizing organic teas, herbal and massage oils, spices and food, books and publications. The quality and purity of the products will be carried out by independent European laboratories confirmed. Maharishi Ayurveda products Europe on the 4th German Wellnesstagen: 05 to 07 February, Kongresshaus Baden-Baden, stand no. 20, 1st floor.

Jan 05 2015

Psychologically Liberating

Focus on the implementation of actions decided. Although it seems contradictory, I recommend that psychologically free you of the result you expect. This will come to you as a result of the decisions you make now, in other words, I want you to understand that the quality of what you do in this shape the quality of your future. So you should concentrate on the current action as it is about what you have real control. Results: exercised leadership serene, freer and more creative. 5.Apatia / motivation / laziness Those emotions have the function to let you know that you are offline, that the tasks you do not have real meaning for you on the road or have ceased to be.

They can also sneak around stating that the goal to achieve or are watching too far or you require lots of time to get it. Recommendation: Learn to identify personal gains in everything you undertake. It does not mean you become a stakeholder. Simply learn to seek personal reasons that will generate the enthusiasm you need to do your homework. If the goal or achieve the final result to look very far or very hard to get, get goals achievable in the short term the sum of which take you to the end result you want. Result: Your leadership will be more energetic and enthusiastic. You'll be more motivated by achieving results in the short term even though they are small.

Project your dynamism to your team and begin to influence them in subtle ways, by example rather than words. Its function is to point you 6.Verguenza a behavior has been morally unacceptable. This is healthy because it helps to put limits on your behavior by avoiding what you do not correspond or what you have not won. However, there is what I call the "psychological embarrassment," is one that is not justified that feeling. In working life feeling inferior is projected to give instructions to your computer or, worse still, generate fear of success: you boycott you, sorry you point out, abandon your project when you are about to do and "kick" unconsciously everything you closer to victory. What happens in the background is that you are not worthy of the gifts and gifts that life has prepared for you, so it makes you attract abundance, prosperity and success into your life. Recommendation: working to strengthen your self-esteem, acceptance of yourself and expand your sense of entitlement. Results: exercised strong leadership, be more visible and be willing to take on challenges with more confidence in yourself. This will make you stand out and attract more opportunities to succeed. He who perseveres reaches. I repeat: If you need help to solve any of these situations, ask for it. Do not stay stagnant. It is the nature of a leader or any human being, suffering life. Use your emotional intelligence and expand your horizons! Leticia Barrios / Developing leadership skills and motivation Leticia Barrios helps executives with leadership positions in small and medium enterprises to develop their leadership skills and motivation to achieve results. Subscribe to electronic newsletter and Receive FREE strategies that will help you become an executive (a) with power.

Jan 01 2015


Shakira and Pique met shortly before the start of the football World Cup, South Africa on the occasion of the recording of the video for the song of the event. The athlete was involved in the shooting of the official anthem of the world and befriended the Colombian. After long months which witnessed several rumors that talked about an alleged relationship between the footballer and singer, Shakiraanuncio earlier this year in a statement his break with Antonio de la Rua, son of former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua, with whom he has maintained a relationship for eleven years. After breaking up with your partner, the Colombian has rented a house in Barcelona where, coincidentally, also lives Pique. Since his move to Barcelona he has been seen the singer and athlete together on more than one occasion. Held in early February, a common birthday from which it emerged a picture that Pique hung on his Facebook page.

It is the first picture of the two. This image has been interpreted as confirmation of a relationship that looks like a secret voices.Since his move to Barcelona he has been seen the singer and athlete together on more than one occasion. Held in early February, a common birthday from which it emerged a picture that Pique hung on his Facebook page. It is the first picture of the two. This image has been interpreted as confirmation of a relationship that looks like a secret voices.