May 28 2018

Photoand Laser Hair Removal

Struggle with excessive 'body hair' women were from Pocono centuries. In our time, the war will grow into chemical eletro-photo-laser battle. Rules of etiquette does not allow the fair sex hair in any other parts of the body except the head (the hair, we are now happy to build up, including risnitsy). Modern cosmetic grown using the boom in the area, offering more and more ways to eliminate hair. But, for some reason, not until the end of the righteousness of the effectiveness of the proposed procedures.

Let's examine the most popular cosmetic methods of hair removal (camera and laser hair removal), and analyze data more efficiently procedures. Also, find out what we all do not agree. 1) PHOTOEPILATION produced by sources of light radiation of high power. Hair pigment (melanin) that is concentrated in the rod and the hair follicle, absorbs light energy. At the same follicle (hair bulb) is destroyed due to heat exposure. Quotes from the description of the procedure in the cosmetic clinic: 'At present, photo-epilation can be regarded as the most effective and safe among all existing methods of hair removal. With this method it is possible to remove virtually all types of hair with almost any type of skin and anywhere in the body (an exception – and very light gray hair, and which can not obtain the desired result). An important advantage of other methods of hair removal should be considered as absence of allergic reactions and preserve the integrity of the skin.

May 08 2018

Net Wimax

Cadatecnologia will take care of specific sectors. In Brazil this already happens with Embratel, that it uses Wimax to complete some of its services. The technologies will be implanted in accordance with the denegocio plan of the companies, also aiming at to support the demand of the users bigger pelaexigncia of width of band. The indications for the use of the technology of the Wimax ouLTE is based on the infrastructure of the existing net. The LTE is indicated parainvestidores that already possess a structure based on nets 2G and 3G existing. Already the Wimax, for the fact to need a new infrastructure, it is maisadequado for that will need to initiate the assembly of new structures. References Marden Braga Pasinato – Engineering of Computation eInformao – UFRJ Geraldo Wodertrgh.

Motorola uses Lte to improve personal asexperincias of media. Kent Tankersley. Nokia Siemens Networks advances plus one passocom LTE through the launching of EPC in the World-wide Congress of Mvel2009 Communication Writing of the COMPUTERWORLD. Entities firm agreement to paraimpulsionar development of the LTE. Reuters U.S.A. For more specific information, check out Senator From Kentucky. Motorola wants to innovate again, now with 4G (LTE) the WiMAX and the FTTH. Info.

NETS LTE PROMISE WEB WITHOUT QUICKER WIRE. Writing Workshop of the Net. LTE – Long Term Evolution – He would be o4G. Samuel. Crazy for the LTE. Digital notebook. Ericson announces super 3G/LTE in Japan enovas solutions customizadas for operators. Amsato. LTEganha force between the operators and future threat of the WiMax. Elis Hunter. Column of the Elis Hunter. RJNET. Abel. Already it heard to speak in LTE, the new mobile technology of bandalarga. Blog of the Abel. team. LTE Long Term Evolution in Brazil. Marin Perez. Verizon speaks on plan with LTE. ITWeb LTE has potential to put into motion US$ 5 billion up to 2013. Telecomonline. E-thesis. VerizonWireless liberates specifications of devices LTE. Giulianna Oliveira Saints. LTE: the future of the band largamvel? Marin Perez.