Dec 29 2013

Gastric Band Sleeve Gastrectomy

In recent years surgery led to cure obesity has had a major rebound, all in favor of the large number of obese patients it was impossible to reach your ideal weight. All this very well and is so much so that over the past approximately 10 years they have developed different techniques in each period have been effective and have undoubtedly helped thousands of patients who have practiced, among them we can refer to: adjustable gastric banding: surgical procedure that involves placing a bracelet-shaped device at the proximal third of stomach, and has the feature of being adjustable, its results have been very good but in our experience we have seen the need to begin to withdraw in patients who have had up to three years, why? a Being an adjustable device at the time that disrupts, patients have begun to gain weight again, by being placed too near the esophagus, the major complaints of patients is the return of this food to what is in many cases to behave as reflux disease, which affects the quality of life of patients, in some cases requiring the removal of the device, to be a foreign body is always the possibility that erode the stomach , reaching the light of this, or can slide, which has brought us almost to abandon their placement. Another procedure that is very much in vogue today and is often performed very stric GA SLEEVE, O Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure being carried out for about six years around the world, involves cutting the stomach vertically, turning the stomach into a sleeve of a much smaller volume capacity of the original volume, leading to a lower intake of food volume, results in the short time that has been doing has been very good, but as in this case aforementioned already beginning to see why patients still do not meet three years after surgery and have started again to increase their weight as well to mention that there is a procedure that be little difficulty in its implementation, opportunistic surgeons to know the criteria to indicate this procedure is done without regard or respect to criteria, any obese patient passing through consultation. .

Dec 28 2013

The Heart Of The Reason

To give of himself is what moves to the people of good heart. But we must have only heart or perhaps the reason must complement it? I believe yes that. Often we thought and we want so many things, and here the important thing comes: we can do it? we will do how it? it will be in agreement with which it supposes our well-being? and many other questions that it must analyze the reason, because although can pretend absurd, is what assures our balance and tries our integral health (psychological, physical, sentimental, etc.). When one walks by the footpath of the life, conscientiously and with the good intention to make always the good, they do not lack the contrariedades and not at all good situations, that often they do damage to us, and if the reason were not kind would down bring not only our enthusiasm but also our good intentions to us. And it is more, after having sad or a little while painful past, is the reason the one that leads to us again to the encounter of our internal origin, and of removing from the deep thing what it is our base and it has supported faithful, some call principles to him, other values, but for the case it is all that mixture set that makes us be the one who we are and who we wished to be. Then, when something adverse happens in our life, we do not have to leave situation it seizes of us but rather to remove all that accumulation from support that allows us to encumbrar to us and to leave victorious, knowing us and wanting to us, as it must be.

With this I do not mean either that we do not pay attention to the whispers to the heart, in fact that is most important. I already referred it previously, is our natural essence of which it brings forth all the good one, the wonderful thing, the special thing. Reason and heart, both must always coexist for good our. Sometimes it is not thus and we realize because ” algo” good nonmarch. He is in we ourself to analyze and to give balance to that singular relation. If we wished something good, we do it. But we felt pressed and possibly attacked in our being, we must put our confidence in both: reason and heart, in order to find the best answer and solution, because after all, we must right to live or, with the joy and enthusiasm that characterizes or must characterize all human being. All we have right to being happy.

Dec 22 2013

Radiation Warnings

If you give a concise definition of the radiation, we can say that this stream waves, carrying energy. If we make a hand around a burning candle, we feel as heat. If we look at the sun, we see the light, which is also is the wave only visible to our eyes. You can give many examples of this phenomenon, so let's start from the beginning. What is an electromagnetic wave and how it occurs, we will not talk. Let's just imagine looks like the wave in the figure (). The distance between two nearest ridges called wavelength.

It is important to understand because This indicator is the determining factor for the grouping of the waves on their properties and manifestations. Thus, waves with the shortest length is called the X-rays. They opened a physicist: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (during which he received the Nobel Prize). This type of radiation has good penetrating ability, so prevalent in medicine. As you've probably heard: X-rays harmful to humans and living organisms.

And if from outer space enters this type of radiation, but because of their aforementioned ability of his little What can stop them. But the layer around the earth under the name "magnetosphere" retains many of the radiation from space. The next type of radiation in terms of wavelength is "ultraviolet radiation". This radiation is also harmful to living organisms, but most of the ultraviolet light does not pass through the Earth's ozone layer. But some of the ultraviolet light is adjacent to the light rays, and this becomes the cause of our sun.

Dec 14 2013

Beauty Secrets Of The Stars

No wonder that many of the most beautiful and famous people do their best to keep your youthful look. They work with personal trainers. They go to hair salons and rejuvenation of the best resorts. They use products for skin care exotic. And go to the best cosmetic surgeons. Cosmetic or plastic surgery can be as simple as peeling a "lunch" or participate as a full facelift.

Botox injections can eliminate "frown lines." Liposuction can reduce excess fat. You can reduce or enlarge anything! But there is a beauty secret not well known. Embellish the most sought-in the body. It provides dramatic transformations in one visit. Not require surgery. In fact, you can stay awake throughout the procedure. What is it? Cosmetic Dentistry. While plastic surgery certainly has its place, cosmetic dentistry has its own advantages.

No matter how beautiful the rest of the features are, if the teeth are ugly, no one will pay attention to others. Beautifying a smile provides instant gratification. Changes in appearance can be incredible! The smile lift "immediately improves confidence and self esteem. The recovery time is negligible. You can eat with him, smiling with him, talk to her and kiss her! Beyond appearances, dentistry cosmetics has the advantage of being able to improve health. There are many people walking around with historical dental work that endangers their oral health. Many others have used their teeth to the point that their bite is causing symptoms of "ATM" such as headaches, muscle pain, and even dizziness. top cosmetic dentists address these problems. The icing on the cake is that patients leave looking their best. Dr. Bernstein is a resident of Piedmont for a long time private practice 2 blocks from Cal Piedmont. a l is a clinical instructor in world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and his practice focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry and 5 star guest services. Dr. Bernstein can be reached at 848-SMILE (848-7645) and