Mar 24 2015


I think you will agree with me that today, people with active lifestyles, fewer than a few years ago. Partly to blame for the progress that has taught people to comfort, entertainment ‘on the couch’ and the possibility of to communicate without leaving home. And partly to blame ourselves, because allow ourselves to be lazy, and often on duty sitting at the computer or watching television, many sedentary office work. Plus, this we all hate the phenomenon of ‘tube’ on the road (where we sit without much movement). All of us are tired and nervous, is not it? A break from such surges, we believe a long lie-in on weekends or, again, the computer on the Internet.

What all this sad prelude? In addition, it is very much in the state of our health depends on the activity of our way of life. ‘No doubt! – You will say, but what can you do, life has changed. Have much to sit at the computer, drive a car and so on. ” Right. But your body, your muscles can not explain why we can not regularly go to the gym, jogging in the morning and stuff. Our muscles get tired, , enslaves. We quickly tired, nervous, sick. Go to bed exhausted, but in the morning does not feel rested. And so on again and again And the funny thing in all this is that the cause of something we know but do not want to help yourself! Yes, it does not want to! Even much too lazy to do physical exercises can help themselves.

Mar 20 2015

Foot Care

In summer time the children spend too much time in swimming pools and public changing rooms, spaces conducive to the proliferation of fungi. It is very important that children always wear flip-flops in public showers, leaving them clear not should never walk barefoot in locker rooms and in addition, in pools should be sunsets flip-flops to the edge to prevent any contagion. Before any symptoms of discomfort, we go immediately to a specialist so that you can assess the problem and catch it in time until it becomes a greater evil. In addition, we must remind children that towels and flip flops are not interchangeable, each should use yours, and thus avoid the infections that come from the spread of fungi. During the summer, visits to the beach, where children have fun playing and dragging along the sand, without worry after cleaned properly are also common. It is important to take advantage of these visits to encourage children to take walks along the sand, thus making that triggers the movement of their legs and feet, and even better, if we encourage them to chase playing with them.

In this way both we and them us beneficiariamos this while we had fun. Once leave the arena have to use sources and showers that are in a the output of the beaches with clean water thoroughly wash the child’s feet, removing all the sand that has stuck in the feet avoiding that shoe rubbing wounds may occur. At home nor should we forget the basic foot care of our son, that we must take into account both in summer and in winter. Remember that we have to pay special attention to drying, especially between fingers and is necessary, at this time more than ever, application of moisturizing creams that prevent them from future hardnesses. We must also remember that walking barefoot foot training aid, so it is very typical to scold our children walk without slippers and in fact we’re banning something that benefits them. Something obvious from this era is also the change of footwear, passing of boots, slippers or sandals girls dancers. This change can produce scratches on the feet of children since the shoe rubs directly with bare foot and may take a few days to get used. To avoid this as far as possible, should try to soften them if they are new.

If we chose to put the footwear of the previous year, it is advisable to give a layer of cream on the inside so that liners are softer and no injury. In addition, something attached to the summer is sweating and more on the feet of children, who continue to exercise and remain active despite the heat. For this reason, shoes or slippers that you choose for the summer should help perspiration and don’t always opt for the most economical option is the best. If despite these tips, shoes create gall at the feet of our son we must wash the rash with SOAP and water, look after them with an antiseptic and putting a band-aid until the healing wound. According to the letter all these tips will get to enjoy a summer of our little ones and avoid some of the problems that appear with the arrival of the heat and they can get to spoil us with our vacation.

Mar 15 2015

Youth Against Drugs Apocalypse

Many people, faced with the scourge of drug addiction, or just aware of the seriousness of what is happening in society and among young people, especially teachers of schools and universities, representatives of law enforcement agencies sympathetic to drug education. After all, his goal: to prevent slipping society to 'narcotic apocalypse, "as noted, referring to the situation in Russia, the participants in the retreat Federal Drug Control Service, held on 1 December in the -Mansiysk. Also, besides solving the problem of drug trafficking, it is very important to remove one more reason that pushes people into taking drugs. Man begins to take them to an artificial way to reclaim the joy in life, which he lost by committing offenses against family members or against society, or loss of life goals or so and not finding them, as is happening today with the youth. 'When a man discovers that makes too many malicious actions he is my executioner '- said Mr. Hubbard, an American scholar and humanist of the reasons for the degradation of man. Therefore, an important point in solving Anesthesia problems of the country members of the Movement sees the revival of spirituality and morality in society, establishing a high level of personal ethics of each person. The activities of activists' Say "NO!" Drugs, Say life 'YES', in addition to distribution of materials also includes the reading of anti-drug lectures at educational institutions of Moscow and Moscow region. The effectiveness of these lectures is that after listening to lectures Most of those who doubted whether or not to try drugs, firmly decided never to do it.

Mar 15 2015

Buy Fashion Online

Approaching the new season spring/summer 2011-2012, and there are many brands that have already released their collection of clothing, with new trends, colors and designs, however in many occasions not we can access them because they are very expensive or these big brands don’t come to our country, but you can buy Calvin Klein or Armani clothes just a click awayin this article we’ll give you some tips so that you can shop the best brands at the best prices online. Its collections are made up of basic, joint for all days and sets for special occasions (inner fashion) but you’ll also find clothing to be at home or to go to the gym.Oysho online shop also has shoes to go home, go out and go to the gym, also accessories of all kinds. Navigate through your page is very simple since you can choose by collections or search for the product you want.They also have a monthly lookbook in which you will be able see their trends and developments, as well as get styles that you propose.You can download your app for iPad or iphone and thus check their news from your mobile.Also have a blog where you can see music news, their designs, etc as to the conditions of purchase and payment you can use the following methods of payment the following means of payment: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, Affinity Card and Paypal.You can choose three options in terms of shipment.The collection in stores in 3 to 5 days from the purchase for free.To the subject of changes or refunds within 30 days you have as in a conventional store and you can do it in store or from your home. Both options are free of charge.From the website of the store online by registering you can perform all operations and know all time in what situation is your order.

Mar 09 2015

Burn More Calories

What is interval training? Interval training is a powerful tool for both novice athletes and athletes. Interval training is to alternate periods of intense activity with intervals of light activity. All of you depend for their level of training and their physical condition, for example if you are accustomed to walking for an hour, in a calm, try to walk that same hour alternating your quiet hike with quick walks, time intervals you can graduate faster according to their capacity, probably at the beginning will be only 30 seconds of fast walking 1 or 2 timesthem you will progressively increase to perform short careers for quick walks, which in turn may increase the number of intervals. If you have a chronic illness or that do not have been exercising regularly, consult your doctor before attempting any type of training at intervals. Interval training will allow you: burn more calories. You will burn more calories even if you increase intensity in just a few minutes at a time.

Improve your aerobic capacity. Its resistance will improve already that as your cardiovascular health is improving so you will be able to make longer intervals or with greater intensity. Practice exercises with intervals allows your exercise in a more entertaining way since it varies the routine and continuity. You don’t need special equipment. You simply edit your current routine.

It reduces the pain caused by exercise. Alternating periods of intense exercise with easy intervals, you will help reduce the accumulation of waste products in the muscles, that occur in the muscle during intense exercise, that are responsible for pain. A personal trainer or another expert can help you with time, the intensity and the duration of the intervals, can also include patterns of movement on the basis of your target heart rate, the ability of your heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to the muscles.