Nov 07 2013

Greek Wedding

One of most beautiful weddings that can be performed, are Greek weddings, thanks to which this type of matrimonial cerebraciones dan spent a few ornaments in attention to the expression of a certain messages through symbols, where much abandons the vision of marriage as a contract between 2 people who indulge in body and soul to the otherto create a space in which the union of 2 souls occurs in a single aspect that gives way to the exchange of wedding vows is not necessary, it is considered that only get to church together as boyfriends, mean that the intention to marry and stay together for the rest of their livesIt is something very serious. All components present in this type of ceremonies have made the Greek wedding a celebration filled with beauty that has been preserved in this way since ancient times, which would fill a great experience and a fresh perspective on weddings, couples since it differs much from other types of weddings. Brandes describes an additional similar source. Within the development of Greek weddings, a few basic steps, you can find such as: Betrothal: at this moment of Greek weddings, the rings are exchanged, with the idea of creating a symbol of promise and devotion between spouses, such exchange should be repeated three times, since this number represents the Trinity and applied at the wedding is the presence of this most Holy Trinity in marriage. The coronation: the couple is crowned, act symbolizing that they will be the Kings of the family that comprise, together with the future children that arrive home. It can deploy crowns or diamonds, everything will depend on the tradition that is handled in the place where Greek weddings are celebrated. These same crowns or diamonds, also mean the acceptance of an undertaking, which will make front both to all the difficulties that may come to life. Wine: the couple must drink a glass of wine and share it, act with which symbolizes the implementation in common of all things of the life of the bride and groom. Procession: the priest must accompany the spouses both give 3 laps around the sacramental table or pedestal, act with which symbolizes the journey that these started in his life.

Blessing: then all of the above and with the configuration of the wedding ceremony, the priest removes Crown to spouses and these mentioned desires that have in their lives, accompanied by music and choirs. The feast: already after you configure all of Greek weddings, gives way to the celebration of a feast, which is very funny, to be accompanied by songs and dances, which charge much prominence. It is also common dishes on the dance floor, cracking to bring good luck to the couple. Original author and source of the article