Nov 19 2012

Hospital Research

It stops beyond the ocupational disease and industrial accidents properly said, activity of nursing contributes of decisive form for the occurrence of illnesses related with the work. The nurses meet displayed of the etiolgico point of view to the factors of risk of physical, chemical, biological and psicossocial nature; that if they make to feel with great intensity and they justify the inclusion of the profession of nursing in the group of the desgastantes professions (CASPAR, 1997). The interpersonal relations in the health team are related by many professionals as contributivo factor for estresse deriving of the environment where if they develop the labor activities, as well as the rhythm and the requirements of services, therefore the problem of an individual to be estressado or does not conjugate the influence of the structure of the system with the form as the individual confronts the demands of the way, therefore the way of life and the activity of a person contribute to determine its health and its disease (LABRADOR; CRESPO apud LAUTERT; KEYS; MOURA, 1999, P. 421). Methodology According to Michel (2005), methodology can be defined as a way that if it traces stops to reach an objective any. It is, therefore, the form, the way to decide problems and searchs answers for the necessities and doubts.

The methodology is a way that looks the truth in a research process, or acquisition of knowledge; a way that uses scientific procedures, normatizados and accepted criteria for science. The citizens of the research had been nurses who work in the Hospital of the West, in the city of Barriers. The sample was accidental simple, composed for 5 nurses who if had made use to participate of the study through the free and informed assent. Thus, the collections of data, had obeyed some criteria for its development, therefore it was necessary to clarify on the object of the research and anonymity of the participant.