Oct 12 2015

Heated Benches

Large-format ceramic covered the u-shaped on heated benches. The ceramic parts were in the Manufactory Hilpert specially manufactured for the project in hand work and provide a hygienic and comfortable base for relaxation. Also the refined ceiling combines hygiene and comfort. On its smooth, curved surface, the condensation towards the sides runs off instead to drip on the bather or stuck in the corners and to make mottled bodies. The steam outlet is housed in a central element. Left and right is available here Kneipp hoses. Beneath the central element, the water is captured in unobtrusive way that accumulates on the ground. Ice-cold refreshment ensures effective refreshment an ice shower by Hancock.

She knows only two temperature stages: cold and freezing cold. A chiller cools the water up to 3 degrees down. Of mist ranges the lush range of individually selectable features rain waterfall scenarios. Glass walls enclosing the shower. Flickering points of light appear like sparkling ice crystals. Just as invigorating the fresh crushed ice from acts like the ice shower Ice fountain by Hancock. His temperature is just below the freezing point.

It is therefore pleasantly soft and ideal to rub off the skin so. The ceramic cladding of the fountain fresh color accents and comes also from the Fulda Manufactory Hilpert was made specially for the Bambados. Copyright: BBs tree wood team GmbH contact: tree BBs wooden team GmbH Peter Baum Nothberger Street 66 52249 Eschweiler 0240320064 press contact Martina Frenzel wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373 description of the company the company tree BBs wooden team headquartered in eschweiler, Germany. The company focus is in the production of high-quality sauna and wellness facilities for commercial and private clients.

Oct 09 2015

Sauna Accessories

Sauna hats: In the home of the sauna normal – in this country a Catcher the team at start-up-sweat nwet connects health benefits, fashion and made in Germany with their colourful collection from felted pure wool. “Sweating with style” is the motto. The sauna hats for men and women in our online shop are available sweatnwet.de as well as stores such as Amazon and DWanda. First talks with stores in wellness oases and adventure pools have been positive. You need a bit of courage to the sauna fashion already in Germany “protected” in the sauna to sit – but avant-garde know to interpret the curious looks. Appreciate the bearers and makers the benefits of felted hats: the head remains cool during each sauna session, protects the hair structure and the cold shock outdoors, which can cause sensitive head-ache, is mitigated significantly. On the back and the way home shows the headgear style and provides protection. Scandinavia, particularly Finland, is a region of origin of the sauna.

There, as well as in Russia sauna hats are tradition and be worn by children, women and men with great naturalness. Usually the models but not stylish are functional, sometimes funny. So is sweat “nwet with the shapes and colours of the collection a special accent, which goes far beyond the traditional styles or the fun caps. The natural material of hats consists of 100% pure new wool which is frisked and dyed by German manufacturers. The quality is colour and light resistant and can be – washed by hand at 30 C which will be rarely necessary because wool has self-cleaning properties. Moisture and heat, smash and wrinkles bother felt, regenerates the form remains unchanged. Only recommendation of sweat “nwet: the hat after the sauna session at home air dry.” Well thought-out details are the elastic sweat band and the hanging cord.