Oct 26 2014

Wellness Holiday

Holidaying with your family on Lake Garda and is verohnen with wellness leave especially if the summer wants to come back not so right out in Germany, many Germans yearn for a vacation on the beach. Temperatures up to than 30 degrees, sea and pools at the hotel. Just a relaxed seaside position and thereby read a book without having to think on the stresses at home. Parents can enjoy it, from the hotel Cook for himself to leave, not even having to clean and once again to the fore to their desires. In Kids Club, children can”find new friends, paint together, play games, dance and sing. General the Germans like to travel to Turkey, after Greece, Spain, Croatia and Italy.

The Garda Lake is a very popular destination in Italy itself. General information about Lake Garda, Lake Garda is the largest lake in all Italy. It lies between the Alps and the Po Valley, approx. 65 m above the sea level. The climate is very hot in the summer, the winters are dry and mild.

the average temperature of the entire year is between 13 and 15 degrees. As the Garda is a popular shopping destination, around the Lake there are numerous hotels, apartments, campsites and bed and breakfast. For the single holiday can be as well found a suitable hotel for the holiday with the whole family. Who would like to relax but should let the Lake Garda holiday in a Spa Hotel and be pampered there. Unwind and pamper massages leave the Spa, expect hot tubs and baths with rose petals. A stay in a beautiful region invites you for quiet walks, where sunrises and sunsets can be enjoyed. The spa invites to romantic hours with your partner. It’s good also the body and the soul, to a stress-free week in a new environment. A spa vacation can be as relaxing with the whole family, as alone. While you enjoy a massage of the rest of the family can his leisure even fashion. In special spa hotel there is even regular times for children of all ages and the rooms are family – and child-friendly. Holiday on Lake Garda with your family best suited for longer trips the Garda arriving by bus. Everybody has enough space for themselves and the destination is approached directly. They feel insecure in the aircraft, however, many people, especially children are often restless and babies cry. An hours drive is exhausting for the driver and who is not exactly familiar has lost also quickly. Who but arrived at Lake Garda can Marvel across the huge Lake with Palm trees, cypress trees, olive groves and lemon trees. Like a little paradise of Lake Garda and nature lovers, hikers, reflected athletes, peace seekers and family will enjoy this holiday anyway.

Oct 22 2014

Wellness Weekend

More and more people are suffering from consequences of stress of everyday life. With ever increasing pressure of work and lack of time, the need for wellness and relaxation services is increasing. Modern man seeks ways to recover quickly relax in a short time and be able to. The best solution is a spa weekend for two. The offer in the spa area is constantly increasing. The demand has been identified and many tour operators have joined a wide range of treatments developed with a hotel stay (eg, wellness weekend in Bavaria). A spa – weekend is to help you relax and come to rest. Well, as after a long vacation, is with treatments, as sought massages, baths and bathing ceremonies. The offers range from the Indian Ayurveda treatments on French Thalasso applications to South American Hot Chocolate treatment. Most of the spa – Organizers have to adapt to the customer, to several directions. Usually the first day – the day of arrival is scheduled – as a taster. Is often aAdvice on the bid and to include appropriate treatments. Then a plan is established depending on whether you prefer to walk and try yoga or prefer to visit a sauna and swim, you have the appropriate offers are available. Under the motto “the right mix makes it” can also be combined across different species. Very popular are mixtures of fitness – training and subsequent relaxation, for example, in the pool with sea water and massage. Even a trip to the sauna, followed by cooling makes your – life engine – moving again. Of course you can leave without any programming relax and just take advantage of the offers on your mood. The most important thing is that they are looking to unwind and relax on the newly acquired power and energy for everyday life.


Oct 20 2014

Sand Kolobrzeg Hotel, Spa Guests At Many Wellness Offers

Sand Kolobrzeg hotel is around 500 metres from the famous pier. Sand Kolobrzeg hotel, holidaymakers at arrival information on what they will be pampered high level in the chic Spa. Sand Kolobrzeg hotel provides with its many opportunities not only to maintain the very good reputation, but also that the regulars especially feel and many new guests alike get the best impression. Poland has a very good reputation among spa travelers. This also applies to the coastal regions. The then like to connect a health trip and spend their annual holidays every year many tourists on the Baltic Sea.

The offers at Hotel sand Kolobrzeg amaze guests, because in the 4-star hotel not only 98 are the leisure room available, but also a restaurant, a cosy cafe and a nightclub, in which revelers well can entertain themselves. But the emphasis in the design of the day. At Hotel sand Kolobrzeg leisure of wellness pur enjoy and also around the spa treatments get advice. The workout in the cardio – fitness center is particularly helpful. Here, heart-circulatory patients have possibility and to improve their health, without danger to himself. The staff at sand Kolobrzeg hotel guests with advice and support to the page. In addition, guests can use the steam room and the sauna.

It is important to adhere to the statement of therapists, because they know the burden and the benefits of wellness facilities. With the experts, all tourists can check exactly how long they should participate in what measures, so that they do not to overload and fully benefit from the therapy. But also the swimming pool, where the visitors, who have opted for the beautiful hotel in Poland, daily swim their rounds among the popular offerings. Plenty of time remains in any case for the beauty salon. Not only women here. The Lords are increasingly discovering the benefits of a cosmetic treatment. With them is however but less makeup, they get valuable tips for a healthy appearance, because the men’s skin changed over the years and looks again significantly healthier and younger with appropriate care. Are also particularly attractive manicured man hands and realized that just leaves, all guests at the chic beauty salon how that. On the website all future guests can look at pictures of the beautiful hotel on the Baltic Sea.

Oct 19 2014

Wellness Mission

Wellness-, Ambassador Michael Zankl started his second wellness mission on the first weekend in February at the 4-star Lindner Parkhotel & Spa Oberstaufen in the Bavarian Allgau. He is one of three wellness ambassadors, who were chosen out of around 80 applicants by almost 3,000 wellness fans on Facebook. Calls the Wellnessreise-Organizer beauty24 already the third year in a row to the competition. On the wellness Ambassador Blog .wellness botschafterin.de and in the social Web Zadeh reported his wellness experiences in the Allgau. Berlin, January 23, 2012. When Michael Zankl mission takes his second wellness as first male wellness Ambassador, he will enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the Allgau Alps not far from Lake Constance. In the Lindner Parkhotel & Spa Oberstaufen, also a sports programme expects the economics students from 3 to 5 February in addition to relaxation: the in-house trainer neatly put it in motion.

In addition, Michael Zankl has the opportunity to admire the Alps for a guided hike. “The most I look forward to the pool and sauna landscape, but also massages and hopefully good and great buffet”, Michael Zankl describes his anticipation. The Carinthian wants to try out the hotel from A to Z and its Wellness vacation offers many attractive experiences that he will portray his wellness fans online. With its wellness reports, he will try to assert itself against its competitors. In March 2012 who of the three wellness decides a final voting, ambassadors for a week “wellness all inclusive” with a companion in the 5-star FUSION MAIA resort in Da Nang may fly to Viet Nam in the dream holiday. The Allgau Wellness package for the wellness of Ambassador in the mountain pastures established exclusively for two persons Day Spa Suite starts for Michael Zankl of the Allgau Rosentraum: first Jacuzzi, a relaxing rose petal bath in the large partner expects him and his entourage.

Oct 19 2014

Wellness Holidays In Switzerland

Holidays are always short. So try to enjoy even a short break to get though a small but sensible vacation. Do you have a million options. Immerse yourself in crystal clear spring water, rise to the majestic peaks, and everywhere you will find a clean, crisp and refreshing alpine air. An oasis for body and soul Book accommodation in one of wellness hotels, and your vacation will become a great adventure of the senses and emotions. Immerse yourself in a wooden bath, alpine herbs and enjoy guaranteed panoramic views around, dive into a sparkling fresh snow after a hot sauna, breathe in the full breast in a clear pine forest, try to massage the fat marmot – all these diverse activities and treats guaranteed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Just sit back and Relax, let the Swiss miracle! Spa – enjoy the highest level of warm water drops drain on our skin, tickling and stroking her.

No, you’re not wandering in the rain. You are lying under the jet shower, and gentle hand massage your body. Tingling feeling on the skin divinely! Or maybe you prefer peeling procedure with the tasty aroma or reflexology foot massage? Have you ever taken a bath with rose petals? Walking on wet with dew meadow? Do hot stone massage? Immersed in a hay bath? Professional Fitness – screening? The spa complexes, Switzerland, everything is possible! Resorts and uplifting Health Care – is an art. Seven resorts engage them with a special focus is the Engadine / Scuol, where the Roman-Irish bath combines the two best European bathing tradition, Leukerbad, a spa village, which offers 250 treatments, Gstaad, with its world-class offerings for those who know a good judge, surrounded by impressive mountains in the tropics, Baden with rich mineral springs of the country, Bad Zurzach, pleasant invigorating resort “on the edge of the” Black Foresta, Vepis-Vitznau-Riga, tempting guests an individual approach to health care, and charm in the region of Fribourg. where health begins with an introduction to Gruyere cheese.

Oct 16 2014

Imyun Sapport

These include derivatives of isonicotinic acid hydrazide (isoniazid, or tubazid, ftivazid, metazid, salyuzid, etc.), ethambutol, protionamid and etionamid, pyrazinamide, cycloserine, thioacetazone (tibon) and solyutizon, sodium paraaminosalitsilat (PAS) and others, as well as antibiotics: rifampicin (rifadin, benemitsin), streptomycin, kanamycin, florimitsin (biomitsin). As usually used at the same time three, at least two anti-TB drugs over the long term (6-12 months or more) based on their tolerance and sensitivity of the mt patients. The daily dose of all medications are usually appoint at once, but etionamida, protionamida, pyrazinamide, cycloserine, and pas thioacetazone that take fractional in 2-3 doses a day after meals. Early treatment is carried out daily, and after a transition period on intermittent therapy (2-3 times per week). It is important that the treatment was regularly and constantly monitored by medical staff and hospital, and outpatient. For the prevention and elimination of side reactions apply desensitizing agents (sometimes glucocorticoids), vitamins, etc.

For profilaktikittuberkuleza (in contact with the patient, living in harsh climatic conditions, authors pridlitelnom stay special conditions). In order to enhance drug therapy for tuberculosis (disseminated, infiltrative form caseous , infiltration and collapse). When the first detection of tuberculosis medication and supplements to begin effective at the same time, if the time lost, then attach the baa no later than 3 weeks from the start of drug therapy. The first stage. ‘Popullin’ (aqueous extract of aspen 74%). Adults: 1 measuring spoon 3 times daily after meals for 30 days. Children from 4 years of age, taking into account children’s doses. The second stage. ‘Gepatosol’ for the first teaspoon 3 times a day or ‘detox’ to 1 teaspoon 3 times a day for 6 weeks. The third stage. ‘GM-Kurung’ 2 tablets 4 times a day for 1 month. The fourth stage. ‘Florenta’ Drink 1 teaspoonful 4 times a day, 6 weeks, or ‘Imyun Sapport’ of 5 ml 2 times a day for 6 weeks. Effectiveness of interventions increases if the entire course to take ‘Tea Wellness’ 2 times in Yan before dinner. For prevention of only one course per year, with a view to the treatment of 2 courses per year.

Oct 15 2014

Left Hand

Left hand – this is the hand on which the thumb of the right. Long ago, 5-6 years ago I began to notice that I have seriously tired right arm from working the mouse. Of course, I did a workout, such as: "we wrote, we wrote our fingers tired "as a child that compresses and decompresses the hands, making their rotational motion. And it helps, but not for long. Hand is still tired, and each time stronger. But over time I noticed that on the wrist I had a small outgrowth, it appears especially at the bend of the wrist inward. Try to bend your wrist if you do not have this build-up – you have luck.

Because afterwards there was a nagging pain, pressing on him was painful, shorter, he did not leave me alone. Probably all familiar with the state of stuck between the teeth of a piece of meat, he can not even stop, but if you know what he is, he will not give you peace of mind for as long as you do not take toothpick and pull it out. With me was a similar situation. This build-up does not give me rest. And the most interesting thing is that at first I did not even guess about the reason for its origin. Inspiration came when one of my Friends told me the exact same problem and he, like me, constantly working at the computer. Comparing the two facts, I concluded: cause unpleasant build-up – an ordinary computer mouse.

Oct 14 2014


The newly opened health Park Nienhausen in Gelsenkirchen offers wellness pure! The days are shorter and colder – again to go just the right time in the sauna and the Seeele to relax. There are still a positive effect on the body: who regularly visited the sauna, is well positioned against the cold and wet weather in the winter. In addition to a large sauna facilities in health newly opened December and recreation centre in Gelsenkirchen offers everything to strengthen the defence mechanisms of sensory and to prepare optimally for the cold season. “Health living and experience!” – under this motto the health Park was developed Nienhausen. The new health and holiday Centre is the ideal place where recreation, sports and health care are accessible and affordable for everyone. Here the guest will find offered all services under one roof and one hand. Relaxation can be found in Nienhausen in the sauna area with eleven saunas and a cosy sauna garden.

From there, it goes directly into the 35 C warm saltwater outdoor pool in the the one by the way health can do something. A dip in the saltwater promotes the blood circulation of the skin and inhalation of fine droplets of brine has a positive effect on the respiratory system. But also recreation and relaxation should not neglected to the optimum preparation for the winter. The pampering in the sauna and saltwater landscape invites this winter to beautiful good feel moments. The midnight saunas and forest sauna evenings (every first and third Friday of the month), there are surprises and special promotions for the guests.

For the soul and natural rejuvenation obtained pampering in the spa area. The Essen Sports Association offers the possibility to operate sports and preventive measure to ensure a healthy body with its areas of sports and health and physiotherapy. Small Gesundheitsbegeisterte in the free and wave pool or on the mini golf course in the Park can play and romp. Culinary delights lure in the gastronomy of the sauna and saltwater landscape. Events and healthy meetings can experience in the seminar centre. All listings are accessible from the new main entrance. The central entrance ensures a relaxed welcome of the guests. A shop selling swimwear, cosmetic and wellness products offers feel-good atmosphere. No matter or the sale of vouchers, booking massages but answer questions relating to the offers in the Nienhausen, the reception team cares here like to the wishes of the guests. Already launched cooperation with health insurance companies, the Protestant hospitals from Gelsenkirchen, new courses and seminars on the topics of health, nutrition and sports or a new travel mobile pitch with combined offers for the small spa directly to the RV profile the new health Park. More information under: discover experience/wellness.html contact: area Park Nienhausen GmbH Franz Dumenil field Ma RT 201 45883 Gelsenkirchen 0209-941 31 10 company description the station Park in the 70s was established in Nienhausen, offered guests swimming pool, sauna facilities, playgrounds, events and much more. But after it became clear: A new profile you need! A holistic concept which can withstand the current requirements for health, sport, nutrition and wellness, is carried out in Nienhausen since 2009. The cartographically health Park reconstruction during the ongoing operation in several steps. With the completion of the main entrance, the last phase of the construction has stopped now.

Oct 13 2014

January Wellness

Current beauty24 press release: February 14 is the sign of love, hearts and romance. Couples around the world their love with flowers and small gifts to confess on any other day in the year. But anyone who wants to surprise his lover or his sweetheart with particular attention, you will find it on beauty24.de. The wellness trip organizer has 8,000 different wellness programs in his portfolio. Romantic tip ala Valentine’s: wellness for two, for example in the private spa. Berlin, January 11, 2012. On February 14th is Valentine’s day.

This day is due to a monk from ancient times named Valentine of although it was not allowed to him, dared lovers and gave them his blessing. According to legend, Valentine’s gifted the lovers with flowers from his garden. Even today, flowers and chocolates are the most common gift for Valentine’s day. But romantic wellness days are original – and certainly also in the meaning of Valentine’s day – two. There are memorable arrangements Wellness vacation venue beauty24. Roses for you in the wellness hotel in Recklinghausen a spacious Junior Suite with separate living room and bedroom is decorated with fragrant roses and candles. The lovers can let yourself fall for an aromatic candle massage completely. The high-quality oils and vegetable fats of the massage candles wheedle and nourish the skin gently.

A buffet breakfast, candle-light-dinner, champagne, fruit and a tea time with petits fours will pamper both culinary and be served depending on the request in the room or at the Spa. In addition, the entire wellness area can be used. This fantastic offer with an overnight stay is available from 139 EUR per person. More information: go/16480032 weekend in Schonau/Rhon finally time for two: couples together enjoy a pampering bath in the couples bath tub with candlelight and a glass of sparkling wine. An aromatherapy massage in the couples massage parlor has a relaxing and soothing.

Oct 08 2014

Waltersdorfer Centre

When the body is ready for recovery after the ‘heated’ summer days, the Heiltherme directly connected sources Hotel & Spa is the first address in the Styria’s thermal region. Heart of the Springs Hotel is the springs oasis with natural swimming lake, integrated thermal pool, saunas and of course plenty of space to relax. Who loves variety, prefers the in between time and again in the directly connected healing Spa, which boasts 7 thermal water swimming pools, 12 saunas, a variety of specialty infusions and free health programs. Cycling in and around around Bad Waltersdorf active and athletes is taken into account on 200 km of marked walking and hiking trails. Or you explored a cycle path network with 140 km of well-signposted, easy and diversified cycle paths invite the Styrian Tuscany on the bike.

The Lucullus (12.6 km) tour, which follows in the footsteps of the Romans in the thermal region and part of the East Roman Wine Road starting from the bath Waltersdorfer Centre was redesigned. Here you can Quench the thirst for knowledge about the Romans in Eastern Styria. Many buschenschenken, village Inns and taverns that await you, for example, with an Eastern Styrian wine and a Lucullus delicacies plate provide sustenance.