Dec 30 2017

Paul Foster Case

Tarot: the ads warn veiled in numbers, each number has a symbolism and communicates a vibration-related individual attributes for this need to learn about numerology to be able to glimpse discern perfectly every Tarot card. To further show the connection between each natural number and each card of the Tarot by Paul Foster Case. The Loco-zero and this represents the absolute, bright light and the beginning of everything. It is pure energy, leads to the intellect and embodies the divine consciousness. This card symbolizes the pure spirit, to be no end soon to the knowledge that nothing) and what ails them. The one and the Wizard-this represents unity, initiative, originality and initiative.

It is true self-consciousness and symbolizes the leader, and will emancipated criterion, which decides on its course. This card represents the courage, the skillful and determined that recognizes who is the creator. The two-Priestess and this figure embodies the pair, responsiveness, duplication and harmony of opposites. This letter is intuition, contemplation, knowledge of the human essence; perceives, understands and balances the duality. Three and Empress, this figure represents the development, deployment and expression.

The Empress represents the fertile mother. Female force is effective and fruitful. carries out the ideas that the Priestess discovered. The four and the Emperor, this figure represents the order, registration, proportion, classification and tabulation. Represents the abstract universal order. This letter represents the father, the leading, custody, orders and shapes, is the competition, who protects and values. Five and the High Priest, this represents the mediation, fitness, activity, environment and related subjects. It is the dynamism that comes from the abstract order. This card is the union between God and man, is the spiritual guide, the institution and learning. Is that drives superior tradition. Valentine’s six-figure is harmony, proportion, balance, inspiration, harmony of opposites, reciprocity, love, polarity and accessories. This card symbolizes are complete opposites to give body and soul. It also represents free will, the definition of a trade-off north. Seven and the Car-this represents protection, security and conquest. This is the domain of mind and freedom. The Chariot represents the perseverance to conquer adversities with knowledge and be aware of who monitors their spiritual path, perceptions and the environment, leads to the duality. The eight and the Force-this represents the generation of ideas and vibration, cause and effect, care and management. The Force embodies the internal control, the advantage over your limits, fits and units, our wild side. The Hermit-nine and this figure is realization, purpose, the end of a cycle and service. The Hermit symbolizes the perfect advisor modest and service oriented. Practice of years. Ten and Wheel of Fortune, this figure embodies the splendor and power. The return to the unit-numerologically speaking: 10 = 1 +0 = 1. This card symbolizes the cycle of existence, challenges and developments gained with the experience.

Dec 28 2017

Market Drinking Water

More recently, the vast Runet a new project – 'Electronic markets drinking water and soft drinks. " In the short time that has elapsed since the start of the project, he received many good reviews, the permanent users. Our partners include companies such as 'VismLyuks', 'VTK' (Vodovoz.RU), "Aqua Maria ',' Pearl Uvinskaya, Founteyn Foods (among producers and suppliers of bottled water and beverages), the company 'Simi' and company 'Merpasa' (among suppliers and manufacturers of packaging and packaging equipment, bottling and beverages). PNP 'Emerald' (among producers and suppliers of equipment for water treatment, water filters). For whom created a resource. is of interest to companies involved in drinking and mineral water, drinks, juices, tea and coffee as well as for companies which are manufacturers and suppliers of packaging, labeling, dispensing equipment, equipment for the bottling and beverage, water treatment, as well as for companies involved in packaging, labels, nutritional supplements for beverages. According to Director General kompnii 'Andy' ( Eugene Nadobnikova: 'This combination of companies from several industries, in our view, provides the most complete picture of the structure and market situation of drinking water and beverages of cooperation of companies in the market. Thus interesting not only to consumers of drinking water, beverages, and companies related to this market. " Indeed, the portal created by a variety of tools for organization of the companies on the Internet. On a directory of companies. Thus, users have the opportunity to share information about the specific view of him, opening her card, which contains brief information about this company and its activities, contacts and business directory heading to where the kompniya presented, as well as price lists of products the company. User (company) of the resource has the ability to post ads for buying, selling their goods or rendered Ulug, placing tenders, to publish news of your company's presentation of its products.

On the portal there is an internal messaging system between users and companies. This tool helps companies to communicate with each other, promotes business links. On a daily basis can read (or get a newsletter in your email box), the latest news market, interesting articles. In the resource sector is a forum with the aims of the establishment and support of business relationships between companies and mutual assistance in solving problems encountered in professional companies, communication on professional issues. 'For five months of productive work we have been able to interest many companies, to liaise with exhibition companies and the media and, hopefully, just to help people in their work, their business, and that is our main goal. We will continue to evolve: to extend the range of services, to improve the information content of the resource, to attract more and more companies to work for ', – concluded Eugene Nadobnikov.

Dec 01 2017

Health Professionals

The objective is to evaluate the performance of the professionals of health front to the epidemic of occasions global in special the situation faced for Curitiba, taking the HC as citation. Words – Keys: Influenza, H1N1, Epidemic, Pandemic, Nursing, Hospital. The influenza A (H1N1) is an acute respiratory illness (flu), caused by the H1N1 virus. This new subtype of the influenza virus is transmitted mainly from person you person through coughing or sneezing and contact with respiratory secretions of infected people. This article has qualitative to character and its methodology was searching will be sites and manuals made available by the Ministry of health and dates gathered from the publications of the Clinical Hospital of Paran (HC) which served a reference in the treatment of marries of H1N1 in to year 2009. Goal The is you assess the global performance of health professionals against outbreak epidemic in particular the situation faced by Curitiba, taking the HC citation.