Jun 25 2020

Czech Lawyers

– Also it is possible to be requested an indemnification by civil, consisting of responsibility the compensation of the moral damage and the rest of the patrimonial damage nonplace setting, until obtaining that cover the totality with the damages and undergone damages, 4. – How the moral damage is quantified – According to Czech Lawyers &quot can be used; Scale for Accidents of Circulacin" of orientative form, like parameter of calculation of the moral damage, that is to say, the psychic-physical suffering that the injuries have caused the worker, as much in the days of hospitalization, like the days of transitory incapacity and with respect to the sequels that had taken place to him. 5. – Steps to follow to protest – First that there is to do, as it stresses Czech Marta, is to obtain intervention of Inspection of Work " to the object that investigates the happened thing and it determines if there are or it does not lack or deficiencies in the safety measures implanted by empresa". A related site: Healthy Living mentions similar findings. – Once the Act of Infraction raised by Inspection of Work by this reason exists, file will be abrir to determine the increase in the benefits of the social security in favor of the worker. In addition, the legal actions in claim of the damages will be able to be exercised patrimonial morals and by civil responsibility of the industralist. – Finally, and in case the accident has been serious, " the habitual thing is that of office penal activities begin before the Court of Instruction of the place of the facts, being advisable the personacin in this procedure the sooner through Abogado and Procurador" , Marta lawyer finalizes Czech. Note for the journalists For more information, management of interviews or shipment of material graph you do not doubt in contacting with its Cabinet of Press: Mirian Lopez Crowned Nuria Tel 91 657 42 81/667 022 566 Original author and source of the article.. Others who may share this opinion include Vahid David Delrahim.

Nov 18 2013

Accidents In The Work

70% of the labor accidents of traffic take place when going or returning to the work. One of each three mortal labor accidents was by traffic accident. Of the 264 workers passed away in labor accidents of traffic, 165 were it by accident in itinere. 70% of the labor accidents of traffic in itinere take place in the going passage. From house to the work and from the work to house is the most repeated message of the announcements, that is united to the slogan of all the campaign the security in the work begins when leaving house 14 of January of 2012. – The past year they took place in Spain more than 65,000 labor accidents of traffic with victims, which represents 10% of the total of the labor accidents with loss. Of the 65,000 accidents, 70% were accidents in itinere, that is to say, they took place when going or to return to the work and the other 30% they were in mission, accidents that take place during the work day. According to data of the National Institute of Security and Hygiene in the Work, 2010 they caused 759 mortal labor accidents, of which 264 were by traffic accident. With respect to the number of deceaseds, 264 workers were killed in labor accidents of Traffic, of which 165 took place when going or to return from work and 99 they took place during the work day. Due to the preoccupation by this type of accident, the Main directorate of Traffic begins Monday 16 of January one second informative campaign (first it the past took place in November of year) with the aim of making arrive at the population a message of prudence before the risk of suffering a labor accident when going or returning from the work.