Sep 20 2017

Birth Control Pills

Preparations intended to prevent an unwanted pregnancy are called contraceptives. Among them is a group of funds, which are synthetic female sex hormones, which are affecting natural menstrual cycle, prevent some of the physiological processes necessary for the implementation of fertilization. They are called oral or hormonal contraceptives. All drugs in this group is divided into three groups: monophasic progestin-estrogen preparations: contain two types of sex hormones (estrogens and progestins) in each tablet ratio of both components and their number are the same; two-and three-phase progestin-estrogen drugs: also contain both estrogen and progestogen, but different tablets contained in a single package of the drug contained a different number of components. This achieves more physiological (close to natural) change in concentration of sex hormones in women during the menstrual cycle.

These drugs have fewer side effects compared with monophasic, mainly due by the fact that the concentration of hormones in them is much lower. Comparable efficacy of both subgroups. monogormonalnye progestin products – contain only gestagen.Oralnye contraceptives are used not only to contraception. They are successfully used for many gynecological disorders, including endometriosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, premenstrual syndrome, and painful menstruation. Shortcomings oral contraceptives: the need to adhere strictly to the drug (Missed, and even welcome at other times of the day than usual, reducing the effectiveness), the presence of side effects (through the establishment of modern multiphase drugs side effects are minimal). It must be remembered that many of these drugs are incompatible with smoking. In addition, many of them are contraindicated for women with hypertension, tendency to thrombosis and some other diseases. The term "oral contraceptives" do not fully reflect the current state of development of this branch of pharmaceutics. The fact that the word 'oral' is understood that these drugs are taken orally in pill form. However, there are now drugs that are used by injection (one injection lasts for a few months) and in the form of capsules, which are 'sewed' under the skin and isolated the active ingredient gradually.

Sep 16 2017

Facelift For The Feet

Aesthetic foot surgery new in Germany in the United States it is already a big trend: women and men increasingly want to no longer suffer and hide their ugly feet in socks. Here go naturally affected the aesthetic foot surgery and set up their toes. But in the land of opportunity now not only pain tortured feet or feet be treated with deformities, but even fully healthy literally sometimes, even a toe on the line remains in operates in the new designer high heel sandal. We are far away in Germany to happiness. But when striking deform the toes an early intervention can be quite useful – but before it comes to pain due to osteoarthritis (arthrosis\”) or chronically inflamed corns. The entire range of aesthetic foot surgery, beauty for the feet, is offered for the first time in Germany on the Dusseldorf Ko.

Feet are unique, highly complex with 26 bones and 33 joints and have a supporting role in the truest sense of the word. The newspapers mentioned Cindy Crawford not as a source, but as a related topic. And they go on average 180,000 miles with us in life. But if feet constantly into shoes that are too narrow, too pointed or too high, they no longer play with: you react with bruising, aching ball and crooked toes. Toes nice back toe deformities corrections are in aesthetic foot specialists such as Adrian K. Wiethoff in his practice on the Dusseldorf Konigsallee routine procedures performed with local anaesthesia. It takes just under half an hour until the toe is back in form.

Bale corrections (hallux valgus) are, however, more complex. For an optimal result, sometimes even existing damage to the neighboring toes need to be corrected. This modern and in most cases joint-sparing surgical techniques are used. After two to six weeks in a Spezialschuh with a solid sole patients can then wear normal shoes. In addition to the hallux valgus, the most common foot deformity at all, can the modern foot surgery also deformities on the smaller toes (hammer toe/claw toe) discusses with often relatively small interventions, which are not only unsightly, but painful corns and inflammation cause by friction of shoes.

Sep 10 2017

Sales At Scania

Proposed Alliance despite being with one turnover in the first two quarters the Swedish company Scania, whose majority shareholder is Volkswagen AG, slowed by recent developments. The Exchange Portal informs about the numbers. Holders of Scania shares could be satisfied in recent quarters with the development of the company. So, the Swedish company increased its sales in the first half of 2011 by around 18%, which corresponds to a score of about 4.8 billion euros. The net profit rose by 30 percent. Scania is considered to be one of the biggest manufacturers of trucks in Europe and South America. In addition to other commercial vehicles such as buses, the company produces motors for ships and industrial machinery. Despite the clear successes, the company headquartered in Sodertalje, Sweden had in recent months with difficulties.

Due to rising costs and currency strains, increased income in the second quarter only by about three percent. Also supply problems reduced the success of truck manufacturer. For the A merge of his daughters of Scania and MAN is planning future Volkswagen as the majority owner. The German group so far is competitor of the Swedish manufacturer. The merger aims to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of both companies.

Sep 07 2017


Delicious jams specialties of Rigoni di Asiago, 1st March 2012. The first rays of the Spring Sun wake up craving citrus fruits in many people. Especially in the warm season, the intense flavors of Sun-drenched fruit are a fresh taste. Bitter oranges and tangerines accompany this pleasure also in the autumn and winter. Jams specialities of Rigoni di Asiago time for citrus fruits all year round. Equal to five citrus varieties, the range of FiordiFrutta fruit spreads includes: bitter orange, Tangerine, pink grapefruit, lemon and citrus mix. Did you know? Bitter oranges are also called Seville orange’ is known because they were the Spanish city of Seville named after. Bitter than other oranges are smaller and in taste.

They used almost exclusively in the production of jams, to the production of oil and to flavor dishes. So FiordiFrutta unfolds its typical taste bitter orange great for duck and other meat dishes. Be as “Easy Peeler” Mandarins in the jargon means. The sweetest fruit in the citrus varieties can be also as FiordiFrutta Mandarin easily spread on the bread. Originally, a fruit from China, tangerines, have the same name like Tangerine, Senior Adviser in the Chinese Empire. Trick or treat this decision arises with pink grapefruit do not.

With her typical citrus flavor, tastes sweet and at the same time refreshing herb. Also, the pink grapefruit is a popular breakfast fruit. FiordiFrutta pink grapefruit ensures exotic palate tickling guaranteed no splashing. Lemons come originally from the North of India. They are known for their tart fresh flavor. Whether as a household remedy against colds or as a multi-tasker in the kitchen lemon is inseparable from the budget. And with FiordiFrutta lemon earned a permanent place on the breakfast table this famous citrus. The sunny life force of Mediterranean citrus fruit is in the FiordiFrutta citrus mix. This variety is a tart sweet taste of bitter oranges, lemons, mandarins flavoured with bergamot, which makes for a distinctive flavor. All varieties of citrus family FiordiFrutta included fine pieces of fruit variety in the kitchen. They make shakes, desserts and pastries excellently as a bread spread, as well as yogurt and cottage cheese dishes, milk refining. Also as an ingredient for a fruity fresh cuisine, the FiordiFrutta citrus varieties are an asset. With FiordiFrutta lemon is a cream soup with ricotta lemon dumplings gaining sophistication. Turkey cheese rolls with FiordiFrutta Mandarin a fruity touch. Extensive recipe material is available directly from Rigoni di Asiago,. Pure nature products are gentle processing of whole fruit FiordiFrutta fruit spreads. All processed fruits come from organic farming. A specially designed low temperature process ensures the processing to maintain a high level of nutrients and vitamins. The fruits be stirred at 25 degrees Celsius cold and finally just pasteurized in the glass. Rigoni di Asiago sweetens FiordiFrutta exclusively with the pure fruit sweetness of organic apples. Just nutrition-conscious consumers benefit from the advantages over conventional, jam sweetened with refined sugar and jams.

Sep 04 2017

Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

Well, for the impatient, defaulters, the bungling and the weak there is one last hope and last test: Maintaining ideal weight is not always easy, because not all fit the requirement of calculating calories continuously introduced to keep forever correspondence between them and the organizational requirements, although the number of allowed daily calories is high and allows greater flexibility in the daily distribution of food. However, always required the continued references to the table of calories in order to avoid past mistakes and regain lost weight and price of many sacrifices. Therefore, thinking of those who believe that too boring and heavy work, you have the opportunity to follow the diet coupled, which eliminates the many drawbacks of a calorie-controlled diet and allows greater freedom of choice. Which is it? O is often the problem is very specific weight. Obese subjects is "soft" looking for a fast weight loss, for reasons: Sports (when they should stick to a weight in response to a category: boxing, judo, jumpers, fighters), professionals (dancers, models, jockeys, actors), Social (gala dinner); Economic and clothing (clothing that has been too narrow). When the reason for the desire to lose weight is established, before leaving the subject commits follies, run unnecessary risks of depletion of water reservoirs (diuretics, saunas) or undergo a radical diet and detrimental to their psychosomatic balance should be invoked for two or three days, on vitamin and mineral coverage (green beans), a contribution of 1.5 g protein / kg. at the usual time of meals, with a minimum of half a liter of water at every meal. .

Aug 03 2017

Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise Sport

The real benefits of aerobic exercise are achieved by increasing your heart rate and breathing hard for an extended period of time. During this aerobic activity your body produces more energy and delivers more oxygen to muscles. Your heart beats faster and increases blood flow to the muscles and then back to your lungs. Aerobic means "with oxygen" and your body's aerobic system is your heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles. The benefit of aerobic exercise is based on how your body can supply oxygen to the muscles and used to produce energy. Regular aerobic exercise to increase their ability to capture and transport oxygen and improves aerobic capacity. A good aerobic exercise program can help you live a long and healthy life and improve their welfare.

You get a multitude of benefits if you do your aerobic workout on a regular basis, even if the intensity is low or short duration. It's fun to keep track of your workouts to monitor progress to see how far they have come in their quest for fitness. The bottom line is to begin an aerobic workout that you enjoy and hope to do on a consistent basis. Aerobic activity is fun and does not require much concentration. In recent months, Gunnar Peterson has been very successful. So listening to music, watching TV or listening to tapes of education, while it is performing aerobic exercise program. Aerobic exercises to feel better about yourself so you can enjoy life more. Improve your mood, strengthens the heart muscle, helps keep your weight and may even lower your blood sugar.

This can help increase your endurance and help you manage stress. A session of aerobic activity can help you relax after a stressful day at work. It may even improve sexual performance. Source: Mylan. If you maintain a regular exercise program as we age, muscles strong and help maintain prevent fractures and falls. This will help you remain independent and in their own time. People involved in the exercise and cardiovascular fitness appear to live longer than those who do not. Aerobic activity comes in many forms and can benefit from the time you spend in them. The benefits of aerobic exercise is good for your body and mind and will help you live longer, stay healthy and feel good. Copyright E 2005 Treadmill All rights reserved. This article is supplied by you will find valuable information, ratings, comments, articles and buying tips before making investment in quality fitness equipment. For more fitness related articles go to:

Jul 28 2017

Cardiovascular Exercises

In order to grow muscles they must recover totally of its last training, of each exercise. If on-you are training and you work muscles before they have recovered completely, you will break the muscular weave before has been reconstructed, making impossible that the muscle is developed! On-to train with weights returns more susceptible you to hormones from the nervous system and to problems from the immune system, which represent serious health hazards. Mark Fields usually is spot on. It can take to nascent by the evil the way, to perhaps throw its money in unnecessary supplements, or worse still, steroids. Personally I believe that only the competitive athletes such as the swimmers, the runners and the cyclists run a serious risk of reaching a state of on-training by cardiovascular exercises, since often they train two either the more hours to the day. Mylan contains valuable tech resources. In conclusion, it is much more easy that the person average on-trains while trains with weights that when it trains with cardiovascular exercises, in addition I believe that the effects can be more serious. How I determine If On-I am training? To determine if at the moment on-you are training is quite simple.

If you are intoned with your body often you can see the signals of on-training before they become serious. If you are losing the interest in the exercises, you have problems to sleep, you feel weak and irritable, it is probable that you are in a on-training state and must take one week or more of rest. If you are experiencing two or more of the symptoms described previously in the article, this must raise your red flag. Another variable that you can use to determine if on-you are training is taking a registry of your performance in each training. Your physical performance has improved you compare when it with your last training? For example, we say that in your last exercise you could realise 8 dominated using your corporal weight, but you only could do 6 dominated the following week.

Mar 12 2017

Do You Have Metabolic Syndrome ?

If you eat in an unbalanced way, with low intake of fruits and vegetables are high in fat and sugars, and also have sedentary habits, ie, low physical activity and movement, spend many hours sitting / o, etc, can reach OBS: Sedentary metabolic syndrome, as dangerous to health. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor nutrition, generates the SM, which combines various symptoms … Overweight and obesity (especially in the abdomen), high blood pressure or hypertension, adult-onset diabetes (high sugar), triglycerides (fats) with high levels, good cholesterol (HDL), low. How can you prevent this syndrome so dangerous?: With the implementation of two factors: * Eat a balanced diet with quantity, quality and variety of nutrients by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, seeds, and limiting intake of sweets, animal fats, white flour, alcohol. * Make physical activity: so it’s walking, playing sports, or everyday activities like mowing the lawn, cleaning, etc.Evitar TV, the sitting for hours … With balanced daily diet, the arteries kept under conditions, oxygenation and blood purity, you will be with energy, detoxify your body more easily …

Physical activity, managing to keep the heart healthy, toned muscles, strong bones, and be more optimistic and vital. The treatment of metabolic syndrome is to treat other underlying disease. So if you have diabetes, hyperinsulinemia, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, you must be under the care of a physician and receive appropriate treatment. Exercise and weight loss are useful measures to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In some treatments can be given drugs to treat metabolic syndrome, but doctors recommend changes in lifestyle, such as following a balanced diet, avoid sweets and candies, limiting fat intake, stopping smoking and reducing consumption drinks alcoholic.

Mar 08 2017

Psychological Manipulation

One of the enemies greater than the human being can have is the fear and constantly we must face it and to surpass it, when we are undertaking a new project is normal that the negative ideas of failure begin to arrive, this passes because for many years we have exposed ourselves to the negative information, you you can notice how it catches the attention the news sensationalists, nevertheless true histories of success do not catch much attention, although it is possible to stand out that it is not in all the cases. From small we have undergone the restrictions, does not touch , is not , here this is only for adults , that is bad etc. When these prohibitions are based on reasonable criteria is to include/understand that they have a logic and is something normal and adapted, the problem is that many unfounded insecurities and fears also are appearing in our life, perhaps consciously we do not notice it but the fact to enter a familiar contradiction can be a good reason not to achieve an objective. So that you can obtain his goals with greater facility it is necessary to clean its inner route, then it must make sure that its idea of change is free of fastenings such as: completely opposed information, fear on the basis of opinions, bad associations, etc. In the book Modifying Our System of Beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar is all the internal restrictions that an objective can have, the form in which that information was internalised and most important how to undo us of those barriers that are in our subconscious mind, when reading this book you will understand which you are the true sense of the freedom and will know that the unique form to accede to its inner power is being freed of all those fastenings that per years have affected their life. Whenever you form part of an association or group of any nature always is important to analyze if the lines of thought are coincident in the most transcendental aspects of their life, by all means that will be divergences in many things, which is norm, which must avoid is that divergence becomes in a feeling of fault with respect to which you wish to realise because yes that happens then it is delaying in remarkable form the materialization of its dream. Many people cannot find the light of the truth because there are some who are in charge to manipulate them psychologically she burdens and it of this she is that many ideas are totally absurd, but is some creates that them and the result is that its life is atrophied in certain areas. Before taking a certain information as it analyzes the arguments in detail, she is an investigating person and critical, where it has doubts looks for the answers laboriously, in the book Modifying Our System of Beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar exemplifies the form to obtain conclusions based on the truth and on where it is? It is in his interior, which perfectly is connected with the creative energy, if it looks for answers in the spiritual forces then sees the light, will begin to include/understand the universe and will know how the power works and without a doubt will take that it to its life..

Mar 03 2017

Healthy Weight Loss

No matter how much weight you want to lose, it is always useful to know some tricks to lose weight healthily and permanently. When you understand these simple guidelines, you’ll be closer to reaching your goal. The tips that follow have been proven by many people, no matter what type of weight problems had. If you follow these tips you aumentaras the likelihood of staying with a slim body for a long time. When you try to lose weight healthily, it is important that you do consistently and focused. If you do so, the consequences can be disastrous. If you don’t have the right approach, input in a cycle of win and lose weight at random, and at the end you will discover that you weights more than at the beginning of your efforts. Follow these two simple tips for long-lasting results: 1. Continue to learn more with: celebrity trainer.

focus on your actions, not on your weight. You should focus on your physical appearance, specifically in your measurements, rather than weigh yourself obsessively. If you don’t do this you can frustrate you at the beginning not to experience any loss of weight. During your first week probably you lose enough weight, but it is almost all water, after that your progress will decrease. It must also take into account that muscle weighs more than fat, and if you start exercising develop more muscle. This is not paying close attention to the scale during the first weeks of your progress. 2. Do not be fooled by diets that are fashionable.

In the same way in which you must focus on your actions and not your weight, you should also avoid all kinds of magical dita that is fashionable and instead follow a balanced diet. This is extremely important because it keeps you focused mind and avoid falling into a vicious circle. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read. Now Click here.