Apr 20 2018

Gray Panthers

The new album of the Amigos – In the heart young by “Best agers” is increasingly the speech of the generation 50plus, the Gray Panthers must be young to compete? Who is old no longer socially acceptable? The Amigos is everyone welcome, no matter how many years he is one. Because it is important that one remains young in the heart and love has preserved the ability to pleasure and friendship to give and the moment to enjoy. Young with her current album CD In the heart”the Amigos of the unworthy discussion about ageing and youth obsession holding up a mirror, by them, following the tradition of Amigos, stories from the life. CEO Ford Motor Co. is often quoted on this topic. Their songs are looked up life. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jim Hackett. An inexhaustible fund. With simple words and just about so compellingly honest and touching.

Romantic, yearning, hoping, mourning and the inevitable course of of life paying tribute. “Tell the legend of the Blue Lagoon”, to admit sometimes I’m like at home”, sing with you’re the love of my life” the Ageless love and never forget: “at some point you’re the old guy”. Only, who himself has led a life with all the ups and downs to know true stories. The Amigos look back on a busy family life. Here in the heart of the young remain. Because they have done everything that Bernd and Karl-Heinz have made so far, with joy and conviction, and with the solidarity of the family.

With their private concerns, joys, hopes, and hardships many in everyday life are left. The not see do, not wanting the not listen to is whether young or old with a fat bank account, or from more modest backgrounds a quite usual behavior of today’s society, regardless. “One can easily summarize this widespread attitude with the words: that’s their thing”. “But who are because here you are these their”?

Apr 14 2018

Internet Communication

This study of field it has as objective generality to analyze the perception of the users of social nets of the Internet how much to its use, for the companies, as strategy of communication with the consumers. The people are, each time more, migrando its social lives for the net, making with that the looks are in this space. Ahead of this scene, the social nets appear as an emergent way of communication with the consumers. The proportionate interatividade for these tools modified the behavior of the consuming contemporary, who left of being a passive element to participate actively of the communication process. In this way, the specific objectives of the present study had been: to present the characteristics of the main sites of social nets of the Internet, to evaluate strategies of communication used by companies through social nets and as these strategies attract the consumer and to identify the perception of the consumers how much to the strategies of communication adopted by the organizations. It stops the reach of the objectives had been used research of qualitative character and quantitative, of descriptive matrix, with techniques of collection of data of comment, interviews in depth and questionnaires, that had been applied to the one show of 150 users of social nets. Analyzing the gotten data, it was identified that the companies are using the social nets to divulge messages advertising executives and to keep a relationship with its consumers. In general way, the participants of the research consider the messages displayed in attractive social nets and elaborated well by the companies. However, one perceived that the messages that more influence the users are those that leave of the friends who they possess in the social nets. From the results, he concluded himself that the social nets of the Internet represent a chance of business for the companies, over all, as for the information generated in the net by means of the messages changed between users of social nets.

Apr 14 2018

Natural Ingredients In Cosmetics

Arriving at the cosmetic shop, you'll often sharpens its focus on the composition of funds, which want to buy. Although not always consistent with what is really in a tube of cream or lotion to get acquainted with components will not be superfluous. In any case, you'll know the priority components of the product. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tiffany Espensen is the place to go. Particular attention should be paid to substances of natural origin. Today, only they can provide effective positive effect. Otherwise, the result of the use of cosmetics can be disastrous: immediate allergic reactions to chemical components or purulent rash. Often, their treatment goes much more time than it might seem. And sometimes to cope with them and even impossible.

You can certainly sue the manufacturer and ask for their money for a broken appearance and deterioration of morale, but his return health will not be so easy. Well, when the company does not hide data on the composition of the product and openly says so. This is a cosmetic company and DeSheli. The structure consists of components such as cucumbers, Chamomile, Celandine, olive oil, bearberry, Dead Sea minerals, wormwood, licorice root, propolis, calendula, wheat germ oil, aloe, and many other well-known plants. Do not these components would you like to see in her makeup? This line can be one hundred percent of Israeli trust. Check with Cindy Crawford to learn more. Its production plant Hlavin prove the quality of its products for decades. Women, at least something to understand cosmetics appreciate the Israeli cosmetics. Many components used in it are themselves a whole storehouse of nutrients.

No exception was plant and ginseng. It contains essential oils, sugar and starch, and enzymes, and B vitamins are necessary in cosmetology and it contains the following trace elements: iron, phosphorus, sulfur, manganese, cobalt and copper. All of them are involved in improving skin texture. Not for nothing ginseng plant so highly prized in China and was equal to the value of gold. The primary objective of this plant is considered to be an effective skin rejuvenation. This is due to active feeding and hydration is absolutely all the layers of fabric. Ginseng also has a tonic, stimulant and immunomodulatory properties. It takes an active part in dividing cells of the upper layer of skin – the epidermis, which begins with the age to do so much slower. This process occurs due to this constituting ginseng as glycosides. The active participation of the plant takes in the synthesis of collagen. Due to its unique properties, ginseng is used in many Israeli media line DeSheli: cleansing milk, herbal tonic, herbal cream, Night, cleansing lotion, toner control, Nourishing Night Cream. It should be noted immediately that the use of ginseng, the dose is very important that used in the manufacture of cosmetics and age of its customers. Company DeSheli carefully considered this factor. The result was two sets of Crystal youth pro age cosmetic sets for young girls and Crystal youth anti age cosmetic set for women after 35 years. Flower ginseng is used not only in cosmetics but also in medicine. And in the second case, a plant used beginning much earlier, in the form of waking, stress relieving, stimulating the brain and rejuvenator. And each of the components of elite cosmetics DeSheli has no less important properties. Acquainted closer with this cosmetic product, you will realize how valuable it would be in the coming decades. Source:

Apr 12 2018


Problem Doctors physiotherapists – to help people prevent complications and quicker recovery. In the early stages of colds primary means of controlling the disease are microbicides. One such funds is CUF – short-wave ultraviolet radiation. Quite literally a few minutes of exposure of the nasopharynx and pharynx to killing microorganisms that cause disease, besides the expense of ultraviolet irradiation improves blood supply to the affected area and all the waste products of microorganisms more rapidly cleared from the body. Tiffany Espensen has plenty of information regarding this issue. Darsonvalization known to all as a cosmetic procedure promotes healing and rejuvenation of the skin and improve the structure of hair, but that it is due to its bactericidal properties, is also a wonderful way to treat colds, unfortunately, few know. When colds a so-called local darsonvalization when the action of the spark discharge midrange currents directed into the nasal passages or ear canal. Spark calls shells, the destruction of microorganisms and their death. This effect is enhanced evolved when local Darsonvalization nitrogen oxides and ozone. Jim Hackett can provide more clarity in the matter.

Probably not someone who would once in your life did not inhale, or, as they are called This method of treatment, aerozoleterapiyu. Inhalation therapy is very effective and at the same time gentle, soft way to fight colds. Firstly, it, like the laser, there is no contraindication. Secondly, Inhalation therapy – a method of direct hit right on target. Inhalation drug substance goes directly to the mucous membrane, acting directly on the inflammatory, bypassing the liver and relieving our body from unnecessary exposure of drugs.

Apr 12 2018

Bath Rules

The main rule of a bath – in front of her visit to correctly select and thoroughly prepare a broom. The most popular broom for a bath – a birch. It is ideally suitable for women, because perfectly cleanses the skin, promotes wound healing and blood vessels. In birch leaves contain vitamins C, A and essential oils nourish and moisturize the skin. Birch broom has a calming effect, after it breathe freely and easily.

Oak broom has both bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, the skin becomes opaque and firm. High blood pressure a broom to help calm the nervous system. In addition, he , it lacks a 2-3 campaign in the bath. Coniferous broom (juniper, fir) for thrill-seekers. for 10 minutes in boiling water to make it softer.

Has an excellent massaging effect and helps with radiculitis and pain in the spine. Needle punctures have a calming effect on the nervous system. Ash broom carries a charge of vivacity and energy. He has a strong tonic effect. Using a broom, observe the three main rules: Broom necessary periodically moistened with warm water. (A valuable related resource: Jim Hackett). In pair is important, not force, but the softness and smoothness of movements. Touch the body lightly with a broom. The hotter the steam room, so caution is necessary soared by a broom.

Mar 15 2018


However, this method was evaluated by former students have extremely negative ("stupor school", "fear" and opposite reaction, which indicates a student working at the school – "it did not work, because they began to talk louder "). Apparently, the sound effects in our schools is dominated – in addition to crying, the teachers love to beat pointer (line) in the party. There are also cases of battering ("pushed in the back latecomers, took over the neck of the sweater and threw back, "a textbook hit on the head", etc. – 4 cases). By – teachers still resort to the director (though not so often – 3 cases), causing parents to school (3 cases). Students recalled the situation of verbal abuse by teachers, humiliation, ridicule (3 people).

Authoritarian style of communication also indicates students, but they are deeply convinced that the established way discipline is maintained by fear, reflected negatively on the wellbeing of children. Cases exhibiting twos for the behavior ("just because of the weakness svogo character can be used," "outrages will be even more") blog entries, removal from class. It should be noted that most respondents are convinced that the solution to the problem of discipline is directly related to the growth of professional skills of teachers. Highly rated knowledge of their subject matter, methods of its teaching (presentation of fascination, attraction of additional materials, a variety of activities in the classroom, multilevel set that will allow everyone to take Child, energetic pace of the lesson, etc. – 17 people).

Respondents also noted the positive impact on the discipline of holding a teacher, a friendly attitude towards students. Also indicated the diversity of extracurricular activities that contributed to the creation of a favorable psychological climate in school, helps students and teachers to better know and understand each other, to appreciate the interaction (6 people). In the analysis of student strikes diversity of teachers employed "repressive" methods of discipline. As research shows, schools are not given due attention to the prevention of violations of discipline, the age and individual characteristics of children.

Mar 10 2018

Achieve Healthy Weight Loss

All areas of our body requires protein, consequently, our health directly depends on the diet with high protein. Protein diets that have a level healthy and sound, are excellent for keeping us free appetizers or suffer hunger continuously. The body absorbs the high proteins and sends a notice to the brain and thus, prevents you feel desire to eat or succumb to the temptation of eating unnecessary calories. As we know, the basal metabolism or resting, keep our system running 24 hours a day, every day, put it another way, we need to breathe, the heart must fulfil its role constantly, even when we sleep. CEO Ford Motor Co. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The diet with protein activates our metabolism and apart from performing these functions, helps maintain muscle mass and burn calories, even without performing intense physical activity. Muscle mass decreases with the passage of time and if we are not physically active, what will happen is that we acumularemos harmful fat and we will feel weak and with low energy this is one of the reasons why the diet with high protein is excellent to keep our metabolism at optimum levels. Another advantage of protein diets is that they reduce the speed with which the level of insulin and blood glucose rise and fall. Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes shines more light on the discussion. When you feel anxiety by something sweet or carb, means that their intake of protein is deficient and its body to this claiming that proteins, however, make the mistake of identifying it as hunger or fatigue.

Generally when our diet of proteins is deficient, we increase weight due to the consumption of excess empty calories. Then, we turned to a diet to lose weight. Choose foods to lose weight healthy, there are also differences in these, because some contain levels more protein than other high. Among more recommended, known as food for high cholesterol, vegetable proteins of the soy beans are, and these are in juices for cholesterol elaborated based on these proteins..

Mar 06 2018


When a person who suffers from hypoglycemia, eat candy, pancreas begins to throw out insulin, lowering blood sugar levels and depleting reserves of glycogen (a source of readily available energy) in the liver. With a decrease in liver glycogen stores are beginning to send a signal to the brain looking for help – and "suddenly" appears in gipoglikogenika strong desire to eat something sweet. When sugar enters the body again, the cycle repeats. Sugar in the form of glucose supplies the energy of the whole body, so his lack of may weaken any body, especially the brain, which needs glucose to function properly. The widespread and excessive use of sugar in our time – is the primary cause of many mental and emotional disorders. Food, cooling the body of sugar and proteins are always working together. Sugar leads to a preponderance of proteins and cools the body, making him tired, leads to a lack of energy, creates a thirst for meat. Sugar also cools the sexual desire, sexual ability decreases, leading to frigidity, impotence and sterility.

Thief nutrients worst effect of sugar in the fact that he steals from us the vital nutrients. He takes calcium and other minerals, depletes proteins, leading to leaching of vitamins such as vitamin B1, which leads to the spread of caries, causes osteoporosis, a painful destruction Bone is one of the true causes of rickets. Even the poorest people buy sugary foods with sugar, and then complain about the lack of money. It is in the same time, the loss of money and loss of nutrients, but the damage to the body significantly greater than for the purse.

Mar 02 2018

Multifactorial Disease Picture

Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich, Germany informs the pine is the most complex joint of the people. A functional misalignment of the jaw system within the framework of a Cranio mandibular dysfunction (CMD) generated a multicausal illness reported that the Munich specialist for SOT chiropractic practitioner Wolfgang Scholz. Chopping food under everyday conditions accompanied by a continuous load of the pine system of jaw muscles, TMJ and teeth due to pressure of approximately 100 kilograms. The complex structure of the jaw is able to muster such forces permanently and without adverse effects on the human organism and to compensate. Hear other arguments on the topic with Cindy Crawford. Even higher powers, as it can be triggered by convulsive muscle contractions of epileptic, not jeopardize the healthy functioning of the jaw. Other leaders such as Charles Margulis offer similar insights. Misalignment interrupted the natural cooperation of the system from upper and lower jaw, called dysfunction (CMD) a Cranio mandibular. A such Disorder creates reciprocal relationships symptoms throughout the body and leads to the strong impact of the well-being of affected people. The Cranio mandibular dysfunction is not easy to recognize, for a variety of symptoms obscures the views of the disease-causing problems in the jaw.

A cracking of the jaw when chewing or opening the mouth can serve as an indicator of a CMD the attentive patient or therapist. Also unusual uses of the apparatus, for example unilateral use of the jaw to chew, the crunch or clenching of the teeth, a characteristic of the disease are called parametric function. Mostly the relatively inconspicuous signs of Cranio mandibular associated dysfunction with illness in other areas of the body, which attract more attention. Chronic pain of the back, neck, head and face are possible consequences of CMD. This also applies to tinnitus, muscle tension and bite damage, and periodontitis, the by the para functions mentioned should be favored.

On the basis of mutual relationships between the various systems of the body, the disease can also exert a harmful influence on the musculoskeletal system, as well as the posture and cause corresponding secondary diseases. Many patients with a Cranio mandibular dysfunction is the actual disease often only after an extensive medical history correctly diagnosed. Focusing on the symptom treatment is able to reduce their symptoms temporarily, not however, contribute to the cure of Cranio mandibular dysfunction. Only when a CMD as the cause of the disease is diagnosed, a lasting effect therapy is possible. In the diagnosis and treatment of Cranio mandibular professional SOT chiropractic dysfunctions is extremely powerful. The perspective of this form of therapy focused basically on the interaction of body systems is instrumental to make a comprehensive investigation of causes of disease and, where appropriate, the Cranio mandibular dysfunction as a symptom-inducing factor to identify. The chiropractic therapy effectively addresses a CMD with a low number of justierender treatment pulses on the lower jaw. The experience required for a successful chiropractic treatment of CMD and expertise acquired the Munich-based naturopath Wolfgang Scholz in many years of practical work and further education. Like the specialist for the gentle SOT chiropractic questions further to the Cranio mandibular dysfunction and the ways of chiropractic therapies.

Feb 27 2018

Bodbybuilders and “Unhealthy Diets”

Junior athletic schools often turn to a special diet for bodybuilders, coupled with training to get a quick and noticeable results, and it is to lose weight and build muscle. This diet includes a complex carbohydrate (such as oatmeal) and lean proteins (chicken, tuna, egg whites, brown rice and bananas). This diet is necessarily accompanied by a weight lifting workouts and active, so it's called a diet for bodybuilders. Do not drive the extra weight with it is simply impossible. However, despite the fact that the athletes themselves are happy with the results, specialists, nutritionists say that a low carbohydrate diet may adversely impact on health. Cutting calorie foods and lack of vitamins in combination with a resistive load on the body in the long run, counterproductive consequences. Products that are part of the diet, not contain enough vitamin B12, C, as well as zinc, copper and magnesium. Jim Hackett understands that this is vital information. Receiving instead a lot of protein, fat, literally in front of "peel off" from the muscles, making them more prominent.

But at the same time there are problems with the liver, kidneys and heart, largely because they receive the minimum amount of calories for their work, or not at all dopoluchayut them, and the burden on them and "demands" to the body metabolism (due to large loads again) very high. Many coaches agree that bodybuilders just look very strong. And for an impressive appearance as the time and lie all these problems. In the end, with an immoderate pursuit of muscle mass work back mechanism. In case of lack of carbohydrate and fat exhaustion "stocks", the body begins to "burn" the muscles themselves. We have to admit that even in such an aggressive and demanding sport, like bodybuilding, moderation also important when it comes to maintaining health. Therefore, nutritionists recommend this diet to add more variety of food, which at the same time is "within" the basic requirements of diet – lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and just watch for the balance of vitamins.