May 28 2021

Quick Help With Pain

A sudden movement, and already it has savaged the back. Then quick help is needed, because the pain can be unbearable. Today, many people suffer from chronic pain so those that already three months and longer. The back is particularly affected, but also nerves and tension-type headache are widespread. While you often relatively easy to determine the cause acute problems, this is sometimes anything but easy for chronic. Osteopathy is an effective method to eliminate the evil.

It also helps sports injuries such as sprains or tennis elbow and can promote healing after surgery. Physiotherapy in Vienna is offered by physio4you, among others. The company founded in the year 2000, has its headquarters in the Dobling Curanum Bonifatius. There are also four other locations, all in one the daham “-Senior Center.” Thus, it is already clear that also the Geriatrics plays a large role in physio4you. Physiotherapy in Vienna offered even those, which are not more by itself can come in one of the centres. Physiotherapy, massages and electrical run at home in the patients and patients.

Physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage are also offered, the physiotherapy in Vienna is also supplemented by the so-called fascial distortion model (FDM). This method, developed by the American doctor of Stephen Typaldos is able rapidly to cure symptoms like lumbago, strains, sprains, dislocations, or General back pain of all kinds. In contrast to other methods will be worked here with intermittent pressure and specific train movements to undo shape changes in the connective tissue. Often, a treatment sufficient to significantly alleviate the problems or eliminate. For this reason, FDM is now successfully applied at the elite level. J Chair Pastor

Apr 04 2021

Hyperopia Dpt

LASIK is the most widely used treatment method for the surgical correction of Ametropia with more than 32 million patients. LASIK (laser in situ Keratomileusis) is with more than 32 million patients (source: VSDAR 05/2008) the most widely used treatment method for the surgical correction of vision defects. It has established itself as safe laser eye procedure for over 20 years and is recognized as a scientific process. It is especially popular because: tissue is taken in a schmerzunempfindlichen layer of the cornea in LASIK, for this reason the eye laser treatment usually at every stage is painless. In addition, the healing process takes just a few days, so that the patient already can resume his everyday activities after a very short time. LASIK is also suitable for higher deficient: myopia up to-8 dpt. dpt under certain conditions up to 10.

Hyperopia up to + 3 DPT.. dpt under certain conditions up to + 5. Astigmatism (also called Rod sightedness and) Known as astigmatism) up to 5 dpt. dpt under certain conditions up to 5. Requirements for a LASIK LASIK is following vision defects possible and scientifically recognized: short-sightedness until approx.-8 dpt.

(Border area approx. 10 m.) Hyperopia up to approx. + 3 dpt. Border area approx. + 4 dpt. Astigmatism up to approx. 5 m. Threshold approximately 6 dpt. Unfortunately, there are contraindications that exclude an eye laser treatment, even if your vision in the correctable range is located. These are: age the eye under the age of 18 is still growing and thus increasing the refractive error. inadequate corneal thickness it must remain a certain residual corneal thickness after laser eye treatment for the stability of the eye. Existence of a common disease (such as rheumatism, diabetes). a pregnancy or during lactation, the eyesight can change during this time. The occurrence of eye disease (E.g. grey/green star).

Apr 03 2021

Life Without Glasses

Suitable to the promulgation of the ESCR appears the 2nd eye Atlas of MediKompass GmbH in Munich March 24, 2010. The European society of cataract and refractive surgery 2010 as the year of LASIK “said. On this occasion, the MediKompass GmbH in the form of the eye Atlas No. publishes the quarterly evaluation of the online platform. 2. the LASIK, probably the best known method of the Augenlaserns, is now considered well-established and sophisticated procedures and has experienced a rapid spread in recent years. “Also, the Managing Director of MediKompass GmbH, Henrik Horning, can confirm: over 16 million people have throughout the world a LASIK surgery undergone”, so Hall. The LASIK is one of the most commonly requested cost comparisons is also on our platform.” The proportion of LASIK treatments with 95.6% is far the highest in the entire spectrum of desired and carried out eye operations.

About a quarter of the patients wished for an interference with the femtosecond laser. LASIK is a Routine surgery has become, which would undergo even ophthalmologists itself without hesitation”, explains Hall. (As opposed to DuPont). The confidence in this treatment is great. This is reflected in the number of questions on this issue.” More than half of users (65.9%), which launched a cost comparison to the topic eye lasers in recent months, are between 30 and 49 years old. The age group of 40 up 49 year olds (33.3%) was slightly more represented in contrast to the 30-39 year-olds with 32.6%.

Most comparisons were requested by users at the age of 41 and 42. Gender compared the use is relatively balanced, but clear differences are apparent in the respective age structures. Especially women between 30 and 39 considering the eye lasers more commonly (35.9%) than men this age group (29.3%). But with increasing age, the tide turns. Aged 50 and over are interested in more male users for a laser eye surgery. In the generation of over 60 even twice as many of them Men and women a request. Looking at the individual regions, can be seen that the platform in southern of Germany with a usage share of 35% is used much more frequently than in the new federal States (11.4%). The city comparison shows that Munich one ranked with 30.6% before Berlin with 29.3%, followed by Hamburg (22.2%) and Cologne (18.5%). Striking, however, is a consideration in relation to the number of inhabitants: Munich ranks one here with 37.2% once again, but only 13.8% behind Cologne (28.9%) and Hamburg (20.2%) far back is Berlin. As in the last eye Atlas is therefore only a small correlation between population and number of requests to determine. Who uses the online platform can free of charge and with no obligation cost estimates getting doctors to desired treatments and requesting the contact information if you are interested. Interesting here: Only about half of users with requests for a LASIK surgery have for the cheapest Offer decided (55.5%). Cost comparisons for a Femto LASIK, there are only 23%. More statistical background information on the topic of eye lasers allow to remove the current eye Atlas. The eye Atlas is available free of charge under presse.php. About the MediKompass GmbH, MediKompass GmbH, a company of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, operates several online platforms for cost comparisons in the medical field with, and. Since the launch in May 2006 over 80,000 cost comparisons with a start price amounting to a total of 145 million euros were carried out successfully. “The service was already for the umpteenth time by the TuV with excellent” rated (touch 1.36).

Apr 03 2021


Even today, you can admire the attractive translucent skin of vacationers returning from warm countries. Vitamin D is produced in our body with the help of sunlight. Sometimes we can even feel that increases our energy as a result. Today have the children the vitamin D targeted from the food, and we understand the harmful effects of UV rays. We know much more now. There are several cases of disease with skin cancer from adult people who today are the result of intense sunlight on the skin during childhood.

Also cataracts of the eyes is connected partly through the influence of the Sun’s UV rays. You need to protect yourself and your child too much sun, to avoid problems in the future. It is not difficult, but requires constant attention. Avoid sunburn: depending on the child’s skin is brighter, the risk is greater. People with dark skin have a natural protection from the Sun: melanin (dark pigment in the skin), but they should be also careful. The child should be exposed mainly between 10 and 14: 00 not direct sunlight. At this time, the sunlight has its most active and most dangerous effect.

Make sure that the child has a clothing and headgear. A good rule for all: If your shadow shorter than you, the Sun is so active that you can get a sunburn. Keep in mind that a significant amount of UV rays can damage the skin and eyes, even on cloudy days. Use umbrellas on the beach wearing beware T-Shirts with long sleeves and long pants, hats and other headgear, direct sunlight. Keep in mind that not all clothes can really protect your skin. You can get a sunburn through a T-Shirt. Creaming up necessarily. Add to your understanding with Now Food Solutions. The water does not protect from the effects of sunlight, so you should be careful when swimming. The composition of cosmetic products and the cream is made up of three effective chemicals: acid, tsinnamat (salt of Cinnamic acid) and benzofenon connection. Make sure that one or more of these substances on the packaging are. It is not to recommend sunscreen for children up to six months, it will cause irritation. Children have better not in the Sun for up to six months. Sunscreen, hats and Sunglasses protect us from the harmful effects of solar radiation. In the Sun, when a child is more than six months old, you use the cream with Sun protection factor of at least 15. This means that the dangerous rays of the Sun reach only one-fifteenth the your child’s skin. The fifteen minutes with cream are equal to a minute with no cream in the Sun. Apply the cream with water-repellent effect at least half an hour ago and check whether all points have been reached. However, avoid getting the cream in your eyes, there’s a fire! From time to time, apply the cream again. Let small children wear sunglasses. The UV radiation has a dangerous effect (cataract) on the eyes. You get the problems much later, but the eyes must be protected at all times. Choosing sunglasses it is no need to buy expensive sunglasses. The color of the lens says nothing about protection against UV radiation. Lenses are covered with special agent, the UV radiation not lets through. If the child’s skin is white, and you live in a sunny place, you must think every day on the cream very early in the morning before you leave the House. Come next summer! Elvira Schick

Apr 03 2021

Lens Implantation

Many patients suffer the horror star – a lens implantation can remedy the situation. (Source: Solgar). No one must come to terms today with his cataracts and deteriorating eyesight. The lens implantation is currently the only surgery option for cataracts, but excellent results. More than 90 percent of the patients can see better after surgery. The lens implantation can be performed as an outpatient and stationary.

Usually takes the stay in the hospital for 1 to 2 days. The procedure can be performed but also as an outpatient. Outpatient surgery can go back on the day of the operation home, provided the aftercare and the domestic supply is ensured by an eye doctor in your area. When should you think about surgery? If your eyesight is increasingly bad, you see worse can, can no longer see street signs. When night driving a strong glare by headlights of oncoming traffic. If you your profession because of the Horror stars can no longer practice. If the cataract adversely affected private lifestyle. If your eye doctor recommends an operation.

The cataract should be operated only if your eyesight deteriorates significantly. You decide yourself when the time for an operation is right. Of course, many sufferers are afraid of an operation and are wondering whether the risks of surgery outweigh the chance of success. But these concerns are now negligible. Most patients know the techniques, risks, and in particular the success of the intervention. Many patients have even at an early stage of the disease could operate as a few years ago. Many diabetics suffer after years of disease diabetic retinopathy is a damage of the retina of the eye. In this case, the operation of the cataract can be complicated and even be questioned. Here it is a damage of the retina caused by diabetes. This can cause bleeding, the the Tissue damage. Especially an advanced retinopathy represents an increased risk for an operation. Kathrin Musch

Apr 03 2021

Grey Star cataract

“Cataract” referred to a deterioration of the eye lens. Through operative exchange of lenses, the cataract can be operated successfully. Cataract (cataracts) refers to a disease of the eye of the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Behind the pupil, a gray tint, reflected in advanced cataract where the name “Cataract” is based. Symptoms of cataracts are slowly increasing blurred vision and strong glare phenomena.

The more frequently the Opacification is due to old age. In this context also called age cataract. Most common treatment of cataracts is the operation under local anaesthesia, which achieved very good results in low surgical risk. What are the main symptoms? Main characteristics of the cataract is a slow, painless loss of vision. A diffuse refraction of light is the Opacification. This way the patient sees ever more blurred. Affected specify in the advanced stage, “such as by a frosted glass” or by a heavily soiled, slightly brownish tinted sunglasses to see. Occasionally seen ghost pictures, which do not disappear when you close the other eye.

Also people report halos around light sources. Also, the light-dark adaptation of the eye is slowed down. Spatial vision is becoming more and more restricted. For some types of cataract is also a “myopia”, direction of short-sightedness to observe a change in the refractive power. How is cataract treated? When it comes to a significant worsening of vision, and solidified the initial slight Opacification, surgery is the only treatment option. The cataract surgery for patients is connected all is generally painless and only with a low load. The treatment is very safe, and complications are extremely rare. The treatment of the cataract is one of the most common surgical procedures at all. Each year about 600,000 operations due to cataract are made in Germany. Cataract surgery is a refractive lens Exchange. The means that the cloudy lens is surgically removed from the eye and replaced with an artificial lens. Modern Multfokallinsen are extra strength lenses, which allow both a sharp look in the distance and a sharp watch nearby. BLU Meditravel Mathias Weber

Apr 02 2021

Dependent To Nasal Spray?

Dependency: what to do You already have the sense that without nasal spray is nothing helps only nor withdrawal nasal spray is well known to everyone and hardly anyone will bring a cold without the use of nasal spray behind. Nasal sprays are applied at influenza infections with a blocked nose and runny nose or allergy and hay fever. A stuffy nose, through which you can get difficult air is annoying and uncomfortable, what is more logical than the handle to the nasal spray? Nasal spray is dependent on”some say absolutely risk-free” say others. But what exactly is behind these statements? First of all, including nasal sprays, there are differences. There are so-called decongestant nasal sprays that to help, in a cold with a runny nose again free to breathe through the nose. These are obtainable. Also apothekenpflichtig antihistaminikumhaltige nasal sprays as allergies are used for allergies are.

Kortikoidhaltige nasal sprays are available by prescription and are used for hay fever. To wet and Cleaning of the nasal sea water nasal sprays, so saline nasal sprays are available. How is it addiction? The problem is: vasoconstrictor agents such as Oxymetazoline or Tramazoline can be found in almost any decongestant nasal sprays. Will continue the application without a break of several days, or even weeks, the nasal mucosa when the spray is bleeding out suddenly and the nose is blocked again. It is also possible that no longer swell off the mucous membranes without taking the spray and one enticing this repeatedly for use by nasal spray.

Because the active ingredients in decongestant nasal sprays can also the mucous membranes severely dry out, the mucous membranes in the nose are damaged irretrievably. Nasal spray-dependent! What now? It happened yet as far and you realize that you no longer can breathe without nasal spray through the nose, one should, as hard as it is, immediately off the nasal spray. The mucous membranes are regenerated again it takes a usually several weeks. Nasal irrigation on the basis of oils and sea salt can provide relief during this time. Decongestant nasal sprays are important no question for acute sinusitis or cold-induced rhinitis, so the collected liquid can expire and you can freely breathe through the nose. Especially at night a stuffy nose often hinders sleep, but sleep is important to cure the disease and for the regeneration of the body. If you apply the nasal spray no longer than a week to up to ten days and also not consistently, but really only when the nose is, you have nothing to worry about and the nasal spray relieves the symptoms safely. For more information, as well as helpful preparations for relief of colds, see

Apr 02 2021

World MS Day On May 25, 2011

Crossing borders with multiple sclerosis Cologne, may 2011. Amsterdam by eight European countries and in the Switzerland: MS affected parties Christian Rusterholz covers this distance together with four friends from 15 to 29 May 2011 on the bike. With the project boundaries would rust er wood of public show that an active life with MS is possible. At the same time, the tour is to make other people with MS courage and animate them to exceed their own limits. On interested can follow the tour.

The project boundaries is supported by sanofi-aventis Germany GmbH and the TEVA Pharma GmbH. From A to Z like Zurich Amsterdam: The Christian Rusterholz MS sufferers would like to cover this distance together with four friends from 15 to 29 May 2011 on the bike. Is after the start in the Netherlands via Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Zurich of Switzerland. Overall the team travels 2,000 kilometers in fourteen Days. On the last stage accompany several friends and MS sufferers and Franco Marvulli, silver medal winner at the Olympic Games in Athens and four-time world champion, the group. We want the trip limits exceed challenge MS both borders and boundaries in the head. Our tour is to demonstrate that much more is possible, as it is often believed”, so the 44-year old rust er wood, who received the diagnosis of MS in August 2003.

“Quick it was clear to him I have MS, MS has not me.” He sees a challenge in the disease and know that an active life with MS is possible. We want the project borders”set an example and encourage other people with MS to an active approach to the diagnosis,” emphasizes rust er wood. Active with multiple sclerosis last year, the 44-year old carried out is already a dream and was active with the multiple sclerosis. 1,730 kilometers from Denmark by Germany in the Switzerland riding the bicycle.

Apr 02 2021

Pollenargie – An Annoying Evil

Every year the same, just in the spring – the pollen allergy every year, in spring and summer, have many people with pollen allergies to suffer. The trigger for a pollen allergy are trees, grasses and cereals. When the pollen coincide with the mucous membranes in the nose or eyes, the allergic reaction is triggered. Itchy, stuffy nose, sneezing, and light-sensitive, itchy and watery eyes are usually the first signs of a pollen allergy. Numerous other symptoms, can indicate a pollen allergy.

For any allergy, pollen allergy in a different way is noticeable. Called in addition to the most common symptoms, such as above, allergy sufferers can suffer in addition headache, migraine, insomnia, stomach-intestinal disorder, limited taste and sense of smell, fatigue and even depression. Who already knows that he is hypo-allergenic and the pollen types most afflict him, can adjust accordingly. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vitamin World. People on the pollen allergy be made unexpectedly, usually first do not know that it is an allergy, because above all the most frequently occurring symptoms suggest a cold. The doctor or allergist, not only the pollen allergy, but also the kind of pollen, allergic reaction against that, is determined by a skin test. You can not evade the pollen, because sometimes they travel distances of 300 km. In the mountains, Islands and coastal areas, all allergy sufferers can breathe, because there pollen do not occur. Drug therapy to combat only the symptoms. A permanent solution is the allergen immunotherapy or desensitization, which is carried to the immunity of the pollen. This injected pollen under the skin of those affected over the years, a certain and further increased amount.

Apr 02 2021

Typical Cold Sore Small Blisters

A lot of people, almost 95% of adults in Germany carry the herpes simplex virus type 1 in itself. Infection with the herpes virus is usually in childhood. It is located with the virus by droplet infection, for example, if the sneezes or hat, by smear, for example, for the common use of drinking or through direct contact with the kissing. Why does cold sore again and again? The oozing blisters at cold sores, which are called also cold sores, are formed in the upper layer of the skin. There broke out hiking the virus via the nerves to the nerve roots. There, the virus remains undetected until it is activated by a weakened immune system for example again. In this case it spreads again back through the nerves to the skin and the typical blisters occur again. But also other triggers in question can come as among other hormonal factors, stress, infections, menstruation, or injury.

The first cold sore symptoms typical symptoms of herpes labialis usually is a tingling and itching on the lip. Small fluid-filled blisters are formed shortly afterwards. Although they occur mainly on the lips and in the mouth area, you can also continue to spread and affect even the eyes. After a few days, a crust is formed and the sores heal again. Treatment of cold sores the herpes simplex virus on himself is not treatable and remains in the body for a lifetime. Is tingle Herpes immediately at the first treated with an anti-viral ointment containing the active ingredient aciclovir, you can prevent an outbreak in some cases. Also known as herpes patch can be applied to the affected area, benefits of this treatment is that the patches are very unobtrusive. In severe cases, antiviral pills, the so-called antimicrobial of the physician may be prescribed. A natural remedy is honey, because he also virus-inhibiting effect. You can find more information, as well as drugs for the treatment of cold sores in