Jun 13 2018

Cures & Wellness

“Cures & wellness channel about his offer: good & cheap (cures & wellness) Ahlen, July 20, 2007 – In June 2007, Spa – and wellness launched” with a 24-hour program on ASTRA digital and selected cable networks. Focus is a range of Spa and wellness. Get all the facts and insights with Rand Paul, another great source of information. Low-cost destinations are located in Poland. “” We use in our agenda for good & cheap aware “to destinations in Poland”, Markus explains us tons out of the program line. Caused by the economic gap between Germany and Poland we can our viewers very cheap destinations offer, perfect for travelers with a slim wallet, such as, for example, retirees. Our offers meet all European standards.

This applies to the hotel facilities, accommodation and all medical applications, that the spectators in claim can take, “so mark Tonn further. For example, the Polish Baltic Sea coast or Masurian Lakeland are fantastically beautiful destinations, there is likely every man for himself find a suitable destination”drives mark Tonn continued. I can imagine that for people who lived before the chaos of the war in the present-day Poland, are also interesting offers here. Because trips are very cheap in the Polish foreign, she can afford virtually anyone. Pure spa travel, there is also the possibility of obtaining grants from the health insurance fund. Detailed information can the audience contact your health insurance or your local doctor, “so mark Tonn.

Jun 08 2018

Istanbul Golf Club

Why the Turkey as a golf destination in the fall is particularly attractive winter with mixed feelings contrary to watch golfers in Central Europe. When autumn rain softens the courts or even snow covers them, then months of abstinence from the Gulf are imminent long! Not every golfer would like to resign himself. A golf trip in a southern country would be a good idea for all golf enthusiasts who want to not only sit at home waiting for the spring. Average maximum temperatures of 26 C prevail in September in Istanbul, and the sun shines eight hours a day. Even in October, 20 C are reached on many days, and it may be included with six hours of sunshine per day. Into ideal conditions for golfers are so until October. Only in November, it is cool and rainy in Istanbul. Anyone wishing to make even golf holiday in Turkey very late in the year, can opt for Belek, the Turkish stronghold of the golf. A leading source for info: CEO Ford Motor Co..

Several courses are about 30 km around the city on the Turkish Riviera, East of Antalya. Mediterranean climate ensures high temperatures in and around Belek until far in the autumn. In October, the average day highs exceed 20 C 26 C in November. The golf season in Belek falls on the October and November and February to April. Interesting places of Istanbul Golf Club has a nine hole golf course, established in the year 1895. This course is situated on the European side of Istanbul, as well as the challenging 18-hole course of the Kemer Golf & country club. Guests are always welcome in both places.

In the surroundings of Belek is likely selecting a place difficult for golfers! Scenic, extraordinarily beautiful area, the 18-hole course of the Robinson is Club nobilis. It stretches in a pine forest. Golf course was built on the shores of the sea of Lykia links. A 9-hole practice course was attached to this challenging 18-hole course. The most beautiful hotels of golf enthusiasts who want to stay close to the Istanbul Golf Club, could be in the “the House Hotel” Rent a Bosphorus”, a small house with personal atmosphere (23 rooms). The luxurious “Radisson blue Bosphorus hotel” is located not far from the Golf Club. It has 120 rooms, sauna, bar and Sun terrace. Golf vacation in Istanbul is also the possibility to be able to visit, such as the Hagia Sophia the great sights of the metropolis of the Bosphorus. In Belek, the large hotel “Gloria Golf Resort” 515 rooms. For a change, the guests in the pool area or in the fitness center of the hotel can operate athletic! It’s very posh “Kempinski Hotel the dome” equipped in Belek. It has 157 rooms, indoor pool and wellness area and its own 36-hole golf course. Eight other golf courses can be found in the vicinity of the hotel.

Feb 14 2017

Weight Requirements

Extra costs for flights who is planning a shopping trip to Milan or New York, should be in advance his airline luggage fees informed, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Gunnar Petersons opinions are not widely known. The flight Portal fluege.de provides tips for travellers. It was formerly no problem, to abandon the baggage free of charge at many airlines. Also exceeding the free baggage allowance is often treated with grace. Because of increasing competition among airlines, this has changed now however.

In particular companies for cheap flights see a good source of Nebeneinnahme in the luggage, and so are there now for everything, not through as hand luggage, to pay additional fees. This move around the world in a price range from 3 to 40 euro per piece of luggage. Many passengers abandon nowadays possible to abandon luggage and travelling with hand baggage only. Fords is open to suggestions. Especially for short trips, the normally allowed eight kilograms usually sufficient from. In this way, travelers can avoid additional costs. The most scheduled airlines charge no extra fees for baggage but so far, the free weight allowed for case was reduced however many. Usually passengers in economy class flights may carry 20 kg and 23 kg baggage without extra costs. Special attention is provided for flights with a connection. Travellers should inform about the condition of the connecting flights in the country, as here some other baggage allowances apply. More information: news.fluege.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Feb 21 2016

Wellness Holidays

Bad Fussing with hot the bathrooms, bad Fussing, Bad Griesbach and the bad Birnbach in the holiday region of Rottal Inn, uropaweit a leading position acquired sources over 1,000 metres deep, pioneering cures, natural remedies and innovative applications holiday in the Spa Triangle Bad Griesbach and bad Birnbach. Today, they are the heart of the Bavarian Golf & thermal country”and long also guarantees high sound wellness services that complement the classical applications of balneology in holistic approach. Tradition and modernity determine in the Passau South”the beat. This is true for the widely known medicinal and thermal baths, but also for the excellent infrastructure of the baths. You score points in many disciplines: from the well maintained cycle path network over a wide range of culture up to the seductions of the culinary art.

And even on the subject of golf. Bad Griesbach is Europe’s Golf No. 1 “. The success story of the Hartl golf resort”served the adjacent bathrooms as Initial spark. “Spa Golf in bad Fussing bad Fussing Kirchham” and in bad Birnbach of the golf park Bella Vista “.

With the 2009 newly opened panorama golf course “in Furstenzell the Bavarian Golf & thermal State is experiencing” a further dimension: the place is the first Feng Shui golf course of in Germany. In addition to the natural sports draws the Bavarian Golf & thermal land”from a large culture Fund. A tip is the neighboring monastery angle”with its picturesque churches and monasteries, and of course the Red Valley itself. “Traditional farmland which last but not least is known for its horse breeding and today with the Karpfhamer Festival” held the largest folk festival in Bavaria. “For more information see, and the tourist information Passauer land”, Tel. 0851/397-600, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau.

Dec 03 2015

State Road

In addition to Lutzmannsburg, Strebersdorf also belongs to the market with its 300 inhabitants. The Central Burgenland Lutzmannsburg is located directly at the border to Hungary and just 2 km from the small village of Zsira, which impresses with its Pannonian show garden and the stately Castle. In Oberpullendorf, 15 km away, regular cultural events take place on the event stage. The Oberpulledorfer Sports Centre, the small cinema and a barefoot adventure trail here provide all sorts of entertainment in the Spa holiday. Arrival info Lutzmannsburg the Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg Frankenau in Central Burgenland is located directly on the Austrian border with Hungary. After Vienna it is by Lutzmannsburg 120 kilometres (one and a half hours by car), Graz is situated 140 kilometres (less than two hours) from the market town. In the Hungarian Sopron, you drive about 40 minutes (approximately 32 km) by car.From the North you reach Lutzmannsburg on the State Road 228 (Nagaraj road), which branches off from the B 62 in Deutschkreutz. From the West, the State Road 225 (Lutzmannsburger Highway) takes visitors directly to the Sun Spa.

This departs from the B-61 in lower pull village. Who would like to arrive by train, travels to Deutschkreutz and can occur from here easily with the bus up Lutzmannsburg. Also, there are regular bus connections between Vienna and Lutzmannsburg. The border above all between the Austrian Lutzmannsburg and the Hungarian Zsira is approved only for pedestrians and cyclists. The Sun Spa, visitors who want to make a trip to Hungary by car must take a detour via Koszeg (21 km) in purchase. Weather Lutzmannsburg not without reason is the Mittelburgenland also known as the sunny country of Austria. Because here there is the most hours of sunshine in the country annually. The Pannonian climate ensures not only excellent wines in and around Lutzmannsburg, here also the whole family hiking, biking and horse-riding feel. Here information we at any time about the current weather in Lutzmannsburg! Route planner whether you want – come now from Vienna, Graz or from Munich to the Spa in the Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg with our route planner you are well informed! On our website you will find very detailed directions with all important direction and distances given?

Nov 08 2015

Vacations for Singles

Single holidays sounds in specified age groups of single holiday for many first of all old, that get drunk on Mallorca. But single holidays can be so much more. Who does not feel especially guided group tours as a single usually like the fifth wheel on the car to feel because you somehow not correct connection underneath louder families and couples? Several vendors have analyzed the needs of modern singles and recognized and targeted travel offer for singles of different age groups. There are cruises that combine relaxation and sightseeing, but also guided tours through the various countries of this earth. When a group tour with an expert guide can you in a pleasant atmosphere and among like-minded people learn something about the culture and history of the country, both exchanging its experiences in the evening in good company without feeling uncomfortable, because you’ll be surrounded by more or less happy couples.

These have many singles in Germany Offers itself discovered and are excited about this not quite new way to travel. The claims of singles are on the one hand the same as from other round travelers: you want to enjoy yourself, learn about foreign countries and cultures, and have just a good time. But singles as opposed to families and couples other needs, with regard to the other activities. Everyone will find something suitable whether you are looking for a new partner or whether you want to travel just in a group have company with offers for single holiday. Also the choice of destinations is almost unlimited.

Also for special occasions where hardly a single like home alone sits, like new year’s Eve or Christmas special single trips offered. About the Agency: The Organizer Sunwave.de organizes trips for singles & friends. Singles and solo travelers find travel with culture, wellness, sports and culinary topics. The wide range includes winter as well as summer travel, City breaks or full year travel and single events. What is special about all travel is a homogeneous initial structure of the old and a balance between male and female participants. Sunwave.de attaches great importance to the quality of the travel. The core components of each trip are an attractive price-performance ratio. More information, visit Sunwave.de contact: Sunwave Gruppenreisen GmbH pot Twiete 19 21029 Hamburg Tel.

Sep 27 2015

Spa Villas

The luxurious hotel represents a modern, aristocratic atmosphere. The 90 rooms and suites have been equipped with contemporary interiors and modern design by award-winning architects. The high ceilings, large Windows and dark wood floors in the rooms remind on the historic day of the former diamond factory. “In the hotel’s IZAKAYA Asian kitchen & bar meet already the local scene, during Lord stressed the city street Spa” and ladies “find your private retreat. NEW MEMBERS 10. Anthony’s life & style hotel directly on the promenade in St. Anton am Arlberg is the Anthony’s life & style hotel. The use of local materials such as solid wood, natural fabrics, felt and Loden, stone, glass creates a modern, authentic, stylish and cosy ambience.

The 47 rooms and suites meet high demands. Everything in the House, all under one roof: the hotel opened in September 2012, offers, Steakhouse, American bar, sport-shopping and the Sky-Spa-Wellness Oasis with sauna, steam bath, terrace, outdoor Jacuzzi and spectacular views of the ski slopes and mountain slopes. NEW MEMBERS 11 The Tyrol In the historic centre of Vienna, at the beginning of the Mariahilfer Strasse, lies the Tyrol. Cultural institutions such as the MuseumsQuartier, and the secession are reachable in just a few minutes walk. Interior design and materials of Viennese tradition companies such as Wittmann and Thonet bring local flair in the hotel and form a perfect symbiosis with the heritage-listed facade. In each of the 30 rooms and the common areas are original artworks of contemporary Viennese and international artists. The wellness area with sauna, steam bath and light-therapy shower can be reserved as a private spa. NEW MEMBERS 12 Geinberg 5 private Spa Villas “Just private” – nestled in the rolling hills of the Innviertel region, the Geinberg5 private Spa Villas offer an exclusive retreat. Precious materials and stylish design convey exclusivity and comfort.

Sep 26 2015

Cafes Community

As the first ski area in Carinthia the WebApp was made possible on the Molltaler glacier. Thus, Smartphone users have the highest and snowiest ski resorts in Carinthia down immediately at any time available in the anorak. You can find out the prices of summer skiing pleasure here: the municipality of Flattach comprises several villages. Mining history of the village of Flattach is interesting, because already at the time of the Celts in Flattach gold was mined. However, the largest mining was operated from 1691 until 1918 in Grossfragant. Where copper and pyrite was defied off for almost 3 centuries the mountain. Flattach is now grown by a mining community into a modern tourism community.

Of the four-star hotel up to the simple pension accommodation is available all depending on the personal claim. The community has doctors, pharmacy, ATM or banks, sports shop, a post office, two supermarkets and a lovely outdoor swimming pool with a 27-metre water slide. Furs physical well-being provide numerous restaurants, inns, Cafes and snacks that use almost all regional products. In a certain sense wellness & beauty include also the biological. In Flattach we also ensured.

It is in Hotel Flattacher Hof or in the numerous beauty forging”, which can be found in the village. “Conclusion: in fact, we wanted a vacation opportunity without salt on the skin” to introduce. Looking for people who want to let cozy go there and nothing more than rest and fresh mountain air. It could be simple walkers also stressed Manager, who really want to turn off without himself but physically want to strain. With the Karnten card that you get free with an overnight stay you can experience largely free over 100 Carinthian tourist attractions such as such as the trip to the Molltal glacier or the walk through the Ragga Canyon. Our experiment with Spaziernwandern”is successful. Well rested and without sunburn, we returned home. Tip: Try also Flattach, you will not regret it. Text and photo: / Okolicsanyi Zoltan 04 07, 2012

Aug 27 2015

Roompot Parks

New health and wellness hotel in Arcen Netherlands holiday park provider Roompot Park is expanding again: the foundation stone for a new health and wellness hotel in Arcen took place on August 30, 2013. The new hotel is central in addition to the Arcen thermal spa of Roompot parks”. 90 modern double beher-mountains is expected from summer 2014 around 180 guests. Frank Habets, General Manager of Roompot thermal bath Arcen and Roompot Vakantiepark Klein Vink: “the new hotel building is not only a big step for us, but he is also the region around Venlo tourist impulse.” Henk van Koeveringe, Director of Roompot parks, laid the foundation stone for this unique large-scale project, which will focus on the combination of care and recovery. The health and wellness will therefore be directly connected to the Arcen thermal spa via a covered walkway and have in the lobby and a restaurant and Foyer. Also, the health section will have a modernized and extended physiotherapy department and focus on the overnight treatment under the supervision of a rheumatologist of Venlo hospital and rheumatism and arthritis patients. A cooperation with a nearby pain clinic, which offers treatments for chronic sufferers, is nearing completion. Back in 2006, when Klein Vink, as well as the thermal bath Arcen had taken over the holiday park Roompot parks, there were plans for the new building of the hotel.

Due to the high demand from after a mix of health – and wellness hotel, these plans were realized now. The construction of the plant, so Frank Habets, was made solely by means of private investment, but without the support of a bank. The project enabled the ZIB investment management BV in Middelburg, the participant Fund it with 7.5 million and a subordinated loan in the amount of 1.5 million by the ZIB. More information at. Roompot parks Roompot is one of the leading providers of holiday parks in Europe and also actively in the management and operation of bungalow parks (150) and campsites (23). Roompot offers attractive holiday destinations along the Dutch coast with a high density of Park in the province of Zeeland, as well as a variety of holiday parks in Dutch and German inland in attractive natural environments and tourist regions. The parks offer a wide selection of accommodation with luxury bungalows, chalets, camp white cottages, family villas, country houses, campsites and apartments. The parks are equipped with swimming pools, bowling alleys, sports facilities and restaurants. Roompot to a theme holiday specialists in the areas of “Beauty & wellness”, “Golf”, “hiking and bike riding” as well as “Fit-and-Fun” has evolved in recent years.

Feb 10 2015


It is holiday – only colorful out again a little break is beneficial and can work real wonders. A few days in a relaxed environment and you feel like a new person. Nicely cared for during a short vacation with brush and paint in a picturesque landscape, and draw strength from the cornucopia of creativity beyond everyday obligations and renew the internal resources. In the middle of the enchanting Vulkaneifel, on the verge of offering Maars and the newly opened Eiffel dough, VITALIS – specialist for individual painting and music tours in the Eifel – ARTE a holiday with the increase in consumption. Colorful, vibrant and harmonious immerse yourself into the world of your talents; arrive, switch off, relax.

In Nice community under the guidance of professional artistic skills explore, try new and discover hidden. A wellness program for body, soul and spirit. Off the path and surrounded by meadows and forests experience holiday just a bit more colorful. Travel example: “painting & wellness” in the Vulkaneifel painting course for Beginners and advanced under professional guidance 2 x overnight in a double room welcome-vital-drink 2 x rich breakfast 2 x three course dinner 2 x start to the day with a yoga session coffee or tea in the breaks in the morning and afternoon price: 295,00 for more information at,, Tel.: 06592 958126 ARTE VITALIS, P.o. box 1154, 54542 Daun/Vulkaneifel