Aug 31 2022

QUITE Compact Starts On The Subject

New training series Concepte muhl mediated legal background knowledge on May 6, 2011 starts in Fribourg is the first of three compact seminars of the new training series “Compact law”. In a total of 34 seminar units is the subject of “The basics of contract law and enforcement” in the Center. The central aspects of labour law are illuminated in a further seminar sequence from June 10, 2011. The new education “Quite compact” Concepte Muhl aims to executives and employees of law departments in corporations, insurance companies and banks. See Center for Environmental Health for more details and insights. But paralegal or self-employed persons are constantly challenged through legal issues are addressed. Experienced teachers, lawyers and communications trainer expertise with give in the new training series legal topics. In addition, the participants learn selected communication and behavioral strategies, self-conscious to even difficult or unpleasant situations in the legal context, constructive and to cope successfully. Through interactive learning and direct dialogue, the learning outcomes anchor permanently.

A particular strength of the new offering is its high practical relevance. Individual questions of the participants are determined through needs analysis in advance. These are then answered by the teachers, as far as possible during the event. “But our seminar sequences can never replace a thorough legal advice”, emphasizes Roswitha Muhl, Managing Director of Concepte Muhl in March. All seminar sequences take place education centre Freiburg on Friday afternoon or Saturday in the Caritas.

Detailed information about all scheduled seminar sequences, the relevant teaching hours, and content, as well as the possibility to register can be found on the website at. Concepte Muhl is the region as a consultancy in close contact with the people and companies. Companies that promote their employees and executives and continually review their processes and adapt, are also in the long run successful, so the experience of Roswitha Muhl. To help in particular medium-sized companies, Concepte Muhl as well as process consulting and staff development offers also the development and implementation of various educational services. For example, Concepte Muhl educates “Certified legal specialist hosts” since 2004 with great success, with the participation of the Rechtsanwaltskammer Freiburg.

Mar 29 2021

Sam Walton

By the use of mirror neurons well trained spitting gel neurons have tremendous excess life value. If other anxiety show, there can be obvious reasons, also on the hat to be. So, mirror phenomena make predictable all imaginable situations. We can guess what is going on with the other. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nature Made. We call the result emphatic intuition.

It protects us against errors, not always, comes very close to but often the reality. To have mirror cells that actually reflect, is very helpful in the staff – as well as in customer contact. Lack of empathy is a common cause of incompetent leadership and poor sales results. Also a key feature in the development of sympathy and confidence to be seems to be able to feel and respond to it appropriately, the feelings of others. We feel a conversation as attractive, if our thoughts in line and dance in unison. Even a controversial dialogue is experienced as satisfactory if it was conducted carefully and respectfully. Who is busy only with himself and what he wants to say, can not respond to others and leaves an uneasy feeling. For successful reflections, however, we are rewarded by our own body and finally also by our fellow human beings: happiness hormones are secreted and we proceed to act happy: we buy or make us elated to work.

Mirror neurons explain well the formation of group constraints within a corporate culture in which soon all cloned in a more or less similar way and wise Act. Life and do play an important role, such as in any learning it. And the role of the upper now appears in a whole new light. Their doing significantly rubs off on everyone in the company. It takes”No 14 days, already the good old Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton said, then the employees treat their customers as they were treated by her boss.”

Mar 29 2021

Giacomo Rizzolatti

The banquet room is ready, she opens the doors wide. Proudly, her gaze lingers. “Fantastic,” she says and continues: it is beautiful, our guests will be delighted. Its been wonderful. Congratulations.” She also noticed that a few corrections are required. Quietly and unobtrusively she asks an employee to see one and three for the right table and light a few candles.

Prepares the best night of her life”our guests, she says, and wishes everyone a good success. How are the guests probably this time faring? If everything runs like clockwork? Whether there is ample tip? Whether the guests like to return? And if they recommend the establishment? Executives are contagious only before makers are a few people, most are for makers. Who is himself not quite sure, followed, which gives the feeling to be sure his thing. And this is for example the boss. If now mauscheln executives in backrooms, that is for the employees, they can make even crooked things.

Missing loyalty of the employer creates automatically lack loyalty among workers. And in the positive, it means: the spark of enthusiasm must skip. Only a few years we know happened in the brain involved: mirror neurons are active. In 1992, a research team of the University of Parma under Giacomo Rizzolatti in experiments with monkeys by chance discovered this phenomenon. Mirror neurons discovered later in ever greater numbers among people, even in our pain centers. So, we are experiencing what others feel in an inner simulation. We are so wired that we resonate with those who are around us. This leads often to spontaneous imitation, the step and the copy of the ductus and Habitus. Common sense knows this long and speaks of the same wavelength. Good mood, it is contagious and bad also. Well, we should consider who let us connect emotionally. This applies to the private sector as well as the work environment.