May 17 2020

Coach and Psychology

Understand what you want to work with a psychologist dream of many, but are so often: "I'll help people. Will meet with good people, talk to them heart to heart and grow with them as a person. " For this you money will not pay. More complex, and difficulties begin with the study "to the psychologist, it is not easy and not always interesting. Typically, high school preparation involves first 1,5-2 years, the last three rate ceases to please the majority of studies: repetitions, the theory impractical knowledge. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chinese Martial art. Further, on the one you are going to learn? If the therapist, after graduating from the university with no work experience you are likely to take on very little money in the A social security for conversations with people who have something do not stack in your life. For even more opinions, read materials from Crumpton Group. However, a psychologist – is not necessarily a psychotherapist, and do not necessarily lock themselves in helping people with mental difficulties. You might want to advise people with a lack of everyday experience in family relationships or child rearing, it is not psychotherapy and counseling.

And maybe you will attract job coach – it's a different format and skills. In any case, you should know: There are four main schools or direction in Applied Psychology: nlp, psychoanalysis, Gestalt approach and Sinton approach. They are different and one approach, experts often do not understand other specialists. To determine and meet with representatives of these schools, talk, look, look for her. Look closely at the work of the group If you are a person talented and successful, then I recommend you look at a group of psychological work.

Sep 03 2019

Personal History

Everyone knows that more keep up, you need to plan your time. Everyone knows that to lose weight need to eat less and move more. Everyone knows that to live a long and not get sick, need to quit. Everyone knows, but few delaet.Delo everything that every intention of 'External history' is useless without the corresponding 'internal history' of your success that lead you to bude .Esli you think you control your life and always act in their interests, then conduct a simple experiment – during the week to do just what you are good and profitable (do exercises, eat only healthy food, do not smoke, walk outdoors ). Only 7 days! Well, for fun! Hardly you will survive at least a couple of days! And it's not just 'old habits' or lack of willpower, this is your "inner history" literally dictate to you how you should behave and what decisions are taken in different situations. Realizing their internal constraints, people may try to change your life scenarios.

However, to do so is not easy. Unfortunately, the attempt to change their behavior through self-hypnosis, or by visualizing the desired no yielding results. To change your personal history, it is necessary to overcome three major obstacles: The first hurdle – your 'old' personal story is so voluminous and diverse that you need years of self-discipline, to notice any real change in .Vtoroe hurdle – your current Personal History has a very good reason for its existence – it ensures the integrity of your personality and helps navigate the variety of life (even if in reality it's more harm than good). This means that you should receive no less compelling reason to change it. The third obstacle – your 'visible' part of personal history has a huge 'invisible' part, which is hidden in the subconscious, and hence it is impossible to change only at the individual situation "here and now." In order to change the history of work, you must first deeply investigate the contents of your old stories and to understand the purpose of an existing life scenario.

And then purposefully modify the significance attached to the elements that the new story line with best Your life goals. Only then will you find and eliminate their main internal constraints that prevent you from achieving success in key areas of life – career, money, relationships, children, happiness, health, personal development. And then you will be able to replace their internal "leadership of inaction" on the new "Guide to action and begin to confidently approach their tselyam. you to create a personal history of success! Irina Mihalitsina

Mar 11 2014


Without no shade of doubt to live is very good, mainly when they have physical and mental health, financial stability, a good family, etc. However exactly thus the human being as finite mortal substance if hurries for the common end, to each day of its life the man goes down plus a step of the stairs of the existence, that will only go to take it a common destination to all we, the physical death, the evil that the nobody accepted, addressed abyss all, rich black people and whites, poor persons and, illiterates and scholars, the death are an abyss that it does not open parentheses for a miracle, or any another force supernatural deriving of the belief in the deity monotesta or politesta, therefore already was preset for that it inhabits in inaccessible light and that not this interested party in if explaining concerning what it makes or it leaves to make, because it is self-sufficient and it does not need council members, ' ' it all glria' '. To be conscientious of this so common fact to all we, do not mean to be pessimistic how much the life, to give up ours dreams, to stop of living, but accepting a condition that we were imposed by being simply objects of the not creative creation and. Everything what we create has a common destination, the end, destined to the garbage and subject to the time and space, the man to be able to constitute family, wealth, to accumulate richnesses, to mount empires, but everything this predestinateing to the failure, as the empire Assyrian, Babylonian, Roman, etc. When we are conscientious of such reality, we learn to live more good, we look for to use to advantage plus each moment of the life of spectacular form, value more the people who are in our return, we more good use to advantage the time that remains in them, we try to be more human, understanding that our days already are previously counted in the history of our existence and that we need to live each day of our lives exhaustingly as if finishes was it. According to Schopenhauer, with a deeply pessimistic philosophy, it affirms that the will is conceived in its system as something without no goal or purpose, a fondness unconscious irrational and. Being inherent one badly to the existence of the man, it generates pain, necessarily and inevitably, what it is known as happiness would be only the temporary interruption of a misfortune process and the souvenir of a last suffering would only create the illusion of property in possession. For Schopenhauer, the pleasure is moment fugaz of pain absence and durable satisfaction does not exist. All pleasure is starting point of new aspirations, always hindered and always in fight for its accomplishment: ' ' To live and to suffer.