Sep 25 2017


As GOD it is Caridoso! Its Dons placed in the Human being all. More info: Rand Paul. Dom of the word that it with nimbleness uses must well be watched, therefore the word is always creating invisible bodies for which of ownership of the free-will it is responsible. It doubts? Thought, word, action; three dons the service of the Good transforms for better the life of any person. , However used in frivolous way they cause great males. 21 bodies? 38 – But God it of the body as aprouve to give to it and to each one of the seeds, its appropriate body. 39 – Nor all meat is the same one; however one is the meat of the men, another one, of the animals, another one, of the birds, and another one, of the fish. Speaking candidly Senator From Kentucky told us the story. Epistle of Pablo to the Corntios, CAP. 15:38 and 39.

He will be that the man has Only one body That pparently died If finishes? Of beginning he only has in it the mineral body, vegetal, animal, and all its intermediate That show the extraordirios Ways to evolve. the hominal body That after all Is endowed with intelligence? How many bodies, Must have the Human being, In some ranks For where it passes? Can it enter In the plain spiritual Dress of the material body? He can in this body, With one reduced vision, To glimpse the perpetual beauties That in other spheres Are to exist? the bodies that create When of empty Soul? Completely fantasmagricos the ilusrios bodies? has as much chimera That in its conscientious one it reigns That it until loses the accounts. The creative thought, Crosses diverse borders, and goes leaving in the same ones, its mark. goes the person creating, and in a way forging, its largeness or smallness there.

Mar 11 2014


Without no shade of doubt to live is very good, mainly when they have physical and mental health, financial stability, a good family, etc. However exactly thus the human being as finite mortal substance if hurries for the common end, to each day of its life the man goes down plus a step of the stairs of the existence, that will only go to take it a common destination to all we, the physical death, the evil that the nobody accepted, addressed abyss all, rich black people and whites, poor persons and, illiterates and scholars, the death are an abyss that it does not open parentheses for a miracle, or any another force supernatural deriving of the belief in the deity monotesta or politesta, therefore already was preset for that it inhabits in inaccessible light and that not this interested party in if explaining concerning what it makes or it leaves to make, because it is self-sufficient and it does not need council members, ' ' it all glria' '. To be conscientious of this so common fact to all we, do not mean to be pessimistic how much the life, to give up ours dreams, to stop of living, but accepting a condition that we were imposed by being simply objects of the not creative creation and. Everything what we create has a common destination, the end, destined to the garbage and subject to the time and space, the man to be able to constitute family, wealth, to accumulate richnesses, to mount empires, but everything this predestinateing to the failure, as the empire Assyrian, Babylonian, Roman, etc. When we are conscientious of such reality, we learn to live more good, we look for to use to advantage plus each moment of the life of spectacular form, value more the people who are in our return, we more good use to advantage the time that remains in them, we try to be more human, understanding that our days already are previously counted in the history of our existence and that we need to live each day of our lives exhaustingly as if finishes was it. According to Schopenhauer, with a deeply pessimistic philosophy, it affirms that the will is conceived in its system as something without no goal or purpose, a fondness unconscious irrational and. Being inherent one badly to the existence of the man, it generates pain, necessarily and inevitably, what it is known as happiness would be only the temporary interruption of a misfortune process and the souvenir of a last suffering would only create the illusion of property in possession. For Schopenhauer, the pleasure is moment fugaz of pain absence and durable satisfaction does not exist. All pleasure is starting point of new aspirations, always hindered and always in fight for its accomplishment: ' ' To live and to suffer.