Jun 14 2019

Secret of Success

On the road in deserted area was a traveler. For even more analysis, hear from Quest Diagnostics. And the road under a tree in deep meditation, sitting, eyes closed, man. The traveler went to the old man, and not paying attention to his meditation, loudly greeting him, asked: Ven, How long do I have to go to the nearest town? The old man opened his eyes, and, like the comfort of his meditation, he waved in the direction in which the traveler came and said: Do you go. The traveler knew him not want to talk. Offended, he turned away from the old man and walked quickly down the road. But having only a dozen steps, the traveler heard the voice behind the old man: If so thou shalt go, thou shalt go before sunset.

Eastern parable. The main secret of success in life. Answer guys, what you spend your life? Most people in our country are working and are 5 / 2, this means. 5 days that they work, and 2 days they do what they want. Strange though. What% of your life do you spend on what you want? And what% life do you spend on other things? Today I have a great mood and I decided to share with you The secret of success in life. The same one main strategy that affects your entire life. It will make and receive A huge success in life.

And now I will tell you about it:). But first … Let's define a few things. To begin to enjoy your success – to define what is success for you.

Jul 20 2018

Dream Big

People often fall into a variety of extremes. Some years prolezhivayut on the sofa and indulge in dreams. Others on the contrary, have become "truly adult," and stopped to dream. They live in an invented reality, and severe trying to impose this reality around them. What's better, you ask? Answer. If you would like to know more about Senator From Kentucky, then click here. Bad as the first and second choice. In the first case, a man attached to his far-fetched illusions and doing nothing in your life live life to their fantasies and thoughts. In the second case the person also did not shine, because he was afraid or just lazy to look through quite a low fence that protects its territory and see how much interesting is there for him.

Well, here, you can suggest only one thing to develop imagination and fantasy, there's nothing more to add. And for those who are doing nothing, the board cease to read and reflect, and roll up your sleeves and make real strides. Now let's consider this option. Do you really want to achieve something in life, even commit any attempt to implement your plan, but all in vain. You simply not enough energy to finish the job, or even hard even to lift his butt with a warm couch. What is the problem here? The answer is obvious. You do not have enough energy for action. And you can even look forward to achieve your goals, but make even a small shazhochek you are unable to. The universe is abundant and it costs nothing to give you so much energy that you can become a person no less brilliant than Einstein, or Osho, for example, Cezar.

Mar 10 2018

Achieve Healthy Weight Loss

All areas of our body requires protein, consequently, our health directly depends on the diet with high protein. Protein diets that have a level healthy and sound, are excellent for keeping us free appetizers or suffer hunger continuously. The body absorbs the high proteins and sends a notice to the brain and thus, prevents you feel desire to eat or succumb to the temptation of eating unnecessary calories. As we know, the basal metabolism or resting, keep our system running 24 hours a day, every day, put it another way, we need to breathe, the heart must fulfil its role constantly, even when we sleep. CEO Ford Motor Co. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The diet with protein activates our metabolism and apart from performing these functions, helps maintain muscle mass and burn calories, even without performing intense physical activity. Muscle mass decreases with the passage of time and if we are not physically active, what will happen is that we acumularemos harmful fat and we will feel weak and with low energy this is one of the reasons why the diet with high protein is excellent to keep our metabolism at optimum levels. Another advantage of protein diets is that they reduce the speed with which the level of insulin and blood glucose rise and fall. Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes shines more light on the discussion. When you feel anxiety by something sweet or carb, means that their intake of protein is deficient and its body to this claiming that proteins, however, make the mistake of identifying it as hunger or fatigue.

Generally when our diet of proteins is deficient, we increase weight due to the consumption of excess empty calories. Then, we turned to a diet to lose weight. Choose foods to lose weight healthy, there are also differences in these, because some contain levels more protein than other high. Among more recommended, known as food for high cholesterol, vegetable proteins of the soy beans are, and these are in juices for cholesterol elaborated based on these proteins..

Apr 28 2015

Alcohol Dependency

… I could make myself flatly refused even to such seemingly innocent temptations, like sip of champagne with friends or a glass of beer. Yes, it was hard to resist, but if I ever succumbed to the entreaties, I have come to an end. " For those who find themselves depending on the alcohol composite advises: 'If you became an alcoholic and have decided to engage with a drink, then this should be done decisively and irrevocably. One hundred per cent and for all. And give to all drinks, which have at least some alcohol – and the beer, and from wine '. 37 years of living without a homeland and without alcohol for 13 years, Mikhail Shemyakin. But once his "gypsy" in the evening with Vladimir Vysotsky thundered throughout Russia.

'Yes, in my youth I served very badly Bacchus – says the artist. – Disruptions advanced after 3 – 4 months of hard work, I came out of his studio in Paris and went where? That's right. Home Marina Vlady, where she lived with my friend Vladimir Vysotsky. Once the party ended with the Marina just kicked us out of the house. We went to the pub – we have been one of the most painful drinking sessions. Volodya, unfortunately, ended with delirium tremens … But when he left the hospital, he wrote one of his most brilliant songs: "The French demons, big boobies, but also know how to turn around …

"Vysotsky we sewed up 9 times, put the horrible experiments on his body. Give a subscription that we know what we hem, and 6 months of not drinking alcohol. Of course, this to no avail. Because all of 6 months we sat and waited, and when the damn end of 6 months. And then so frustrated that everything is humming. One day I said to myself: "Enough" – and tied it with no sewn caps. Now that's support remarkable facility for alcoholics – "House on the Hill," near St. Petersburg and is there treated many famous people. After the theft in Russia the number one problem – it's certainly alcohol. "

Apr 23 2014


Nor all the people obtain to arrive at the top of the pyramid of necessities. Some people? favours to the life circumstances? they arrive if to worry strong about auto-accomplishment necessities; others park in the necessities of esteem; others still in the social necessities, while many others are busy exclusively with physiological necessities of security and, without they obtain to satisfy them adequately. They are the calls ‘ ‘ excludos’ ‘. 3.

When the necessities lowest are reasonable satisfied, the necessities located in the raised levels more start to dominate the behavior. However, when some necessity of lower level leaves of to be satisfied it comes back to predominate in the behavior, while it generates tension in the organism. The more pressing necessity most important or automatically monopolizes the individual to organize the mobilization of the diverse facultieses of the organism to take care of it. 4. Each person always possesss more than a motivation. All the levels jointly act in the organism, dominating the raised necessities more on lowest, since that these enough satisfied or are taken care of. All necessity closely is related with the state of satisfaction or insatisfao of other necessities.

Its effect on the organism is always global and joint and never isolated. 5. Any motivated behavior is as a canal for which many basic necessities can express be or satisfied jointly. 6. Any frustration or possibility of frustration of the satisfaction of certain necessities passes to be considered psychological threat. This threat is that it produces the general reactions of emergency in the human behavior. Freederick Herzberg (1959) developed the theory of the Two Factors of the Motivation, that identifies different factors as being basic in the satisfaction in the work, calls of Factors of Hygiene and Factors of Motivation. The excellent aspects of the work to the necessities of animal nature are called Hygienical factors.

Mar 15 2013

ADHD Difficulty

Therefore, I propose: "A closer look human for whom you have" There are several versions of AD-H, as described below: A. Attention Deficit Hyperactive-Impulsive predominantly constant concern. Difficulty remaining seated. Easily distracted. Trouble silence.

Often loses things needed for their activities. Difficulty in measuring the risk and consequences of their actions. B. Attention Deficit inattentive. Hyperactivity is not They seem to be always present on the moon. Are easily distracted by stimuli that apparently have no importance for the rest of the people. Are passive and not involved in group activities.

Difficulty remembering the instructions that require a sequence. They forget what the next step in their tasks. Do not know where to leave something important C. Attention Deficit Disorder combined type: This type of disorder is a combination of the two. The person exhibits characteristics of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. How is it diagnosed? First of all it is important to reiterate that this is a disorder and that its diagnosis requires a multidisciplinary team WHO ARE INVOLVED IN THE DIAGNOSIS? Physician: Neurologist and / or Clinical History Studies Paidopsiquiatra cabinet as: Electroencephalogram Tomography Laboratory studies of medical assessment depends on whether the child or young person or do not require medication. Psychologists and specialist teachers: And they assess: Performance intellectual and academic performance. Perceptual skills. Emotional state strong and weak areas in its school functioning assess the presence of learning problems and areas. Assessments and interviews with teachers and parents. Assessment of personality and family environment. PARENTS AND TEACHERS NEED TO JOIN A TEAM Generally, parents and school teachers who are more in touch with children and adolescents with this problem must be informed and be vigilant in order to make a timely intervention for these kids and help them their learning process and building of their personality. IS NOT THE SAME Being diagnosed with ADHD Sufferers Avoid negative ways of relating to them and their problems. They are children and adolescents with a disorder. They are not the problem. In everything we care for those suffering from the ADHD. We have all the information on it and we provide electronic material that allows you to know, learn and use practical and useful tools for parents and educators Ana Giorgana.