Mar 31 2021


The success of the new Wellnesspotals after the soft launch will begin in July show first user numbers now with targeted marketing activities and the sale of Advertorials and banners. The information portal is filled with ideas and suggestions around the theme of wellness with an appealing blend of attractive imagery and PR posts. That is the innovative concept, also the first user numbers prove: 4.46 minutes average time spent on the new portal. Readers call 5.81 pages on a success in average, which is based among other things on the variety of seven different subject areas. And because the Web site content is updated with news and trends, 43,48% of visitors return already regularly! Accordingly, the operator is expecting more than 16 500 readers in September. This is in addition supported by the generation of over 50,000 newsletter subscribers until December. Join the new portal as a modern communication platform for your advertising and PR! Contact:, Barbara Lenhard Tel: + 49 (0) 89 44 23 83 38 E-mail: press contact: GmbH Jenny Pohl Elisabethenstrasse 25 D-80796 Munich Tel: + 49 (0) 89 21 38 39 82 E-Mail:

Mar 30 2021

Officer Modification

Loan modification software: auditing loan modification needs loan modification software is getting very popular on the internet among both modification companies and homeowners. Nowadays, loan modification software is considered as a boom in the business especially for the companies and individuals who are related or not, to the loan industry. Due to economic crises, everyday, many homeowners in the UK are undergoing a phase of non-payment of monthly loan amount. This situation is turning worse. But to give a support, qualified loan modification companies are playing active role in providing the assistance that is needed to complete the process of a loan modification with varied options of gaining a favorable decision.

As the name specifies, the loan modification is a permanent change in the terms of the borrower’s home loan. This allows the loan to be repaid depending upon the payment that the homeowner can afford. For qualifying a loan modification, a homeowner needs to offer a proof of income and a complete and accurate financial statement that provide a complete detail of income and expenses. This document specifies that you are capable of affording the new. lower payment. Each homeowner has different circumstances that have caused them to fall behind on their home loan. Generally, the lenders consider divorce, loss of income, death of spouse, illness, job relocation and military service.

A compelling hardship letter is a very important in the application. The loan modification software dacha the volume of loan that you can process. In the end, you can modify for more loans. Therefore, it can be said that loan modifications require careful and consistent processes. Loan modification software is getting very popular on the internet among both modification companies and homeowners. This software has a variety of features. The features for homeowners are the main focus. The aspect that attracts the most people to use this software is not only the features, but so the price. The cost of software is very genuine. George Thomasan is loan modification Officer.

Mar 30 2021

Service Provider AGIVERA Ltd

The participants were more than satisfied with the existing cooperation and want them now to expand the LVI offers a free check in particular its member companies in cooperation with AGIVERA AG Karlsruhe for the succession. Stands in the foreground this first strategic – reception and is discussing the potential in terms of sales and purchase options in the middle-class environment. The company perform a several hours free workshop in this context with the AGIVERA suburb. Then, the company is given a practical recommendation for action to the hand. You may find Jenny Craig to be a useful source of information. The Managing Director of the LVI explains Mr Wolfgang Wolf: we continue to determine a very great interest in the succession issue for our members. With AGIVERA AG, we have gained a mergers & acquisitions specialist for the cooperation which independently qualifies our members and especially confidential gives an initial comprehensive analysis of potential with concrete assistance. We want the successful cooperation that due to our very positive experience permanently ongoing.” The LVI Beratungs – und Service GmbH is the consulting company of the sectoral economic umbrella organization of the industry in Baden-Wurttemberg. ( the AGIVERA AG is a specialized medium-sized succession, independent M & A advisory firm. (www.agivera.

Mar 29 2021

HYPOXI Munchen-Schwabing Launches Art Sponsorship

Invitation to the opening of the exhibition with Andreas Goetz Munich, the November 23, 2008 on Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 6: 00 opened the HYPOXI Studio Munchen-Schwabing the exhibition one second with works of the painter Andreas Gotz. His paintings, most of them in oil, show people: their faces, their bodies, individually and in groups. How should it be otherwise in an environment where man and his body in the Center? Gotz focused scenes that could come from a city walk and would leave some indifferent. It enables spectacular insights into a seemingly unspectacular reality. And these insights the HYPOXI Studio Munchen-Schwabing invites you to his customers, members of the press and all interested parties. The exhibition starts in the summer of 2008 new quality HYPOXI Studio opened its arts funding initiative.

The sponsors of Ingrid and Rolf Rohrl want to support the social commitment of the artist and art teacher, of the sales of his paintings benefit from various art projects at Bavarian schools wants to leave. His works can be seen (Mon Fri 9 am 8 pm and sat 9 am 1 pm) until December 31, 2008 during the regular Studio opening hours in the Gisela road 10. HYPOXI HYPOXI ( is a patented method of Bodyshaping, which successfully moves to tackle even stubborn fat deposits. Special, tailored to the specific problem zones treatment suits and equipment produce alternately during the 30-minute application overflow and vacuum. Regardless of physical performance ability, Constitution and alter metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated, promote detoxification. The pressure switch at the same time causes a tightening of the skin and connective tissue. To succeed in burning fat even in places where sports and diets fail.

HYPOXI-Studio Munchen-Schwabing Munchen-Schwabing HYPOXI quality Studio is an offshoot of the Fitness Club lifestyle GmbH (, which for several years in Munich-Perlach home is. While the Perlacher offer combines classic device training with a varied programme and Bodyshaping method, the Schwabinger devoted to Studio only the body sculpting. On the one hand it is a specialized certified quality HYPOXI Studio, on the other hand, it offers a more effective and time-saving way to model the body and to keep fit with miha bodytec-(EMS proceedings): A special device stimulates the (depth) muscles via electrode pulses. Muscle, tissue firming and cellulite treatment: after one or two 20-minute applications, whose Intensitat can be adjusted individually and which correspond to a 17 training effect, there are significant results. Studio contact: Hypoxi-quality Studio Munchen-Schwabing Gisela InStr 10 80802 Munich Tel. 089 2102860-7 fax 089 2102860-8 press contact: Dieter Baumann KTM media press service top Alpe 11 82057 Icking Tel. 08171 76700 mobile 0171 4410660

Mar 29 2021

False Allegations Successfully

Press release of Mediatex GmbH / Thor Steinar from recent events we first would point out that in the media constantly emerging false allegations addressed by press, entitled the Mediatex GmbH with all available means. For over four years, targeted false allegations from a variety of media were repeatedly recorded and disseminated. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Fitness. Were in scandalous way and, with considerable ignorance of the facts, mantra long rejected and withdrawn allegations regarding the brand Thor Steinar\”more widespread. To avoid useless work all involved here we publish a selection of examples of successful counter notification requirements, cease and desist letters, corrections and the omission commitments by the 22.09.2004 until November 13, 2008 with benevolent attention please. \”In addition was added: the Kingdom of Norway has neither the brand Thor Steinar\” still the company Mediatex sued. Such a procedure was never and is not legal pending. November 13, 2008 this Declaration was withdrawing I, Gerd Wagner, German sports youth, following me on the website time online made statement:.

(u0085) Just this brand is demonstrated that the proceeds from the sales to flow again in the rightist scene.\” For infringement, I agree to pay a sum of 5.100,-euro to Mediatex GmbH. With friendly regards, Gerd Wagner _ cease and desist Rene Kretzschmar, c/o the left. Brandenburg at the Havel obligation towards the company, Mediatex GmbH. legally culpable infringement to be paid, if necessary by the competent court to refrain from validating appropriate penalty, to assert the following: 1. Mr Kopelke is involved in the local Naziszene, \”2. Thor Steinar\” is a clothing brand which is produced and sold from the environment of the Nazi scene. 3. you who uses nationalist symbolism related to the NS… \” \”05.11.2008 Rene Kretzschmar reply in the direct broadcast\” radio station mephisto 97.6 \”was on December 10, 2007, under the title: remains of Thor Steinar shop?\”, regarding the company, Mediatex GmbH, claims the following: Jonas Grutzpalk, employee of the Brandenburg Constitution protection says that there are right-wing extremists belonging to the company.

Mar 29 2021

Quit Smoking Tips

Giving up smoking looks impossible for a smoking addict but if certain tips are followed Tuxedo can be eradicated completely. Smoking is so very common and prevalent. Men and women smoke vigorously to insane level. Addicts find it darn hard to kick the habit. Smoking kills and not just plain killing it butchers one’s vital organs and eats them away. Smoking is as good as poison. One might find it really very hard to quit.

But the hard or sometimes bad habits they never and take away one’s life in a manner very displeasing. Smoking is so bad that it not only affects the smoker alone but so the people in their vicinity. Quitting the habit might be hard but it isn’t impossible. But it will take a lot of mental strength and will power to quit the habit of smoking. The brain is completely programmed, if you are on addict, you crave badly for a smoke as your brain triggers the urge to smoke and ask for inhaling more nicotine.

It is nothing but intelligent drug that makes body crave for smoking again and again. Chewing gum can help for some time, but the head at won’t stop if one does not smoke. It is not all of a sudden that one has can quit smoking. It requires a lot of training and conditioning the mind. The process is more mental and psychological. One has to start reducing the number of cigars and cigarettes, at first. And gradually bring the number down. Easier to say, but to quit it, it takes a lot of effort and willingness. Reluctantly if one tries, it is of no. use. One has to keep in mind what dreadful and deadly things it does to the lungs, respiratory tract and mouth. It literally eats away the vital stuff. One has to condition their mind to smoking continuously stay away from. Keeping a picture of a cancerous lung can help; It looks disastrous, black and filthy. Fear of such partition can invoke repulsive feelings with the cigarettes. Many people that with cancers and burning of the lungs due to extreme habit of smoking. Women have to keep in mind that when they get pregnant and continue to smoke their child-to-be will be born with malfunctions and deformed body. Samantha Nicole is writer of quit smoking pill coupons. For more information about champix, Chantix coupons visit

Mar 26 2021

Ophthalmology Association

Dr. med. Wiesbaden Susanne Ostermaier, specialist in ophthalmology opened their private practice of optometrist in Wiesbaden. The modern equipped eye surgeries Dr. Emun Zabihi may help you with your research. Ostermaier is located in Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg. “On their homepage is the doctor in detail before your practice and informed check-up eyes about the diagnosis and treatment range with a focus on glaucoma screening examination of the ocular fundus, precautionary”, Sehschule and opinion. The eyesight is one of the highest assets that we have. Our main goal is to get it and to ensure the optimal diagnosis and treatment in case of illness.

Our concern is patient optimally and their expectations with plenty of time to take care of, without waiting and in a relaxed atmosphere. The scheduling is designed so that we can assign dates without waiting at short notice; If desired also in the evenings or on Saturdays.” The practice is in the area “at the pear tree” in Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg and is also from the Centre in just a few minutes to reach. All consulting rooms are on the ground floor, are barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. Several patient parking is available directly in front of the door. Practice address: Dr.

med. Susanne Ostermaier private Augenarztpraxis of Kloppenheimer interchange 13 65191 Wiesbaden phone: 0611 / 5410 1800 fax: 0611 / 5410 1801 email: website: Dr. Susanne Ostermaier leads since 1997 the Berufsbezeichung: on the 21.5.97 awarded “Specialist in ophthalmology” by the Landesarztekammer Frankfurt. She is a member of the Landesarztekammer Hessen and member of the following professional associations: professional associations of eye physicians Association (BVA) German society of Ophthalmology Association Rhein Main ophthalmologists German society for aesthetic Botox therapy e.

Mar 24 2021

Their Own Whirlpool Now More Comfortable Shopping

New payment option in our online shop the company pool expert introduces as payment type credit card payment for his customers and respond to the increased demand for this secure payment method. Whirlpool Internet address, the customer can now all his wellness wishes. A non-reasonable number of all products displayed in the shop are held on-site in the camp and can quickly be sent to the customer. Click Emun Zabihi to learn more. Only when individual products such as a whirlpool or Jacuzzi, the customer must reckon with a waiting time for delivery. The transactions performed in the data center that is secured and certified in accordance with MasterCard and visa.

The stored data are here effective and protected from unauthorized access. The advantages of this payment option are clearly obvious: it is simple, safe and also very fast. The ordered goods can be delivered without delay to the customer because the payment process takes place within a few seconds. Of course, no credit card data from the dealer are stored. There is no minimum order value in the shop. Be surprised by the diversity of the offered tubs and whirlpools, let your dream of a stylish bath become reality. Expert advice and a nationwide customer service round off the offer. Press contact: pool expert whirlpool tubs & whirlpools Andreas Mansfeld Wittelsbachstrasse 45 D-67061 Ludwigshafen phone: 0621-15 20 497 Internet: pool expert swimming pool equipment was established in 2005 as a company for distribution of pools, Sauna accessories, whirlpool tubs and whirlpools in Ludwig Harbour on the Rhine. The experience accumulated over the years from the swimming pool and sauna area are now many customers from home and abroad. and Jacuzzi interested Internet users see a rich assortment of which certainly no wish to design a wellness oasis at home leaves.

Feb 12 2020

DSSV Fitness

Lecture ‘The safe way to more health and better quality of life’ on the 6th of July at 19: 00 in the triple gym Poing with support from the Institute for prevention of transfer of the Center for sports medicine prevention of the University of Bielefeld and the renowned manufacturer of fitness equipment milon holds Andreas Bredenkamp on Wednesday, the 6th of July with his team a thrilling and informative lecture on the topics of exercise, diet and relaxation. Intake in the triple Gymnasium (sports ground Poing) is at 18:30, beginning at 19: 00. Most people is aware that regular exercise, a balanced diet and the proper handling of stress are important for the performance and general well-being. But how and how often should you exercise? How can one improve his nutritional habits? How to get to more relaxation in everyday life and how do you deal with stress? Fitness expert, author and motivational speaker Andreas Bredenkamp answered these and other questions on July 6 at his lecture in Poing. Andreas Bredenkamp is one Books sold with a circulation of 500,000 to one of the most widely read authors of the fitness industry. His best-selling successfully train”(” for the first time in 1990 under the title train in the gym “appeared) is a classic of the literature on this topic. Here he explains understandable and yet at a high level, thing to note is when fitness training in the gym.

Also Bredenkamp is inventor of the fitness licence”(originally published in his book the concept of coach”). This is according to estimates of the DSSV is a concept of care for gyms, (German gym Association) more than 10 years ago by over 1,000 clubs in Germany for the Member care used was. Bredenkamp, of which he speaks and how he understandable, clear and entertaining manner must package it white as an Sportwisssenschaftler and Germanist (University of Munster), as well as former German Champion in bodybuilding (1986).

Oct 07 2019

Successful Entrepreneurs

The event takes place con Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim on October 25 and 26 in the m:. The Congress of the future industry is prevention, fitness and health anniversary event at the same time to the 30-year anniversary of the BSA-Akademie and the five-year anniversary of the German University. Exciting lectures and an attractive social programme including Congress Party with live music are offered. There is also the opportunity to interact with industry peers, successful entrepreneurs and visionaries of the industry and to take as new input for the daily work. “” Learn, what is successful on this year’s Congress will be rise under the title: people making markets “all around the topic of success factors for companies” turn. Others who may share this opinion include CEO of Ford .

What are the critical success factors in the industry? How are these can be influenced, used opportunities and thus the competitiveness of secured long-term? Successful Entrepreneurs are in their lectures tips and strategies explaining how they have built their businesses and further develop reinforce successes and develop new markets. On the second day of the Congress on the second day, the specialist forums movement, management, nutrition and occupational health management are specialist forums as usual on the Congress programme. Interesting links: rise of Congress ( speaker Klaus Kobjoll ( speaker klaus kobjoll /) program ( program /) registration ( login /) studied at the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG), the students to specialists and executives for the growth market of prevention, fitness, sports and health qualify. The Bachelor degree programmes in the fields of sports economics, fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and presence phases in “Study centres in Germany (nationwide), Austria or of Switzerland and close with the degree of Bachelor of Arts” from. In addition a master’s degree in the field of study offered to prevention and health management, which combine a correspondence course with attendance phases. In addition, there are College continuing education, involving experts in selected theme blocks knowledge at university level can purchase. Professionally highly qualified people”can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree without high school diploma/qualification.

Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible. Meanwhile, over 3,800 aspiring specialists and executives for the industry of the future (as of January 2013) study at the University. The registration for the Bachelor’s degree can be done at any time, a registration for the master’s in for summer – / winter semester. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College are accredited and recognized in over 40 European countries. Contact details: German College for prevention and health management Sabine Mack Hermann Neuberger sports school 3 66-123 Saarbrucken Tel. + 49 681 6855-220