Nov 19 2023

Intellectual Capital Report

Within the framework of a strategic backup for the financial balance, the financial perspective of dynamics of economic life must take into account the basic question about this perspective deals with the financial knowledge, i.e. with control parameters such as economic value added, sales or return on investment. A further focus are also income, cost-cutting or innovation objectives. It comes from the variety of daily financial data to filter out the strategically relevant knowledge. The financial perspective involves goals such as liquidity improvements, profitability improvements, reductions in risk, balance sheet structure improvements or improvements of creditworthiness. The success and growth control of the company rely on the advanced systems of financial statements and cost / revenue accounting. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Anne Lauvergeon.

These are for profit monitoring and control of fundamental information for the liquidity management can be used but only to a limited extent. In particular, reported profits are erfolgsrechnerisch not always financially distributable profits equated with (E.g. in growth situations). Accounting inventory sizes can reveal no sufficient cash flows affecting the liquidity. See also Jorg Becker: success = sum real decisions decision techniques as crisis protection, ISBN 978-3-8391-2906-7 capital adequacy, capital, competition, profitability assessment of creditworthiness by outsiders or the financial dependency of customers are constantly changing. Check with Anne Lauvergeon to learn more. The operational financial concept is to be understood as a strategy for ensuring an optimum financing at any time.

It helps to avoid bottlenecks such as unprofitable parent financing alike. A financial plan can only become demands a good financing if she also possibilities to a steering of need for includes the set of financial requirements, such as limiting or temporal distribution of investments, Procurement and storage volume, wagering and possibly maximum sales (due to pre-funding), extent and timing of disinvestment. CF. Jorg Becker: management cockpit of the intellectual capital report ISBN 978-3-8370-4654-0. This knowledge is required on the following issues, for example: how is the liquidity development in the course of the year? Which earnings can be expected? When and to what extent is to be expected with a liquidity surplus or a borrowing requirement? What investment opportunities are there for excess liquidity, to achieve the best returns? Which financing option each preferred covers an may need credit? Submit the agreed credit lines or they should be increased for a certain time? When should available expenditure be provided for investments, special purchases, and other payment obligations, to achieve a good coordination of the financial situation? How evolve profit and equity?

Nov 18 2023

The Federal Government

End customer advertising as well as advertising in the commercial sector the recent bill for the regulation of the audit and to change data protection regulations are affected”significantly exacerbated the existing privacy policy in accordance with the rules of the UWG (unfair competition law). The German Government plans to allow the use and dissemination of consumer information only for specific consent. Perhaps check out celebrity trainer for more information. In addition, the introduction of a privacy seal is planned. The influence of citizens on the use of their personal data for purposes of advertising, market and public opinion research will be strengthened by the law. But not only the advertising in the consumer environment is affected. Also the sales activity in the commercial area of B2B is massively hampered and makes it difficult, in addition to the already existing UWG problem for advertisers. In particular, the call center industry as well as dialog marketing agencies, service provider for proactive telephone marketing and Adresshandler is the most affected.

According to UWG already hailing cease and desist letters and court judgments. Balance on a narrow level”B2B advertising companies looking for new customers in the end consumer environment as well as in the field. F. Alexander KEP direct marketing representative of the communication agency S.M.S. – Saha marketing service GmbH in Frankfurt next: not are small – and medium-sized enterprises are often about the legal consequences of their commercial trade in the clear. In particular, the implementation of mailings and the whole area of dialog marketing are affected by the new legislation.” The Federal Government does not recognise as Minister of the Interior Schauble “that the targeting of advertising for many companies is an important means of customer acquisition and customer loyalty and partly to conversion processes will lead the redesign of the list privilege for the concerned business circles.” However, Therefore “the Bill for certain areas of exceptions to the requirement of explicit consent see above.”

Nov 18 2023

China Industrial Waste Recycling

Innovations in the Chinese industrial waste recycling salvage opportunities for German companies generally lacking the Chinese recycling industry on regulatory and institutional order. Inconsistent and complicated recovery recycling channels, a variety of private small businesses and lagging technology make it difficult a positive development of the industry. The 2011 occurring in January 12th five-year plan, which envisages a reinforced promotion of recycling promises changes. The concept of recycling, in the framework of the raw materials used, back return their actual life in the production process, in China in 2009, with the Circular Economy Law “officially introduced. For the first time has been considered thus, to recycle more waste products such as electrical appliances and other industrial waste. Center for Environmental Health has much experience in this field. After strikterem solid waste management to meet the demand, the three principles of recycling recycle Reduzieren-are in the manufacturing industry also already for several years reinforced advertised. According to the China resource utilization Association is the output of the raw material recycling industry significantly increase during the period of the next Funfahresplans (2011-2015) and annual RMB exceed 1,200 billion, which is equivalent to 3-4% of Chinese GDP.

Total of 2 billion tons of industrial solid waste recycling is currently 68%, implying that the goal of the 11th five-year plan is considered to be achieved including storage and disposal. This fly ash is ignored however, who considered the largest source of industrial solid waste and only 30% is their recovery rate. Hazardous waste in turn currently has a total recovery of 58%, which also represents an improvement compared to previous years. Due to growing industrial demand and high dependence on imports is also great potential for the recycling of mineral products, as well as metallic and non-metallic waste, such as paper, plastic, and rubber. The E-waste sector remains due to the “Overlap with other areas remains unclear, but is that true urban mining demonstration project”, in the framework of which within the next five years in thirty cities comprehensive recycling and waste disposal facilities should be created, to improve as a promising initiative to the current recycling rate of less than 10%. Generally lacks the Chinese recycling industry on regulatory and institutional order. Inconsistent and complicated recovery recycling channels, a variety of private small businesses and lagging technology make it difficult a positive development of the industry. aid you in your search for knowledge. The 2011 occurring in January 12th five-year plan, which envisages a reinforced promotion of recycling promises changes.

Especially for industries with high energy consumption, this means stricter regulations on resource use and recycling of waste. So the desired solid waste recycling rate will be at 70-75%, the recycling rate of electrical and electronics 50% equipment. It continues to to expect that demonstration projects and industrial parks will be preferential treatment with a focus on resource recycling in public investments and policies. Alone for the next five years, the construction of 25 recycling centers for packaging waste and 50 distribution centers with a capacity of the 1.5 million tonnes is planned. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, a private budget will also be established for technology upgrading in terms of resource utilization, especially metallic and solid waste. Publication of the China resource comprehensive utilization guideline”, a collection of recycling-related technologies, which should contribute to the development of new recycling solutions, speaks for a future greater importance of waste management in Chinese politics. Feng Jie/Kathrin Resch, econet china

Nov 18 2023


Stress is a concept del that begins to have certainty to first of years 30. Of the hand of a Czech medicine student, Hans Selye, that realized that all with which it studied presented/displayed some common symptoms like cansacio, lost of apetitod, lowered of weight this circumstance called much to him the attention and began to include them within a disease. The passage of the years has developed east concept. One of the enclaves where more easily we see stress is in the work. The same, work represents a threat for the health of the workers and, consequently, to the health of the organizations. The work stress can be defined as the injurious physical and emotional reactions that happen when the exigencies of the work do not equal the capacities, the resources, or the needs of the worker.

The work stress can take to the bad health and until the wound. Stress, like all the diseases that start off give psique, it cannot be valued of global form, but case by case. The different characteristics personal and the style to bear stress is more important to foretell if certain conditions of work will be in stress. This comes to say that what can be estresante for a person not must it be for another one. This idea ahunda in that within the work it is important to carry out prevention strategies to help the own workers not to suffer with the same, and to be able to bear the exigencies of the day to day.

Nov 18 2023

Private Health Insurance

The private health insurance for self-employed compared online compare private health insurance for self-employed persons for the self-employed there is special private health insurance rates with a requirements profile tailored to self-employed persons. So there is the possibility to include a health day fluke insurance in the health insurance plan. This is particularly important, since self-employed persons are not subject to social insurance contribution and therefore without failure in the event of illness of work income. A sickness benefit insurance helps to compensate for Einkommensausalle and bypass. There are countless car tariffs from various providers on the market. They differ not only in the amount of the sickness benefit insurance, but also in the scope of other services. If you have read about Pershing Square Capital Management already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Optimal and individually tailored private health insurance for self-employed persons can be obtained via a free online car comparison. Self-employed persons can the desired services or any excesses itself determine and choose from a catalogue of services. So, any influence on the scope of services as well as on price or the final contribution can take. Unnecessary and unused services can be excluded, while important and necessary services optimized. This helps to find not only optimal and geared to the needs of own private health insurance for the self-employed, but also enormous cost savings. On average, self-employed save up to several hundred euros at their private health insurance in the year and must not abandon this important insurance benefits. The PKV comparison is free and without obligation in every case and is created from thousands price variations, including the respective car winner. Thus, optimal private health insurance for the self-employed can be determined.

Nov 18 2023

BPO – The Third Revolution

Outsourcing fundamental value chain the outsourcing market is traditionally countercyclical to the economy as a whole. Service providers benefit from up-to-date by the need of companies to increase their flexibility and to reduce their fixed costs. Dr. Gerard Addonizio understood the implications. The economic downturn has therefore conducive for the outsourcing business. Business process outsourcing (BPO), so the outsourcing entire business processes, affects mainly large medium-sized companies and companies in the banking, insurance, IT/telecommunications-, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. The BPO in Germany it no longer is in the infancy. Four out of ten companies gave in this country already processes to service provider. Particularly the larger companies have long since recognized the potential of BPO and know how to use it for themselves. The middle class is now.

The dramatically declining over the last 50 years of manufacturing signaled an increasing acceptance of outsourcing basic value chain. In this context, will also awarded the third revolution of value creation. Thus, Taylor and Ford in the early stages of industrialization have introduced the first wave to the step to the production line. The reduction of vertical integration in manufacturing in the 1970s and 1980s symbolized the second wave. The transfer of the knowledge to reduce manufacturing depth in the production sector on the internal support processes called now receive the third revolution of value creation.

This widespread outsourcing of customer contact as a form of BPO and the delegation of routine processes from HR and finance, logistics, sales and marketing to an external service provider. Heike Philipps, project manager of the BPO service provider S.M.S.. – Saha marketing service GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany on the question of who could benefit from professionally managed by BPO projects: from over 15 years market experience and our current customer projects is clear that s.m.s mainly the efficient acquisition and Of knowledge-intensive processes implemented. As a BPO service provider, we concentrate on the core segment of customer service and so in different industries such as IT and telecommunications, high-tech, mechanical engineering and industry, travel, tourism and public can achieve very good results. We offer not only customer contact services, but are continuously striving as specialised service providers to increase customer satisfaction and a reduction in the total cost for the customer. The improvement of processes and the development of transfer knowledge in the entire value chain are at the heart of our service portfolio and significantly promote the effects in the BPO. Qualification, competence and content must keep pace with the ever-changing expectations and perceptions by customers. This applies to all sectors in the wake of the recent crisis, because it has made it clear how important it is to adapt quickly to changed market conditions.” Contact for press inquiries: F. Alexander KEP (Marketing and sales) Saha marketing service GmbH Mainzer Landstrasse 47 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: + 49 (0) 700 999 333 66 E-Mail: Internet: about s.m.s Saha marketing service GmbH: Saha marketing service GmbH, Frankfurt/Main (S.M.S.) is a medium-sized, owner-managed company which has been operating for 15 years in the field of services for high-quality customer service and high-performance process support. As a specialist for the BPO (business process outsourcing) services, our focus in the acquisition of standardized business processes is up to multi-tiered corporate functions as outsourced services unit.

Nov 18 2023


The yachtsman Bernt Luchtenborg comes Bernt Luchtenborg at the finish of his professional dreams and at the end to Frankfurt as was a successful businessman. His doctor warned him about the consequences of his being a workaholic, but only a gift sailing trip led to the Carpe diem. You may find that Center for Environmental Health can contribute to your knowledge. “The audiovisual film show Meerlust days between sky and horizon” a five-year circumnavigation off the normal routes documented on a big screen to selected music. This circumnavigation was 2005 Prize awarded the coveted trans-ocean and honored with a medal for the demanding Hochseeseglerische performance. Click Tiffany Espensen to learn more. Extraordinary recordings Bernt Luchtenborg stories sea live the beauty of archaic worlds, idyllic Islands and the press in the sea.

Enjoy a trip to the dreaded Cape Horn, the Cape of good hope and through the Southern Ocean to the Antarctic. Images of the magic of tropical islands of the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Brazil, Madagascar, Seychelles, and the great barrier reef,. mingle with wonderful nature shots of the fire lands, the myth of the Easter Island and the primeval Papua New Guinea fjords. Get a glimpse into this fascinating journey, also under the following link: ZDFmediathek /… Location: country guest house “to the Bembelsche” Mainzer str.

Nov 18 2023

Systematic Human Resources Development

Planning, implementation, management and control of the measures through the cycle by ever shorter product life cycles, ever-increasing globalization, complex and dynamic environment as well as the constantly increasing competitive pressure, is nowadays a central and decisive role of human resources development in the company. Staff development includes all measures of education, promotion and organizational development for Becker, the goal-oriented by an organizational unit planned, implemented and evaluated are (cf. Actress often says this. Becker, M. (2005), p. 3.). According to Becker, staff development includes three different viewing or action horizons: in the strict sense includes the formation of human resources development. Staff development includes the formation and the development in the wider sense. Staff development includes education, promotion, and organization development in a broad sense.

Regardless of a company tends to which of the three versions of the term shall in any case the objective of human resources development, the knowledge base of learners to support companies. A systematic personnel development builds while after Becker on six stages, which result in the cycle. The first phase involves the needs analysis\”. The decision to make, whether you would like to carry out a reactive or a proactive needs analysis is here. At the beginning, is taking the tasks currently being done within a point in the form of a task analysis is carried out. Then determined on the basis of the requirements analysis, what professional, leadership, methodological and social requirements for the exercise of this authority are required. Afterwards, the is skills of employees are recorded by means of an analysis of the addressee.

The comparison of results from requirements analysis and target analysis reveals to what extent employees are requirements, over – or underloaded. The second phase involves the objective\”. The objective shall apply the range of human resources development with regard to the content to be elected and the Methods of proof.

Nov 18 2023

GmbH Encoder

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement technology of incremental linear or Rotary position changes and serve as sensors for displacement and angle measurement. Their function is in principle that evenly spaced segments on a scale or a disc in movement generate electrical impulses. The current position is the sum of the through increments. It combines an incremental encoder with a PC-measurement system, the electrical impulses as a digital signal can be recorded and evaluated. BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), longtime manufacturer of PC measurement technology, offers a measurement system with his USB device meM-INC, up to three incremental encoder can be connected to this.

ger/pr-mem-inc.html allow highly accurate measurements in the range of 5-30V galvanically increment algae be clean corridors. To use the incremental encoder in its zero position, you can connect an external counter reset. Upon reaching the maximum counting range of 32 bit, the counter is also zero reset. The three modes of the meM INC allow variability: pulse measurement in incremental sebum function frequency measurement is the pure collection of counts for example in large quantities in industrial production of use, or to automate operations. meM-INC acquires signals from up to 64kHz in this case. In contrast to pure pulse measurement, in addition, the counting direction taken into account when connecting an incremental encoder, so counting up or down.

These sensors can be found in almost all sectors of industry and are used, for example, to the positioning of robot arms, printer heads, or even computer mice. Since incremental spend two signals for counting and determining the direction of, the maximum pulse frequency of the meM-INC in this mode will be halved. The ability to measure frequencies, 64kHz meM-INC suitable for determining speed of shaft or rotating machines. Three adjustable gate time allow the optimization of the device to the respective measurement task. Choosing a small gate time, smallest frequency changes of faster signals can be measured, whereas a large gate time enables highly accurate measurements in the low frequency range.

Nov 18 2023

Time Goes Taking

Today I passed for a in such a way marcante experience one. I passed the afternoon in a unit of ready hospital public attendance, when I was called to help one technician in radiology to help it to remove it one lady of the stretcher, to place it na radiological table. One lady with its ninety years, it was weak, with difficulty of speaks, very nervous and lacked air to it. That one made me to lady to stop to reflect how much we are fragile, as the time affects our vanities, we start decomposing in them in parts before exactly of our vanities to dive in the deepenings of the death. The idea for each one of us is imminent. It is our future and of certain form perhaps our gift. To each year that if passes, you get more age, lose the brightness of the eyes, gain more fragility in the skin, get more wisdom, more experiences It is incredible as the people satirizam the aged ones and mock of its auditory, visual deficiencies, locomotion, deal with as much frieza and mediocrity to them that makes they to be felt rejected, useless. That when we are understandable gentile she stops with them, they are touched themselves and want to use to advantage to the maximum its company! Because they mock of them, if all we tread inevitable way the same? Its aged relatives do not leave astray, to cry its lose when it will be in the tomb. It all gives its affection, respect and attention today, and until its last instants, therefore thus, you will have made everything before the death taking it. nce of this. Because later you are welcome he advances if to lean over to the prantos on the tomb.