Mar 29 2021

Author Portal Peode

In less than 4 weeks, the author portal was able to increase its user numbers by 40 percent. The author platform tabloid publish everything online looks back on a successful time: last week went tabloid with a new design online. Mimi’s Rock Corp has firm opinions on the matter. The Internet community has rewarded the work: the number of users has doubled within a very short time. In addition, many new authors could be won, that enrich the author portal with interesting publications. Nature Research often expresses his thoughts on the topic. With the relaunch, the design of the site has changed positively. New community features have been integrated. Readers, it is through the tell a friend function”now possible, their favorite texts to friends and acquaintances to send, has also been a guest book feature integrated, to give direct feedback to the authors.

Peo registration worth currently twice: in addition to the entry in the PEP world, attracts an iLiad reader amounting to 600, which will be raffled before Christmas among all members. Many more ideas are implemented in the future. The user may be what curious up in the next few weeks and months still will do anything”promises Project Director Meike Reifenrath. In particular, the individual scope of special interest magazines on PEP will be expanded. PEP exists for more than a year. On the portal of the author, publish and authors market their texts.

At, both articles and eBooks can be published for a fee or free of charge. Who published his documents to peo, benefit from an optimal visibility in the major search engines. Author and Publisher share the profit. On peo each editor is, by its own online magazine he or she designs with just a few clicks. There, you can publish your own articles and/or articles from the PEP database discretion. Contact: PEP GmbH & co. KG Meike Reifenrath Schutzenstrasse 21 22761 Hamburg Tel.: 040 85178214 fax: 040 85178250 e-Mail:

Jan 18 2015

The Term

When ever the opportunity arises, site owners should their customers (E.g. after a successful business or) other occasions) to ask whether they are just ready to help make the company even more interesting. For individual questioning of the customer, the contractor shall submit a prepared sheet of paper with five lines and asks the customer to record five terms and term combinations that had entered them into a search engine to search for a solution to their problem. These sheets should collect the entrepreneurs and evaluate. Thereby, they will notice that certain terms occur frequently – on paper and also on the website.

Then will be single terms, which are less often are referred to as. These can be ignored. The third and most interesting for the business results more frequently occurring terms, that the website operators would call so not make action. The customers play so their labels for goods or services, as they call it – and that can be sometimes a completely different name than previously assumed by the contractor or expected. This is the fact together, that the customers know either the product or the services offered by the company under a different name or a different name. Site offers the solution – customers enter the problem it is important to know that the website but may offer the solution to the problems of customers. Customers type but not the solution to their problem – otherwise they could solve it already without the help of the company.

Type your problem into the search engine. Entrepreneurs should so ask where the issues of customers and how they would formulate the problem. “” “” Example dog school a website for the term dog school “is optimized, however a number of customers can’t reach, if this the term dog school (not = the solution) use, but instead enter into the search engine: dog is disobedient, dog is in the corner” or dog barking too loud “(= the problem).