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Grand Takes Over Womens German Blogging

New editorial team behind the veteran of the German blogosphere Berlin, June 30, 2011. The operators of digital after long negotiations with SmashingMedia (including the existing on the market for 14 years platform and Grand Lady “German blogging took over. Now from internal circles has become known, the big deal was”already before 4 weeks away from the public in the tranquil Freiburg im Breisgau instead. The first changes in are now also graphically and in terms of content noticeable. So, the new team in the future want to placing greater emphasis on the topics of online marketing, design, video, programming and monetization. With the new and optimized design, well operation has become clear in the first step. We plan also to old strength to lead and DrWeb! “, says Tobias Knoof, founder of digital” In addition, we are establishing a kind of blog network, to improve outreach and branding.

The goal is DrWeb in one big brand to convert, to merge the magazine with the digital publishing industry, and to develop the biggest driving force in the German blogosphere. “, so Knoof continue.” The new operator should be rightly happy, because according to own statements they have the Grand Dame with the acquisition”expanded their current range to the 30-40. Energy Capital Partners spoke with conviction. Knoof now sees the leap into the digital publishing business in connection with the Organization of reach strong online magazines as particularly desirable in the long-term planning. It will be curious what the young team in the future on the legs. About / digital Tobias Knoof is the founder of the online marketing magazine and traffic expert on the Internet.

The magazine managed to include it only two years after the registration of the domain name to the 1,200 trafficstarksten Web pages in German-speaking countries. There are however over 14 million in Germany alone “-domains.” The popular magazine focuses on the topics of “creation, distribution and sales of digital information products”. Knoof traffic Marketing Manager at, one of the largest price comparison portals on the Internet and is the editor of the first traffic master’s course in the German-speaking area, the TrafficPrisma. Since may, 2011 Knoof does now also the threads at the Grand Dame”German blogging and thus daily 10 000de Webworkers, IT decision makers, independent and online marketer on the Internet. How to contact with Superlearn KG Tobias Knoof Tonio-Bodiker-Strasse 1B D-14548 Schwielowsee phone: + 49 02402 902 091 880 E-mail:

Jan 18 2015

The Term

When ever the opportunity arises, site owners should their customers (E.g. after a successful business or) other occasions) to ask whether they are just ready to help make the company even more interesting. For individual questioning of the customer, the contractor shall submit a prepared sheet of paper with five lines and asks the customer to record five terms and term combinations that had entered them into a search engine to search for a solution to their problem. These sheets should collect the entrepreneurs and evaluate. Thereby, they will notice that certain terms occur frequently – on paper and also on the website.

Then will be single terms, which are less often are referred to as. These can be ignored. The third and most interesting for the business results more frequently occurring terms, that the website operators would call so not make action. The customers play so their labels for goods or services, as they call it – and that can be sometimes a completely different name than previously assumed by the contractor or expected. This is the fact together, that the customers know either the product or the services offered by the company under a different name or a different name. Site offers the solution – customers enter the problem it is important to know that the website but may offer the solution to the problems of customers. Customers type but not the solution to their problem – otherwise they could solve it already without the help of the company.

Type your problem into the search engine. Entrepreneurs should so ask where the issues of customers and how they would formulate the problem. “” “” Example dog school a website for the term dog school “is optimized, however a number of customers can’t reach, if this the term dog school (not = the solution) use, but instead enter into the search engine: dog is disobedient, dog is in the corner” or dog barking too loud “(= the problem).