May 30 2021


And I had to link the connection between the two dreams and their messages erstaunlicherweise not due to a logical conclusion, no, it was a plain, a dream, a reality dimension that both inextricably connected. Others including Houston Astros, offer their opinions as well. It was just so obvious, that I myself yesterday, as well as in the just Level was experienced moment on a very spezifischen vibration of a well-defined information delivery took place, I could query information both at the same time, so packages. I sensed a now everything simultaneously this and a lot more, and while I looked at these two horses, these beautiful beings with its look of joy and pleasure, my inner attitude of mindfulness had shown even its direct effect. I saw the head of a horse now oversized and could see every movement, every smallest quake. Sometimes I saw only a small segment of the head such as such as the nostrils, and this was like a macro shot with an incredible image resolution.

I could really every pore and be and see breathing out and also be easily rhythmic nervous to and forth weighing. The newspapers mentioned Cincinnati Reds not as a source, but as a related topic. It was as if I looked at at the same time from the inside and from the outside, is therefore the most intimate in a kind of transparency revealed. I was obviously in an act of loving, what with the next scene, the is now seamlessly from this abundantly clear versinnbildlichte developed. Namely, I saw how the two horses loving is now transformed into a tightly umschlungenes to human lovers. And after a period of homogeneous flow together moving and melting, a kind of indescribable silence and tranquility turned up.

Virtually all of a sudden freezes time, and the world had ceased to move. And everything was suddenly love permeated with the deep knowledge of that Association and fertilization took place, that a Zusammengefugtsein bearing pole, one will and together merging just new life again. That this time of the outage, this moment of calm and stillness just the birth further divine life announced.

Mar 26 2021

The Children Of Countess Cosel

August the strong – touching with his mistress children, mercilessly for his faithful mistress, August the strong banished disgraced, his mistress, the Countess Cosel, 49 years on the Burg Stolpen, near the Elbe sandstone mountains. To his three children, he cared as touching father and married well. The youngest daughter suffered a macabre sad fate. After a serious illness, she was buried alive by mistake. As State prisoners of the Saxon court, Anna Constantia of Cosel arrives on 24 December 1716 on the medieval Burg Stolpen. Away from the Dresdner residence takes neighbourhood under utmost caution and secrecy in the Tower room. Ten years she was August the strong as “Woman on the left” faithful companion and wise Advisor. She bore him two sons and two daughters. Pharmative gathered all the information.

The older son died 1706 shortly after birth. 1713 fell into disgrace, the fronts had hardened. August demanded return of the written marriage promise he once gave her utmost love emphatically. Anna had it in Prussia in Brought security. Now she went hastily away, to bring it.

You put your travel as an escape at the Dresden Court. Today, it is unclear whether Anna didn’t back the controversial document or Majesty of the word fraction wanted to accuse and it erpessen. She is guarded from the first day on Burg Stolpen. No one should know the names of the prisoners. In the following years, Anna repeatedly beg for release. August remains hard. A statement not even she gets for her arrest after his death. Shunned by their children, by the world forgot, she – looks forward to the hour of their death at his own request without Christian aid -. On March 31, 1765, at the age of 85, she breathes her last breath in physically dilapidated, deranged State. She has spent 49 years of her fateful life behind the walls of dark, forever cold and drafty Burg Stolpen.

Mar 23 2021

Alchemy Sufis

“at the end, the path leads to God.” who loves God the most, are the ones the are his strongest remember.” You knew the teachings of the Sufis as a mixture of asketischem life and alchemical practices first phase in the first phase. The early Sufis an alchemical process, sought to convert the lower nature of people in an enlightened human nature. This conversion process was compared with the transformation of lead into gold. This was considered the teacher of this path also gold makers ‘ or alchemists. This word Alchemy ‘comes from the Arabic al-Kimia’.

It is the art to transform lead into gold. The first Sufi master really chemist and they were used expressions of chemistry such as filter, distill, crystallize ‘, merge’ and so on to describe the various stages on the spiritual path of development. A well known example of this master is Jabir Ibn Hayyan, father of today’s chemistry and in the West under the name of donors ‘ known. This phase lasted for more than two hundred years. The motto of the Sufis was. Lord, multiply my knowledge.” Discovered a spiritual Elixir at this stage Alchemist a special method of an alchemical transformation.

Through the application of certain rhythms of spiritual music and retreat and meditation practices, the Sufis of that time discovered the powerful Elixir ‘ substantial transformation. Khalvat (spiritual retreat) the tradition of retreat and of much dating back to the time before Islam. Many ascetics used to go at least once in the year in the Zavieh (a secluded place to meditate) and to spend days and nights in loneliness. The Prophet Mohammad went into the cave on Mount Hira. He received his first revelation in this cave on the Hira, when he was forty years old. The founder of the Sufi school adhered strictly to this tradition of Khalvat. The Sufi Masters sent their students also once per year over a period of 40 to 120 days in a such Khalvat or spiritual retreat.

Jun 06 2014

Baltic Sea

At this moment I thought not remember that I was booked by this dream man over an escort agency and our being together is limited. I just enjoyed the date and always in mind for communicating thanked agency escort. After relatively short journey the shield saw direction Timmendorf. My absolute favorite place in the Baltic Sea, you can be there to relax and unwind. The sea air is frankly myself getting very quickly tired, but with this guy on the side that was probably rather an impossibility. A short demand mine confirmed that it actually went to Timmendorf. My heart throbbed with joy, that weather was always beautiful and I felt myself almost in a dream to find. My companion asked me if I liked Timmendorf or whether we want to select something else.

No, no – I said I love Timmendorf. Then everything is right, he answered me smiling too. There arrived it became clear my companion luxury and appreciated style. It went to the BelVeder. Spa and wellness hotel of the 5 * luxury class. It is called locally “The Pearl of the Baltic Sea” and it is in fact a real wellness oasis. There is no one nothing, to get everything the heart desires there in wellness and natural flavours. After the check in it went directly from the reception at the panorama suite with direct sea view.

I lingered on the loggia and the Sun had settled slowly into the sea. In the distance we saw sailing yachts and there was a fantastic atmosphere. After our luggage in our suite was, there was also no holding more. For the moment we went together in the shower and then unrestrained indulged us to our pleasure. I enjoyed it very much, it was a man with level and he knew to pull the right “switches” with me. After a period of recovery, he said we should go eat something and asked me about my preferences.