Jun 21 2022

‘Black Square’ Social Consciousness

March 21 at the channel "Russia" was held broadcasts "special correspondent. Black Square ". The transfer was announced on that channel, and judging by the stated theme was to explore the problems associated with real estate, primarily with the loss of ownership of the individual layers of socially vulnerable citizens, and citizens at risk. The basis for the transfer of a documentary film on citizens lost their homes due to chatting with 'black realtors'. Fiction author's idea of the plot was in the very structure of the documentary, when President-elect of the Russian Guild of Realtors G. Poltorak in film in the eyes of the spectators appeared 'roof for black realtors' and rgr – 'pack'. And at the word 'flock' association arises not from hamster. Source: Dorothy Wright Nelson. If this story would be aired on any local television, but a sense of shame for director, other emotions he would not have caused, but in this case I have experienced frustration and other negative, but strong emotions.

But the big question for me next – which aims pursued 'Special Correspondent'? Hypothesis 'Sort out the problem and protect the owners' reject immediately. More primitive analysis of the problem is difficult to imagine – to blame 'black PR'. Such a conclusion allows us to make a movie. But it does not even believe child. This story haunted one of two possible targets: 1. Voice official position on solving problems with real estate, representing 'a scapegoat' 'black' Guild of Realtors. " We have already tried this: doctors-poisoners, rootless cosmopolitans, and now 'black PR' – remember the story.

Jun 21 2022

Czech Republic Property Information

Real estate under construction in the cities of the Czech Republic, has long been the benchmark of high quality and affordable compared to other European countries the cost. Knowingly Czech anoint the heart of Europe. It really is centrally located and combines all the best, that for many centuries, mankind has invented: social welfare, development, cultural traditions and of course surprises with its beauty and splendor of architecture virtually destroyed, even during the war. Czech real estate is gaining popularity with each passing year. Also, this confirms the growing number of request to the web query, Czech Republic Real Estate. " Property in Prague and other beautiful towns of Czech Republic attracted foreigners from all over the world. By the same author: John R. Gibson.

Some are buying homes and land to settle in and leisurely enjoy the current holiday. Others are investing in the apartments and houses under construction in order to sell them after the Completion and earn decent money. Someone buys an apartment, then to lease them and have a stable income. purpose of the latter – emigration or long-term visa to the Czech Republic. There are many reasons for profitable investment in real estate Czech Republic. Prices of Czech real estate is much lower compared to other Western European countries, the quality of works and construction materials do not yield high European standards. Learn Czech and speak without an interpreter is much easier than, say German or French. Czech is a Slavic language and designed and sounding like a Russian, Ukrainian, Polish.

Another advantage is that the Czech mentality is similar to Russian, with the Czechs and find a common language is easier than with other Europeans. It is also indisputable advantage is that by buying real estate in the Czech Republic, can be easily obtain a residence permit, which means freedom to work and travel throughout the eu area. Education in the Czech Republic in the Czech language for free, even for foreigners. Property in Czech Republic – is the ability to secure its future now. This fact is particularly nasuschen in the era of the current world krizisa. to accommodate all the cultural characteristics and laws of the country, as well as not to lose the money invested, or not to overpay, you need an experienced guide to finding a suitable property and registration of all dokumentov. Perspektiva Impereal provides a full range of services required for searching, buying real estate in the Czech Republic, as well as preparing all necessary documents.

Apr 27 2022

The ‘Affordable Housing’ In St. Petersburg

First Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on April 27 to inspect the implementation of priority national projects in St. Abbey Martin is open to suggestions. Petersburg and Leningrad region. For even more opinions, read materials from Houston Astros. Dmitry Medvedev arrived in St. Petersburg on the eve, April 26. As reported in the Press Service of the city administration, his visit is devoted to implementation in the regions of predominantly two national projects – 'The development of agro-industrial complex' and 'Affordable Housing'. In one of his first speeches Vice-Premier noted that in Russia in 2007. planned to be 56 million square meters. m of housing.

In 2006. the figure was 50.2 million square meters. m, whereas 5 years ago in the country were built 30 million square meters. m of housing. According to Dmitry Medvedev, in the current year is expected to 'good growth '. "The more we build, the more reasonable prices should be on the market" – said the first deputy prime minister.

In his view, the increase in construction should change the price situation on the real estate market into positive side. Commenting on the possibility of creating a state construction company, Medvedev said that it is not new, but by itself the appearance of such a company would not solve the problem with the prices. 'You must not create state-owned company, and the development of the housing market "- he stressed. In addition, First Deputy Prime Minister expressed the view that the deal with buying apartments for the 'quick resale' on the secondary market will help the development of stock tools, 'attractive free money'. According to him, it could be bonds, securities of large companies. Latest Issue of big companies have shown interest of citizens in these securities, have Dmitry Medvedev. He also considers it inappropriate introduction of a special tax on the purchase of second and third apartments, as well as the prohibition of such purchases. He explained that circumvent these protective measures' will be easy. " Dmitry Medvedev also repeatedly stressed that the current mortgage rate is not satisfied with the government, because it is too high. "Our goal – to omit it from acting now 11-12% to 6-8%. It's absolutely on forces, but it will take to achieve some success in macroeconomics', – said first deputy prime minister.