Apr 14 2018

Natural Ingredients In Cosmetics

Arriving at the cosmetic shop, you'll often sharpens its focus on the composition of funds, which want to buy. Although not always consistent with what is really in a tube of cream or lotion to get acquainted with components will not be superfluous. In any case, you'll know the priority components of the product. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tiffany Espensen is the place to go. Particular attention should be paid to substances of natural origin. Today, only they can provide effective positive effect. Otherwise, the result of the use of cosmetics can be disastrous: immediate allergic reactions to chemical components or purulent rash. Often, their treatment goes much more time than it might seem. And sometimes to cope with them and even impossible.

You can certainly sue the manufacturer and ask for their money for a broken appearance and deterioration of morale, but his return health will not be so easy. Well, when the company does not hide data on the composition of the product and openly says so. This is a cosmetic company and DeSheli. The structure consists of components such as cucumbers, Chamomile, Celandine, olive oil, bearberry, Dead Sea minerals, wormwood, licorice root, propolis, calendula, wheat germ oil, aloe, and many other well-known plants. Do not these components would you like to see in her makeup? This line can be one hundred percent of Israeli trust. Check with Cindy Crawford to learn more. Its production plant Hlavin prove the quality of its products for decades. Women, at least something to understand cosmetics appreciate the Israeli cosmetics. Many components used in it are themselves a whole storehouse of nutrients.

No exception was plant and ginseng. It contains essential oils, sugar and starch, and enzymes, and B vitamins are necessary in cosmetology and it contains the following trace elements: iron, phosphorus, sulfur, manganese, cobalt and copper. All of them are involved in improving skin texture. Not for nothing ginseng plant so highly prized in China and was equal to the value of gold. The primary objective of this plant is considered to be an effective skin rejuvenation. This is due to active feeding and hydration is absolutely all the layers of fabric. Ginseng also has a tonic, stimulant and immunomodulatory properties. It takes an active part in dividing cells of the upper layer of skin – the epidermis, which begins with the age to do so much slower. This process occurs due to this constituting ginseng as glycosides. The active participation of the plant takes in the synthesis of collagen. Due to its unique properties, ginseng is used in many Israeli media line DeSheli: cleansing milk, herbal tonic, herbal cream, Night, cleansing lotion, toner control, Nourishing Night Cream. It should be noted immediately that the use of ginseng, the dose is very important that used in the manufacture of cosmetics and age of its customers. Company DeSheli carefully considered this factor. The result was two sets of Crystal youth pro age cosmetic sets for young girls and Crystal youth anti age cosmetic set for women after 35 years. Flower ginseng is used not only in cosmetics but also in medicine. And in the second case, a plant used beginning much earlier, in the form of waking, stress relieving, stimulating the brain and rejuvenator. And each of the components of elite cosmetics DeSheli has no less important properties. Acquainted closer with this cosmetic product, you will realize how valuable it would be in the coming decades. Source:

Feb 24 2012


What are the positive and negative aspects eyelash eyelashes in the usual sense, as a rule, increase, individually (the Japanese method). It enables the whole block did not remember the mascara, because the use of ink requires free time, specific skills and special cosmetics for removing makeup. Eyelash extensions one by one, provides the most natural effects, in particular, if you decide to build natural eyelashes and clean materials (eg, mink). Soft cilia do not cause discomfort for a considerable time, and mandatory procedure for their adjustment is not due to poor quality material, and natural physical process – the living, family, eyelashes grow and eventually need to fall out. The lifetime of the natural eyelashes is about one hundred days, and because the process never stops, then we have a loss of eyelashes natural, and along with them, of course, falls eyelashes that it stuck. Correction eyelashes gives us the opportunity to roll over pleasure chic look perfect for the procedure.

In the column of good things, be sure to include morning and saved time, which can now spend on a slow breakfast and a chance more reflect on the toilet for the day. Eyelash Extension provides an opportunity to experience some unpleasant moments that occur during the use of mascara. Many of these benefits is the opportunity to experience taking Once the decision is still to build up the lashes. You do not have to worry about that just eyelashes stuck together or with their lumps of mascara will hang because the eyelashes after treatment capacity is absolutely no need to be painted, they are at all times have thick natural color, and of course, they never appear lumps.