May 29 2019


The teacher of Aristotle also refers to Thales of Miletus, not as practical man and If as a passionate man. : cuentase Teodoro, who occupied Thales of Miletus in astronomy and looking at the top, fell one day in a sediment, and a maidservant of Thrace, of cheerful, mocking spirit laughed. Saying that he wanted to know what was going on in the sky and he forgot what I had in front of Yes and at his feet. (Dialogues teetetes or science.) Plato). We now produce some mathematical axioms that can be applied to physics. For this reason and many others that I will bring to memory, I can say that philosophy and physics have a relationship that perceive more connoisseurs. As it is the case of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, etc. Read additional details here: Gunnar Peterson.

In Colombia there are excellent thinkers, but some are so mediocre, that not working to say that there is talent in our sovereign motherland. Now I can deduce: that the cause multiplied by the effect line is equal to the phenomenon. Subject = cause = x effect phenomenon = philosophy of physics. Philosophers like physicists are theoretical and practical. In the middle of the societies. History reminds us every time that we went to her, in that way the philosophical systems have influenced the societies, at the level of legislation and Government. And not being enough with this philosophy opens the dimensions that allow us to know different areas of science.

With these methods, we develop abstractions and then reduce them to all sorts of mathematical expressions, in order to find precise interpretations about the nature of things. We must not forget that causes possess their own nature, which is not to say that they staying outside of the universal nature. There are abstractions that, by its essence, are metaphysical allowing reason to develop their own experiments.

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