Jun 03 2020

Baltic Sea

On NoLimits24.de the right soft is for everyone. The best during a racy ride in the 300 PS strong power boat with up to 100 km/h, a sporty sailing on the Baltic Sea or an adventurous canoe tour with good friends. No matter which boat you choose, plenty of fun, a breath of fresh air and good humor are guaranteed. In a diving course, whether in the outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, or reservoir, you will be while wet, but under water, of course, that doesn’t matter. It submerges likes for unique impressions of the underwater world.

So a few refreshing splashes mind raft trip with vocals, food & drink, and countless new acquaintances you during a wet cheerful Danube. In the water you dip in the Dip-In, the high point of the bungee jumping. But after seconds, in which fear in pure enthusiasm, joy, and happiness has changed, the brief refreshment comes right before it goes like a catapult back towards the sky. You can refresh yourself not only outwardly, but We prepare your palate at the whisky tasting of the finest and finest varieties, your nose when producing your own fragrant perfumes and wellness weekend for two with dinner and Spa, refreshing for all the senses relax your body at one. On the right soft is for everyone. Get all the facts and insights with Vahid David Delrahim, another great source of information. If adrenaline-charged, ultra fast or pleasure and relaxing, nothing in the way is an unforgettable experience in the cool waters.

Nov 11 2014

Hiking Holiday Stress

Wellness suffering the consequences of their hectic everyday more and more people against stress in the Unterammergau in our society. Too much stress and pressure often end with a burnout syndrome. As an antidote, wellness offers in various forms. The travel portal travel24.com presents the region Unterammergau and their anti-stress offers. Who would like to give something yourself and his body, should consider a holiday in Unterammergau into consideration. There attract the beautiful pre-Alpine landscape, which helps to switch off from the everyday stress, and various wellness offers. More and more people seek relaxation in health programs. In the region of Unterammergau, responds to the demand of tourism and offers a variety of options.

In addition to the classical elements, the organizers also set innovation. So, visitors can while enjoying massages, movement therapy and mud, but try new methods. Especially relaxing for example the meditating outdoors should be, in the framework of the course nature against stress”may be practiced. The beauty the Alpine region is here to promote and helps the participants, the soul dangle to leave and forget the stress. Even while hiking in the mountains and forests, visitors can relax now twice.

In the offer, among other things the meditative path is Ammergau Alps, similarly designed as a pilgrimage. While hiking, vacationers can go in deep and reorder their priorities. 85 kilometres they know not only the area and its monuments, but also themselves. More information: magazin.travel24.com/… Travel24.com AG Lisa Neumann

Apr 29 2014


Something give, what remains in memory and true pleasure – that is not always easy. There will be occasions for which you are looking for special gifts. Only flowers, books, you don’t know whether you like the donee or chocolates are often unimaginative. Milestone birthdays, special anniversaries, weddings or a special thank you offer opportunities to pleasure someone with something fancy. But often it is not easy to find the right thing. When choosing a gift, the interests as well as the occasion should play a role. A good gift should be remembered.

Why so not an unforgettable experience provide for a magical moment or an unforgettable day? Here, a so-called experience gift in question would come. This does not consist of a specific subject, but represents a special event. Such a gift is suitable especially for people who enjoy surprises and have been much in the material area. Thus can also long long-awaited wishes are met, where you cannot must be defined on a specific date. The gift is given usually in the form of a voucher, the recipient for a particular organizer can redeem. This, it should be noted however that a man with fear of heights should be given a parachute jump; You should worry before so be sure about individual needs and interests of the recipient. If there is uncertainty regarding, if you know the person, for example, recently, there is the possibility to fall back on an experience voucher.

Here, it is not tied to a specific event and the recipient can choose the experience itself. Because this kind of giving is becoming increasingly popular, there are now numerous offers to experience gifts of from different vendors. There are virtually no limits of creativity. For someone who is like active and would like to experience a little adventure in time, for example, a flight in a glider, bungee jumping would be or offer a balloon ride. Also unusual things like even an excavator or Ferrari will drive offered. Of course ways even less action-packed, like a wellness weekend, gourmet cooking classes or musical visits with a peek behind the scenes. You are finding such experience gifts in many online shops, where the offerings are so diverse, that is for every taste something should be found. Who ultimately found the right gift, can make convenient posting in the online shop. With such a gift, childhood dreams can be fulfilled and experienced magic and unforgettable moments.