Nov 16 2017

Parenting Healthy Children

the Family is the first sculptor who creates a soft, wax, formed soul and mind, the will and character of the child. Child learns the world through the family, in the light of the family. There is no doubt that their first attitudes he gets it in family. If you have read about Mark Fields already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Good health and harmonious physical development of the child – something to aspire to all parents. To realize this vision requires not only good nutrition, positive psycho-emotional background, but also the formation good habits, well-organized process of physical education. To achieve positive results, close cooperation of the family and kindergarten. First of all parents need to become emotional support for the child. Speaking candidly sportsman told us the story. Very important aid in establishing a normal family life kid in kindergarten: give him an opportunity to gradually adapt to new conditions, the most detailed and accurate answers to all questions of teachers, think about what your favorite items, toys, books, baby take along a group of kindergarten. Parents must provide preschool full information about the health of the child. Sleep and nutrition, diet, adopted in childhood garden, you need to follow at home. Caregivers much easier to work if the home continues habit formation produced in kindergarten: – wash – take morning and evening shower or wash to the waist – wash his feet in the summer and before the day dream – to monitor the condition of the hands, wash them after the walk – to use the toilet and toilet paper – to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after eating – to properly apply the individual items use – a comb, towel, handkerchief.

Dec 21 2015

Optic Cable

Fibre optic cable and output elements are perfect maintenance-free. Metal steam projectors achieve operating times of up to 12.000 h, LED projectors even up to 30,000 h and a fast, uncomplicated and cost-effective exchange of only a light bulb is guaranteed even when failure of the bulb. Especially when the underwater lighting but also in the General lighting, the cost amortised already after a short time. Bedea has taken account of the booming market of LED technology and developed a series of LED modules and light rail for use in saunas and steam rooms.

There are LED white light and RGB colour light modules and light rail in waterproof IP 67 version available. The peculiarity is that the LED modules can be combined with all the proven bedea akzent spotlight series. Still, the design spotlights of the series Optaelen for use with LED technology are optimized. Thus the decision makers can choose whether he wants to use fibre-optic or LED – lighting systems for its sauna lighting and he has the capabilities with design spotlights the environment of the wellness area to make. Of course, all LED modules and light rail are available also with remote control or DMX control. Address bedea Berkenhoff & Drebes GmbH Jurgen Peusch Herborner Strasse 100 D-35614 Asslar + 49 6441 801-0 press contact wellness & media Phillip manufactures Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373 company description the bedea BERKENHOFF & DREBES GmbH in Asslar special cables, technical yarns, ropes, precision tools for the metal forming and fiber lighting systems. Data technical and metrological services round off the range. Under the brand name bedea akzent is an exclusive fibre-optic lighting system for use in saunas and steam baths on the market.