Apr 15 2019

Fertile Valley

Of this form, we must to be cliente of that each unit of our fauna consequently has its paper in the maintenance and reprodutibilidade of its species and, the stability of ecosystems. Beyond the concern with ambient support, the transmission of serious illnesses also is reason not to imprison animal Sylvesters, since these are carrying of approximately 150 zoonoses that they can be transmitted for the man, amongst them ornitose, leishmaniose, leptospirose and the anger, that death approximately causes 100% of the cases. Soon, the ambient education is tool of basic importance for the combat to the traffic of wild animals and also to the transmission of zoonoses. It is paper of the ambient educator, to transmit to the public the essencialidade of the preservation of the most diverse existing forms of life in the Land. However, for such function, the same ones must be experts of the existing relations between environment and the man, as well as the social and economic factors that are intrinsically related to the processes of degradation or preservation. Thus, when forming ambient educators, we must before everything, to form conscientious, responsible and compromissados citizens with the preservation of the environment as a whole, without forgetting at any moment that we, human beings, are part of it and its stability we depend for absolutely all our economic activities. This must be the north and the basic principle of the ambient education in our country, therefore only after despertarmos this ecological conscience, we will be able then to spread out practical the conservacionista. It fits then to the ambient educator, to awake the ecological conscience and to spread out the practical conservacionistas of form to adapt them it reality of the workstation, choosing the tactics of diffusion of the knowledge that better if rabbet the socioeconmicas and cultural conditions of the community in question.

In addition, to guarantee the reprodutibilidade of its work, the ambient educator it must constantly to form new educators and divulgadores of this conscience.

Feb 21 2019


The definition of priority of the use of the water in cattle agriculture and not only involves the harmony between the users who go to partilhar the water with the food production, but other involved actors in the chain of agronegcio, as the commerce, as the employees, with the possibility to prevent the potential conflicts in the dispute for the food, extending the possibilities to reach the welfare that the access guaranteed to the food provides. It is observed, thus, that it has necessity of change of the look to get the dimensions that lead to the reduction of the partner-economic inaqualities, reaching the protection of ecosystems, of the main element of alimentary security, that is the water, as well as defining and to spread local, intelligent and sustainable diets alimentary that, in case that they are assimilated and practised for the populations, sobrepujem the current nutritional deficiency. , In such a way innumerable they are the reasons that had led to make such study. In the case of this work, actions had been developed that associates to the support will allow to some identifications, as well as the o system of drinking waters distribution, conservation of sources, and the systems of feeding for water sources. These actions will be able to provide, to the managers of this department, enough subsidies so that the same ones create and develop mechanisms to reduce the indices of vulnerabilities and risks that the sector of water supply in its total essence lives deeply. 2. Development the water always was considered one of the biggest wealth that the nature offers for the humanity and that some decades were considered an inexhaustible source for the humanity. Considering this affirmation it will have the necessity of an action accomplishes of the man (society), for the recovery of sources of water already contaminated and the preservation of the remainders..

Jun 15 2018

Natural Environment

Each pupil possesss knowledge that can be shared in the collective construction in the classroom. The environment today is product of the relations of the human beings between itself and with the natural environment. The transformations indirectly have direct influence or on all the forms of existing life and thus reing-echo in the life of the human beings. To read more click here: Rand Paul. ' ' He is right of all citizen to have one healthy environment, and one to have of all, preserv-lo' '. All have the responsibility to take care of of the way where it lives. The garbage is the greater of the degradantes causes that they inevitably collate with the ambient nature. One is about all the garbage forms here; to domiciliate, hospital, industrial, public advertising, and excessively lixos that for happiness to come to be produced in the social environment.

She is necessary to promote the development of the form nations that generate the sustainable economic growth, exploring the resources existing, but only the necessary one and not of predatory form. ' ' We must take off examples with the animals, only spoon what it goes to occupy in momento' '. Thus we can inside develop a concept of sustainable life of the society. Few people, consuming very, cause the same destruction that many consuming little. The balance of the nature alone will happen if we will have the capacity to use with definite rules of ambient preservation.

With the wild development of some sectors of the economy the contamination of the water and air is very high in all the levels. Thus the hunting and the most diverse vegetations tend to disappear or to enter in extinguishing for not supporting such disequilibria or ambient aggression. CONCLUSION to conclude is necessary to say that the man is one of the responsible greaters for the changes that happen in the planet. The wild occupation of some sectors is making with that it has very brusque changes and thus the environment is not prepared for such and finishes entering in collapse without return.