Jul 12 2018

Kvas Gaz

In the story "Love in Chuguev" under the influence of this feeling as if the young man is born spiritually for life, but love was unhappy, retains a sense of gratitude for this favorite. The story 'The Blind rain' as a woven from the finest yarns out of love young rural women. The game of love played a fateful role in the fate of a naive girl from "The Tour of Moti aunt." Bezlyubove kills the hero's story "Graham", but real love even able to defeat cancer – this is the story "Eternal Syndrome." For the love of the heroine of the discharge boss in "The Case of Semigorije" ready to sacrifice careers. Difficult was the love of a Russian girl and the Greek Cypriots in story "Flight SU507/508. The hero of the story 'The explanation for Shipka' the happiness of the woman went to Afghanistan and there is death – for such self-sacrifice can only love. Magnanimity – a kind of love. It is this can be explained by the absence of evil in the soul of the hero of the story 'Hello from Shishkin' to a woman, sovreshivshey whether an error, or meanness.

And how wonderful to wake up the souls of two of our elderly, amusing and awkward, in story 'Kvas Gaz.voda +'! No gain, no calculation, no prestige, and human motives determine the behavior of the characters in the works of a writer of love. A. Olshansky alien puritanism, moralism, but it clearly does not welcome sexy, fun poluskotskie range of prestigious health resorts – the story "The Lottery in Foros." Beauty will save the world? But to do it, at least, should not be selling. And love will save the world, but not lovemaking. It's time to realize that without the moral regeneration can not be the rebirth of Russia as a great state. A moral revival is impossible without a revival of the great culture of the human feelings. M. Nechitailo