Sep 10 2017

Sales At Scania

Proposed Alliance despite being with one turnover in the first two quarters the Swedish company Scania, whose majority shareholder is Volkswagen AG, slowed by recent developments. The Exchange Portal informs about the numbers. Holders of Scania shares could be satisfied in recent quarters with the development of the company. So, the Swedish company increased its sales in the first half of 2011 by around 18%, which corresponds to a score of about 4.8 billion euros. The net profit rose by 30 percent. Scania is considered to be one of the biggest manufacturers of trucks in Europe and South America. In addition to other commercial vehicles such as buses, the company produces motors for ships and industrial machinery. Despite the clear successes, the company headquartered in Sodertalje, Sweden had in recent months with difficulties.

Due to rising costs and currency strains, increased income in the second quarter only by about three percent. Also supply problems reduced the success of truck manufacturer. For the A merge of his daughters of Scania and MAN is planning future Volkswagen as the majority owner. The German group so far is competitor of the Swedish manufacturer. The merger aims to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of both companies.

Jan 18 2015

Record At Time Work: Industry Report 826.000 Employees

Market of the future is called Europe – the language of Bosre is a very own as you know. Cologne/Dusseldorf, September 9, 2010 – the language of the Bosre is known a very own. The term of all time highs but is anything but obscure. So is it like advantage, to give weight to a superlative. Currently, the temporary work industry takes the all time high to claim. Current calculations of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) namely exhibit about 826.000 temporary workers employed in the industry for the June 2010. This represents an increase compared to the previous month by 6.8 percent and marked the highest value ever determined, since the first Office for temporary employment in the Federal Republic was opened in 1960.

Since April 2009, the economic turning point of the development of the industry, more than 240,000 new social insurance and tariff-related jobs have been created so in temporary work what also German Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) in its opinion on the current labour market figures commented: it was the temporary work, in which many fell away in the downturn of the crisis. That now in this area employment will be rebuilt, doesn’t mean that this replaces stem workforce, but that time work as well as regular employment increasing parallel.” Nevertheless, some observers see the upturn on the labour market and thus the performance of temporary work yet with mixed feelings, is currently hardly foreseeable, how far the current boom effectively carries. Although the company don’t know at the moment how stable, indeed is the recovery of the global economy, creating employment and decreases the number of unemployed. The temporary work is responsible first and foremost”, analyzed for example, Tobias Kaiser for world online. It continues there: relaxed regulations have made temporary agency work more attractive in recent years for the company, and more companies than in the past are familiar with this form of employment. Therefore, the willingness is great temporary workers, “to deal with instead of overtime or even, as in the past, on orders to forgo.” the time work has long become everyday for most companies and established. This is no longer production workers who perform menial jobs. Temporary workers are today highly qualified and flexible.

Many engineers, technicians and skilled workers see as a constant way of the development”the use in different projects and different enterprises, confirmed staff expert Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. The figures of the IW is based on the data of the federal employment agency and write them on the basis of the survey of the Federal Association time work (BZA) and continue using the business register. This update suggests that the record of employment in the temporary work sector of July 2008, there were 823,000 temporary workers, two years is been easily exceeded. The temporary work industry is restarted so powerful and comes out clearly emerge from the crisis. The incipient 2011 free movement of workers in Europe will again support this rapid development after expert opinions and further promote the cross-border transactions in the temporary work. To the expectations of international companies and customers to satisfy, the industry must address the expansion to Europe. Plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: