Apr 14 2018

Internet Communication

This study of field it has as objective generality to analyze the perception of the users of social nets of the Internet how much to its use, for the companies, as strategy of communication with the consumers. The people are, each time more, migrando its social lives for the net, making with that the looks are in this space. Ahead of this scene, the social nets appear as an emergent way of communication with the consumers. The proportionate interatividade for these tools modified the behavior of the consuming contemporary, who left of being a passive element to participate actively of the communication process. In this way, the specific objectives of the present study had been: to present the characteristics of the main sites of social nets of the Internet, to evaluate strategies of communication used by companies through social nets and as these strategies attract the consumer and to identify the perception of the consumers how much to the strategies of communication adopted by the organizations. It stops the reach of the objectives had been used research of qualitative character and quantitative, of descriptive matrix, with techniques of collection of data of comment, interviews in depth and questionnaires, that had been applied to the one show of 150 users of social nets. Analyzing the gotten data, it was identified that the companies are using the social nets to divulge messages advertising executives and to keep a relationship with its consumers. In general way, the participants of the research consider the messages displayed in attractive social nets and elaborated well by the companies. However, one perceived that the messages that more influence the users are those that leave of the friends who they possess in the social nets. From the results, he concluded himself that the social nets of the Internet represent a chance of business for the companies, over all, as for the information generated in the net by means of the messages changed between users of social nets.

Jan 25 2018

Chronic Histories

All have histories to count while not adormece for the world. rson. Credit: singer-2011. However, it is simpler to count other people’s histories. Infinite histories, in its majority unhappy. In some I sing of the world, exist humble ladies, they rub clothes in the rock and they place to dry in the esplendoroso sky. Histories of ladies candy prescription experts in compotes, porters of buckets dgua that they illustrate the soil of the houses, unconscious enslaved ladies of its husbands, ciosas ofhomes.

Overwhelming, they died resigned in its humble stream beds. the childbirths? Without adjusted attendance, they suffered, bleeding until the death! Histories of cure, to elixir of the joy? Which remedy for the happiness? Consumerism is synonymous of joy? It takes a bath, visits all the store that its eyes can covet, buys; it buys clothes, shoes, jewels, perfumes, houses, cars Some experiences of life is memorable, others is tragic. Histories treacherous, as the snakes, useful reptile, whose poison science it transformed into medicine, some have the mortal poison, as many languages human beings. For the idealizer, an existence is not enough free of impurities, which the direction in being insosso? I was born, I had child essence, I ripened, I became adult. Sleeping, I dream, when awaken, I feel the hardness of world, windows slopes. I want to count many histories of life, being anci, centennial, therefore the more to age, more histories I will have to count. This is the secret of the life: to age to count histories, filling pages and pages of existence.