Jan 26 2015

Excellent Service Increases Customer Satisfaction

Sonal software, Sabio and Voxtron concentrate expertise Hanau, September 16, 2010 Sabio, Voxtron and sonal software at their joint stand on the be.connected take three key challenges in customer service. in Frankfurt at: multi channel communication, knowledge management and the complete view of the customer. To illustrate interested visitors, how various technologies and processes in customer service are combined with each other and support each other, have become the three companies for a joint stand (2 bc) decided at the trade fair for customer communications from 23rd to 24th September 2010 in the Forum of the Frankfurt fair. Such requests will arrive, managed efficiently and promptly processed by the right people through various channels in a service center can as an expert for the area shows Voxtron, unified communications and multi channel communication. It is irrelevant whether a customer, for example, via fax, email, phone, chat, or SMS with the Service Center in conjunction occurs. As the expertise individual employees will be structured pictured and made clearly available to all employees, this task takes to Sabio with its comprehensive systems for knowledge management. That existing knowledge is readily available and that additional information is quickly prepared and stored as new knowledge in the corresponding systems is important. To support the customer according to his individual situation, the service staff need the entire customer perspective, so a complete overview of the history of contact and all interaction points.

Also, employees in the customer service on the latest events in sales, marketing and service must be informed where it is relevant to the customer. Include also support treaties and similar agreements. For these tasks, sonal software provides the CRM and contact center solution AG-VIP SQL before. The software also includes an integrated ticketing system with workflow and supports the control of service and sales processes. In practice, transmitted via a communication solution inbound event – mail, fax, Web chat, SMS, etc.

– at the place of work and passed to the CRM software. When an incoming call to the customer via the telephone number can be identified.”explains Ralf Muhlenhover, Director of Voxtron GmbH, the beginning of a business operation. “Now the user looking for the solution to the problem in the knowledge management system. Precise knowledge allows the staff to process the call. Can the Web-based solution directly into the surface of the CRM software integrated are. “, explains Sabio’s Managing Director of Alexander Holtappels. Markus Grutzeck adds: “button the user applies the content of problem solving from the knowledge management system in an email, fax or similar, directly produced from the CRM system. This is tracked in CRM software completely, how much work time on a single operation was used. The ticket can be a Question on the phone directly to the second level support will pass or pass in excess of certain defined periods to other service levels.”